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Sextus Propertius (Propertius, Sextus)

( Roman poet)

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Biography Sextus Propertius (Propertius, Sextus)
Propertius, Sextus; Propertius, Sextus, OK. 50 g. BC. E., between 15 and 2 years. BC. e., Roman poet. He was born in Assisi in Umbria, early lost his father. Assets of the family was subjected to partial confiscation in 41-40 years. BC. e. in favor of veterans of Octavian. However, P. enough money to study in Rome, where he soon devoted himself entirely to poetic creativity. Published in 28 g. BC. e. first book of love elegies P. attracted the attention of Maecenas. Thus P. entered the circle of poets gathered around this man. He admired Virgil, but was not friendly with him, never used it and the location of Horace. Creativity P. includes 4 books elegies. Book I contains 22 subjective love elegy (cm. Gal), devoted lover of the poet, that P. call Cynthia (her real name was Guest).

Cynthia nevertheless not a fictional person, despite the fact that in dealing with her poems, we find a host of traditional images and motifs, mainly taken from the Greek epigrams. Elegy of the first book describes the development of love and its separate stages: a quarrel and reconciliation, jealousy, betrayal and the return. The feeling of the poet's stormy and passionate. In his poems have not the slightest echo of the political life. The remaining books were published after the death of the poet. Subjective love elegy contained and Book II. At the same time, P. rejected entreaties patron, who entices him to write an epic about the history of Rome. Finally P. parted with Cynthia, in book III, he devotes her only three elegies. The first elegy of the book establishes a new poetic program AP, which aspires to become a Roman Kallimahom. In the book. III, we also find two friction (on the death of Peta, a friend of the poet, and Marcellus, the nephew of August), as well as excellent song, praising beauty of Italy. In Book IV P. tried at least partially fulfill the desire to glorify the past and Maecenas of Rome in the aetiological elegies on the model Kallimaha, then there are those that explain the origin of the customs, names, monuments and t. d.

Of the 11 books elegies 5 are similar in nature. They talk about Tarpeian rock, about the origin of nicknames of Jupiter "Feretry, for the construction of the so-called forum boarium and the altar of Hercules, the statue of the god Vertumn and, finally, to build the temple of Apollo by Augustus on the Palatine. In two elegies reappears Cynthia. Books closes elegy in the form of a monologue dead Cornelia. Artworks P. distinguishes temperament, and sometimes quite a sense of humor. The poet presents a city man, . he has almost no rural motifs, . but many sketches, . reminiscent of descriptions of works of art, . as, . example, . Elegy, . describing the sleeping Cynthia, . or meeting with Cupids, . that night was escorted to the house is not too sober poet,
. Style P. characterized by simplicity, although it is saturated with erudition, sometimes excessively, especially where stands rhetoric. All of his elegies full of charm, fantasy and vivid feelings.

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Sextus Propertius (Propertius, Sextus), photo, biography
Sextus Propertius (Propertius, Sextus), photo, biography Sextus Propertius (Propertius, Sextus)  Roman poet, photo, biography
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