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SAZHIN Nellie N.

( Artist)

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Biography SAZHIN Nellie N.
photo SAZHIN Nellie N.
Nellie N. Sazhin (1938-1995) was born in Satka Chelyabinsk region.
In 1966 she graduated from the Leningrad Art-Industrial College of. V. I. Fly.

. Member of USSR Union of Artists since 1969.
. Since 1964, participates in national, all-union and foreign exhibitions.
. In 1970 her work "The conversation was awarded the bronze medal VDNH USSR.
. In 1984, Georgia held a personal exhibition of works by the artist

In the work of every true artist is the most characteristic pages - those that define the personality of his personality and his art. This originality is made up of relations to the world, the problems of reality, from the "relationship" with the masters of materials and forms. Conflict or harmony determine the artistic style of the artist, these relationships - the measure of his talent.

In the works of Nelly Sazhinov easily distinguish two main lines over which the artist works in parallel. One line continues and develops the tradition of figurative pottery, characteristic of the ceramic of the Leningrad School, where educated H. Sazhin. The second relates to the Moldovan traditional arts and crafts, works of which they could not leave indifferent artist. N. Sazhina ponders the problems of the heritage of folk art, experimenting with form, exploring the technological possibilities and the plastic material - usually clay. Archaic material that has many features, the clay at the same time requires a perfect knowledge of technology and, hence, laborious work.

. The first of Nellie Sazhinov containing explicit analogy with the Moldovan art, original in conception and easy-to-visual
. In "Autumn games jugs" artist builds on elements of different kinds of art: fine art and folk theatricals - Malanka. Jugs heroes wear masks of carnival - and now we face the holiday - a holiday, where peacefully coexist ancient forms of black pottery, Moldovan folklore and modern approach to the art of ceramics.

. For this work should be a number of compositions in which the artist renounces the use of visual quotations from folk art
. Rethinking the tradition is carried out at a higher level, when the works of contemporary art and applied art is transformed people's way. These works remain outside depiction corresponding to the theme, which underlies the plan of arrangement. They are very diverse in the plastic solution, the artist uses various techniques. The image structure of these works is determined by the allusions in them elements of folk art.

In one group of works - a panel, "We are voting for peace, decorative dishes" Ode to Art "- the master retains the color of a clay crock. It uses elements of traditional ornament, Valais, ethnographically similar type of Moldovan women. In the other group characteristic of the main feature is a specific color scheme works. "Harlequin", "Conversation," "All of the carpet" - funny shape, which is filled with a cheerful face of humor. Colors such work is certain associations with the old Moldovan rug. In some cases, these associations are reinforced plastics: in the compositions of H. Sazhinov a roll of carpet come to life, becoming a kind of animate beings. The image is constructed (in addition to figurative, not related to folk art) on the emotional perception of color comparisons. Interesting and unusual technique of execution of these works: mixing color pigment, the artist prepares the clay or chamotte mass of different colors and "builds" his work, combining narrow colored layers.

. Artistic and creative talent of the master, the ability to think metaphorically lead N
. Sazhin to create even more complex in structure works. Emerging such songs as "The Face of the Earth", "Echo of the Earth", requiring multi-layer perception. In addressing the complexity of the artistic image contains emotional translating philosophical ideas. In this case, the idea of work is quite a bold attempt to embody the artist in almost abstract forms a kind of plastic model of the world. The first link of an associative chain is once again becoming color. N. Sazhina uses color as a basis of the poetic content of song. Bifurcating the association is quite specific: we can trace the changing face of the fields in all seasons, we can see what color the sky over these fields. The same color scheme, thanks to a certain combination and arrangement of color bands, similar to the colors of the national carpet. Portraiture work is minimal: the Moldovan hills, endowed by the artist "faces" ( "Face of the Earth"), a spring or stream ( "Echo of the Earth") - the inexhaustible source of ancient culture. By investing in their works a specific imagery, the poetic sense, the artist consciously counting on a certain emotional reaction of the audience.

In the song "golden fruit" connect two directions the artist's. The decision follows the traditions of female figures expressive figurative ceramics. In three decorative panels, still lifes, along with floral motifs included traditional pitchers - and all this again on the background of a striped "carpet". The basic idea of composition - not only the interpretation and preservation of folk traditions, and poetically uplifted solution themes Labor. Ranging image of working women are logically supported by the "demonstration" the fruits of her labor - beautifully executed still-life. Smyslov and compositional center of the product becomes a golden apple, the purchasing value of the symbol, - the result of labor rights, the fetus, who grew up on the "tree of knowledge.

. Tracks "golden fruit", of course, can be considered a landmark work
. The full expression is found artistic maturity of the artist. The ability to create expressive plastic volume, the love and attention to the material, exquisite colors, impeccable own technology ceramics characterize this work. Golden fruit "- a kind of story about the largely towards the artist's life, is a real fruit of his years of labor.

The motive for the fruitfulness of human labor, solved through the female image, Nellie Sazhina drawn in other studies. In the decorative panels "Month September" ceramist develops eternal theme of changing seasons. Hence some allegory composition, each element - a characteristic attribute of the autumn months of September, a fruitful and colorful. Color work, rich and juicy, acquires a symbolic connotation.

Creativity H. Sazhinov covers many issues. Preserve the culture of the past - this theme gets the call in the shade of two of the last works Nelly Sazhinov - "keeper" and "Save!". The original intended, strict and noble on the color scheme, create the sensation of the patina of time, differing skill of execution, they call for care of the ancient works of national art. The artist is drawn to the theme of relationships past and present ( "Old and new Kishinev), a sports theme - her works are an idea of harmony of body and spirit in man (" The Muses and Sports "," Olympia "), the subject of art. A peculiar ode to the art of ministry is one of the last works of H. Sazhinov - "Under the Sakura Branch". Using materials that are specific to ceramics, the author creates a plastically expressive image of Mary as Bieshu Butterfly. It can not be more appropriate here is some theatricalization image and "setting" song, decisions on the principle of staging. Spatial flexibility composition is created using a decorative screen - they were backstage, and decorations, and the typical Japanese household object. The symbolic image of a butterfly and a snake on the screen - attributes that remind us the touching story of Cio-Cio-Cio-San.

. Among the best works, one way or another interpretive idea of harmony between man and art - great musical figures in the foyer of the Moldavian Opera and Ballet Theater, one of the most important monumental works H
. Sazhinov. At its creation it was necessary to solve the problem of organizing interior - the lobby. Task was complicated by the large windows - transparent plane, getting a far better background for ceramic sculpture. This is partly determined the direction of finding the most expressive sculptures of plastic solutions. In the light, almost weightless figures the artist greater role to the contour shapes the form of large concave and convex planes. Plastic design supports colors: almost monochrome pieces, each of which is dominated by shades of one color. The peculiarity of plastic and color solutions creates a sense of incorporeal muse - a symbol of poetic inspiration, creatures, hovering in the air and "materialize" only in the higher moments of creativity. Various musical instruments, which are played muse, by the will of the artist's more "down to earth" them, but it is conscious method, which allowed to link imaginative solution to a particular theatrical figures of the building, with music, opera.

. The decoration of interiors of public buildings - one of the most voluminous pages in the works of Nelly Sazhinov
. The basis of some of its monumental works laid fastening one side of the wall plastic module, with which morphogenesis Ceram experiments and many easel paintings. In the monumental pictures (the main building lobby AN MSSR, the interior of the shop "Gems"), the artist chooses any one of the plastic and creates a motif on its basis a number of small modular plaquettes. By varying their shape and color, . placing emphasis - enlarged image elements with a specific motif, . on the formal decision of the relevant module, . but in the picturesque - the appointment of the building, . Nelly Sazhina achieves the highest plastic expressiveness and decorative panels.,

. The basis of more complicated version of the modular construction of monumental ceramic compositions placed the bulk modulus
. This principle is used in the works for the interior of the Palace of Marriages ( "The Tree of Life") and the Institute of Genetics, Academy of Sciences of the MSSR ( "Bionics"), where spatially-modular composition made on the facade of the building. In the process of creating monumental works in addition to the problems of synthesis of architecture keramitu have to solve a purely technological and engineering problems. However, H. Satin is not afraid and often finds itself the most rational decision.

. The main features of the same artist Nelly Sazhinov - it is not complacency in relation to the outside world, striving for perfection in his creative activity, the constant demand for labor
. Today we can say that the art Nellie Sazhinov sounds the highest note. But, perhaps, all the vertices still to come?

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  • Ilka for SAZHIN Nellie N.
  • Unfortunately more than 10 years of this talented woman is not with us. Fortunately, left her work - and in museums and in private kollektsiyah.A Doina cemetery in Chisinau on her grave recently appeared krasiveshy colored granite monument, made in explanation of one of her best works "Everything from the carpet". I very much hope that will appear and the complete catalog of her works.
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    SAZHIN Nellie N., photo, biography
    SAZHIN Nellie N., photo, biography SAZHIN Nellie N.  Artist, photo, biography
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