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Veprik Alexander

( Chart, poster artist, painter)

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Biography Veprik Alexander
photo Veprik Alexander
Known as the schedule, poster artist, painter. His outlook is based on the romantic perception of reality. Discovering the world, the artist constantly sees around through the prism of philosophical reflection and generalizations. Nature, the human world, the objective world are learned through the associative array of unique events. In recent years, a. VEPRIKOVA fully captured the painting, in which much of the laconic and decorative graphic language. Artist enthusiastically works in various genres - portrait, landscape, still life, trying to generalize color, space, form. Preferred it gives tempera.

Works A. I. VEPRIKOVA often have symbolic signs, in a role that can act as separate parts, and color accents. Peculiar value of the symbol have at times and titles of individual works: "Voices of dry grass," "Flowers of the stars". The soul of the artist's wide-open toward the world. It is not just a romantic, a lover of travel and meetings, but also a great dreamer. Working, for example, still life, Alexander Veprik sees the motif of the great favorites of the Universe. Thus, their flowers, he finds a fragment of the big picture - the landscape has not yet written. But the dream of it does not leave the artist. Bouquets in a series of "Flowers of Russia", "Flowers and Herbs are composed in such a way as happens in nature - nepridumanno, lively, natural. Fast variability of flower lead artist for its unpredictability, he's painting captures the moment a short life, captures the nuances of transitions from one state to another.

Working in series, A. Veprik as it gradually approaches the implementation of the conceived the main product of his life. The desire not just to express enthusiasm homes, and to capture the monumental image, even the greatness of remaining childhood memory over the nature, imbued with "Kirov place in Urzhum", "Quiet, my homeland," Vyatskie gave ". Poetiziruya individual motifs, the artist gives the space and the texture of the canvas special sensuality. To a large extent, this helps and restrained manner of writing, especially one in the Baikal works ( "Blue Lake Baikal", "Olkhon Island," "Noon"). How to Baikal, as well as Asian and Middle Eastern landscapes devoid of external flying exotic effects, all of them embodies the precise rhythm of local color, which accounts for picture plane becomes the internal dynamics. A special place in this series took a picture "of deceased seafarers and fishermen, in which the decorative work on the rise of a collective image of the rank of artistic character.

Interesting sketches from memory, sketches, sketches A. I. VEPRIKOVA. In them, as if materialized notes from nature, the image of nature spiritualized and voice: each - a little poem, in which color has the expressive intonation.

. He can not imagine life without roads: "Winds of Travel", "Echo of Wanderings" - this is the leitmotif of his creative life
. Of these roads puts it a long way in the art. Now this road for over twenty years. There is still no less. The artist has a lot of plans, he is constantly searching, and hence the energy of its inexhaustible creativity.

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Veprik AlexanderVeprik AlexanderVeprik AlexanderVeprik Alexander

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  • Anna for Veprik Alexander
  • My name is VEPRIKOVA Anna. Perhaps we just namesakes. But I have a question, you have a family tree? "And from what year?
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    Veprik Alexander, photo, biography
    Veprik Alexander, photo, biography Veprik Alexander  Chart, poster artist, painter, photo, biography
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