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Zhernakov Vladimir

( Scientific)

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Biography Zhernakov Vladimir
Vladimir Zhernakov was one of the most prominent researchers in North Manchuria. He came from a generation of Harbin, which were born in Russia, but with the first wave of emigration have appeared in China. Here his youth, was received education.
Vladimir was born in Omsk, August 21, 1909 in a family owned shipping company, whose ships sailed the rivers of Western Siberia (1). The father also engaged in buying and selling of grain and timber. From early childhood, every summer Zhernakov father traveled by boat along the Irtysh and Ob. As a child he traveled on the Volga, in Moscow, Sochi, Tuapse.

In 1919 the family moved to Vladivostok, and in 1921 they arrived in Harbin. Here, in 1926 Vladimir graduated from high school and was soon enrolled in the Faculty of Harbin, who was one of the cultural, educational and scientific centers of the city and the whole of Manchuria (2)

During training VN. Zhernakov became interested in Chinese life and culture, he regularly attended lectures organized by the Society for Study of the Manchurian region (OIMK) at the Harbin Museum). Much has been read to them in the Central Library of the CER, which is signed by many foreign periodicals and had a rich collection of books about China and Manchuria. For 20 years he has participated in expeditions and excursions to different regions of Manchuria, . drew the attention of the experts whose articles economic focus on agriculture, . Industry, . transport, . Trade in those areas and cities, . which only has mastered the course of the creation of new railway,
. In 1932 he became a permanent employee of the Museum and head of its economic department.

VN. Zhernakov was an active member of the organization, established in 1929 under the Young Men Christian Association (HSML) - Club of Natural History and Geography. The leader of this club was VV. Ponosov, and his secretary for 17 years was Zhernakov. He was engaged in the publication of Notes of the Club, was the organizer of numerous tours and exhibitions, such as Nature and the life of Manchuria in the paintings of Russian artists. On his initiative, Club held meetings and evening. So in 1937 the Club was held evening in memory of the centenary of the death A.S. Pushkin.

VN. Zhernakov was familiar with many foreign scholars who came to Manchuria to conduct research in the field of geology, geography, paleontology, archeology. Among them was the famous French geologist and theologian Teyar de Chardin, a number of German scholars.

During his stay in Manchuria (1929-1960) Zhernakov organized around a hundred expeditions and excursions to various regions of Manchuria, including such little-studied areas such as Lake. Hanka, p. Hulin District Small Khingan, volcanoes and Erkeshan Holdongir, volcanic lake Udalyanchi. Among his other achievements rightly mention the excavations in the area of art. Fulaertsy (near Tsitsihar) in 1958, where he found the skeleton of an ancient rhinoceros (Rhinoceros ticnorhinus). VN. Zhernakov worked in the field of Geo. In 1948 and in 1958 he led expeditions on the lake. Tszinpohu.
How many of Harbin ethnographers Vladimir interested in archeology and his contribution was marked by VV. Ponosov in manuscript 1959. History severomanchzhurskoy Archeology (3).

Particular note is the contribution of VN. Zhernakova vsohranienii history of Russian activity in Manchuria. In October 1958. he created the work on the history of the Harbin Museum. It was not published in Russian and published in translation in Chinese, is the most comprehensive study on this subject (4).

Vladimir left China in September 1962. Until 1972. He lived in Melbourne (Australia), where mostly been working on botany. Known to his recollections of life in Manchuria, published in various Russian publications in 1968. it was founded by Russian series in Australia, where he belonged to Peru bibliographical essays about a famous writer and naturalist Harbin N.A. Baikov, who lived in Beijing, historian and ethnographer I.I. Gapanovich, Archeology and Ethnography VV. Ponosov.
Vladimir Zhernakov died in the U.S. in 1977.


1.Informatsiya about biography VN. Zhernakova given for work: NV. Zissermann. Vladimir Nikolaevich Jernakov. / / Russians in Australia. - # 5 - Melbourn, 1986, 19 p.
2.Melihov GV. Russia emigration in China (1917-1924 gg). M., 1997, C. 124-131.
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4.Zhernakov VN. A summary of the history of the Museum of the province Heylyntszyan. . / / Collection of translated materials on archeology and ethnography Heyduntszyana ... S.192-200 (in Chinese).

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Zhernakov Vladimir, photo, biography
Zhernakov Vladimir, photo, biography Zhernakov Vladimir  Scientific, photo, biography
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