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Biography BILIMOVICH Anton
Born June 8, 1879, Mr.. G. Zhitomir, in a military family physician. After completing elementary school in Mr.. Vladimir, where he served as the father of B. Then, he went to study at the Kiev Cadet Corps, which he graduated in 1896. Honors (Issue 1896. ).

Military Education B. Nicholas continued in the engineering college, but did not complete it, under the influence of his elder brother Alexander, having passed exams about Latin and Greek, he joined the Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Kyiv University Sv. Vladimir. Here, he again showed his talent nezauryanoe, allowing univesitet graduated with a gold medal (1903) and was left in it stependiantom and assistant in the department of mechanics.
Under the influence of known mechanical G. Suslov and P. Vorontsov, B. went on to deffirentsialnoy geometry. From his first job, "An elementary construction of Shteynerovskogo ellipse" to the thesis "Application of geometrical derivatives to the theory of curves and surfaces" (1907) runs through the path of becoming a young scientist.

B., as an active member of the Kiev Physical and Mathematical Society and lecturer at the university, and perfected their scientific and teaching practice. Being in 1907. privat-docent, he defended in 1912. master's thesis on "The equations of motion for conservative systems". These successes have given the right B. probation for two years in Paris and GцTttingen.

In 1914, B. binds his life and professional activities with the Novorossiysk University in Odessa. Professor in the department of applied mathematics, he wrote his doctoral thesis "Soprikasatelnye rigid body motion" (published in Odessa until 1919). High authority B. among staff and colleagues leads to his election in 1918. Rector of the University of Novorossiysk.

In the hard years of Russia's troubles, which occurred, as did B. followed by his countryman, wit, General MI Dragomirov, "because of the lack of elementary mathematics in people's minds," he tried to raise this science to new heights. In a feat B. and arrived in the autumn in Odessa famous academician AM Lyapunov, with whom they became friends and have identified a wide range of scientific interests. At the request of B. Lyapunov read for students and teachers of the university lectures on mathematics, physics and astronomy under the title "On the shape of celestial bodies". But on October 3, 1918. Academician Lyapunov tragically killed.

All that could make B. for the memory of that worthy and learned man, he did, created and headed the commission for the preservation, processing and preparation for the publication of academic works. It was saved, in particular, the unpublished work of Lyapunov "On some equilibrium figures of rotating fluid". Another thing is that "the young Soviet republic" at that time were not needed neither BA nor his business.

In January 1920,. B. emigrated from Odessa, and found shelter in Serbia.
Since April 1920, when B. went to work on the contract, he went to the board then established his participation in the organization of Russian Academic Group. Later, he was one of initsatorov establishment in Belgrade, Russian Scientific Institute. Results of these organizations include, inter alia, in the two published editions of "Materials for a bibliography of Russian scientific works abroad".

In November 1926, B. became full-time full professor of applied mathematics at the Philosophical Faculty of Belgrade University. Here he taught a course on theoretical mechanics in a vector presentation and teaching, in combination, the higher mathematics at the Faculty of Agriculture. Subsequently, when the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade was founded Mathematical Institute, B. was for many years as its director.

In Yugoslavia, B. continued its method of application of mathematics to mechanics, extending their research at the expense of neighboring sciences: celestial mechanics, geophysics and hydrodynamics. He, for example, in collaboration with the Yugoslav Academician M. Milankovitch studied the theory of displacement of the poles of the earth. For students interested in technical problems, B. created a whole school of mechanics and founded the "Club of Mathematicians, University of Belgrade (1932). Great importance for the world of science was embodied in the life of his idea to publish the magazine matematitcheskogo French.

Distinguished Service B. was elected in 1925. corresponding member, and in 1936. active member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. Elected as a member of the Division of Engineering. In 19391940 he. was the secretary of natural-mathematical sciences.

During World War II B. held patriotic position. The unwillingness to work for the Germans and the Germans, he defiantly withdrawn from affairs, and then retired.
In the postwar period B. resumed its work: creating Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences (opened in May 1946), . participated in a multi-volume edition of the Proceedings of the Mathematical Institute of Serbian Academy of Sciences, . where, . Since 1949, . published many of his works (among them "Lyapunov in Odessa", . 1956),
. In the same chronological period B. managed to finish his fundamental textbook on theoretical mechanics in 3 volumes, well served to generations of students.

For a long time B. interested in issues of mathematics education, history of science and life scientists. His promotional article different kind of accessible language and non-intrusive ability to penetrate into the very essence of the problem.

February 15, 1955, Mr.. B. finally retired. He was awarded the Order of Labor 1-st degree and was awarded a personal article in the Yugoslav Encyclopedia (1955). And in 1964. scientist, not priznavashego peace without his beloved work, the honorary chairman of the Yugoslav Society of mechanics, the founder of which, incidentally, he himself once was.
Until his last days B. did not broke a spiritual connection with their homeland, watching the successes of Russian scientists and tirelessly promoted their achievements. Long life, in his opinion, was given him over for a reunification of the Slavs.
Died Sept. 17, 1970, Mr.. and Belgrade.

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BILIMOVICH Anton, photo, biography
BILIMOVICH Anton, photo, biography BILIMOVICH Anton  Scientific, photo, biography
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