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FEKTISTOV Konstantin Petrovich

( Scientific)

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Biography FEKTISTOV Konstantin Petrovich
Konstantin Petrovich Feoktistov was born on February 7, 1926 in Voronezh, where he spent his childhood and where he went to high school.

Studies interrupted by the Great Patriotic War. Sixteen year old boy could not be aloof from the struggle with enemies and Kostya went to the front, was part of a scout troop. In 1942, during the execution of one of the combat missions he was captured and shot (!!!). Fortunately, the wound was not mortal, after the shots Kostya fell and lost consciousness. Was taken for dead and did not finish, but was thrown together with other clueless lying in the snow. Night he woke up and crawled away from the place of execution. Cured and, after the liberation of Voronezh on the occupation, continued his studies in high school.

After school, he entered the Moscow Higher Technical School named after H. E. Bauman, who successfully graduated in 1949. While still a student began forming Feoktistova as a scientist and designer. He actively worked in the Student Scientific Society, participated in student design processes. The institute was reading the works K.E. Tsiolkovsky, listened to lectures with. P. The Queen and dreamed about outer space. Therefore, it was a logical choice of location for future work.

After graduation he worked at NII-1 in group M. By Tikhonravova. In 1955, M. K. Tikhonravov went to work in OKB-1 to C. P. Queen. Shortly thereafter, the OKB-1 and passed Feoktistov. From this moment begins his journey spacecraft designer. Together with other members of the group M. K. Tikhonravova participated in the development of the first artificial Earth satellite. One of the founders of the spacecraft such as "East".

After the formation of the detachment of the Soviet cosmonauts taught at the Cosmonaut Training Center, the astronauts read the first course of lectures on the structure of the spacecraft Vostok. When first raised the question of space flight engineer, Feoktistov offered his candidacy. This decision met with strong support from the C. P. The Queen, which is attached to this mission of great importance. S. P. Korolev believed that the flight Feoktistova help in the future to create new models of space technology. It is supported with. P. The Queen has helped Feoktistov get into a cosmonaut, especially for him were reduced demands on the health of the candidate.

In 1964 he was enrolled in the cosmonaut. It has been a full course of general space training. 12 - 13 October 1964 flew into space on a spaceship "Voskhod-1" as a researcher. Conducted studies of optical characteristics of the atmosphere, and most importantly, testing the new equipment orientation systems, management and control of on-board equipment. Spacecraft flight lasted 1 day 17 minutes, 3 seconds. Preparing for new space flights, including to the moon, but to implement them Feoktistov was no longer destined.

After the flight continued to work on new spacecraft in the OKB-1 (now NPO <Energy>). Leading developer of spacecraft "Soyuz, Soyuz T, Soyuz TM, Progress, Progress-M, the orbital station Salyut (DOS) and the World. In NGO <Energy> worked before 1990: Deputy Head of Department, Deputy Chief Designer of NPO <Energy>. Then, because of conflict with the Director General of NPO Energia, Yuri Semyonov was forced to withdraw from the company.

Since 1990, teaches at Moscow State Technical University named after H. E. Bauman. Doctor of Technical Sciences (1967). Professor (1969). Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Astronautics. Author of many scientific papers and books on the history of astronautics. A recent series "My twentieth century, published his book" The trajectory of life. "

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FEKTISTOV Konstantin Petrovich, photo, biography
FEKTISTOV Konstantin Petrovich, photo, biography FEKTISTOV Konstantin Petrovich  Scientific, photo, biography
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