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Udaltsov Ivan Dmitrievich

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Biography Udaltsov Ivan Dmitrievich
photo Udaltsov Ivan Dmitrievich
Born in g. Moscow in the family of hereditary nobleman, physician 2 nd Gradskaya Hospital Dmitri Ivanovich Udaltsova. He graduated with a gold medal 1 st Moscow school. In 1903, Mr.. entered the law faculty of Moscow University. Attended lectures and seminars on the historical department of History and Philology. With the discovery in 1905. Faculty of Law, Economic Department, switched to the study of economics. In the revolutionary movement has participated since 1904, in 1906. became secretary of the university cell RSDLP (b).

In 1907, Mr.. was arrested and imprisoned in the Butyrskaya prison, six months later was sentenced to deportation to the Vologda province, but received permission to go abroad without the right to return to 1910. Attended Economic Sciences, . Philosophy, . history at the University of Leipzig, . Munich, . Vryburg, . entered into the local social-democratic organization of Russian emigres, . for which he was arrested in Dresden, and after three months' imprisonment expelled from Prussia and Saxony,
. Upon returning to his homeland Udaltsov unable to return to the university because of "belonging to revolutionary organizations" and was soon called up for military service as an ordinary soldier, where he stayed until October 1911. By passing an external university courses and received the certificate, engaged in legal practice.

. During the First World War served in the South-Western Front, engaged in revolutionary propaganda among the troops.

. After the October Revolution he worked in the Commissariat of Education, was deputy chief of the Political 16 Army South-Western Front
. In 1921, Mr.. with VP Volgin and other Communists were sent to work at the University of Moscow for a revolutionary restructuring of the teaching of social sciences. Since January 1921. Ivan D. Professor of Moscow University in 1921. by 1928. Deputy Dean and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Soviet law. In 1927, Mr.. Udaltsov was elected to the Board of the University, and the following year was appointed rector of Moscow State University.

By this time, have developed an extremely low rate of training: the students at the University for 67 years, and some 8 to 15 years. Graduate students also learned a long time 5, 6 or 8 years. By the year had to wait in line to work in the laboratory.

In 1929, Mr.. was organized by the Department of Chemistry on the basis of the chemical department of physics and mathematics faculty, but next year he, like the medical faculty, was dismissed from the university and became an independent university.

. At the end of 1929
. early 1930. University was reorganized on the basis of unity of command in universities. Rectorate converted to the directorate. According to the new situation of members of the Board of the University and faculty deans were appointed by the Main Committee of the Director of Vocational Education. In order to improve the quality of training subject Commission, have met their role in guiding the restructuring of the educational process, were replaced by chairs.

Was taken several measures to strengthen the discipline. Since 1930. attending lectures, seminars, laboratory classes became compulsory, and for public student activities have been established uniform dates for the entire university. Strict labor discipline was prescribed and faculty. During this period much has been done on the organization of schools to eradicate illiteracy among the population of Moscow continued to operate a working faculty of the University.

. In 30-ies Udaltsov is actively involved in editorial activities (participation in the preparations for the publication of the literary heritage of G
. V. Plekhanov and Chernyshevsky).

Since 1934, Mr.. led interdepartmental chair of political economy.

. Later Ivan Dmitrievich was the founder and the undisputed dean of the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University (19411955), headed the department he created the history of the national economy and economic doctrines (19471955).

. Having nearly 40 years of life teaching activities, . tireless organizer of the university economic education, . Udaltsov published numerous original scientific articles in magazines "socialist economy", . "Problems of Economics", . "Soviet science" and others,
. Yeremin Udaltsov buried at Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

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Udaltsov Ivan Dmitrievich, photo, biography
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