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Tikhonravov Nicholas Savich

( Scientific)

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Biography Tikhonravov Nicholas Savich
photo Tikhonravov Nicholas Savich
(3.X.1832 - 27.XI.1893)
Rector: 1877. - 1883.

It comes from the bourgeois class. Born in. Shemetova Meshchovsk County Kaluga province in family paramedic. Two years after birth and his family moved to Moscow, where his father got a job at an eye hospital. In 1842, Mr.. The boy was identified in the 3rd Moscow real school, where he graduated in 1849. with a silver medal. Youthful dreams Tikhonravova had entered Moscow University. But fate had a little differently

. In connection with the general revolutionary situation in Europe and the fear of the Russian government, . that the revolution could spread to Russia, . were considerably tightened regulations and reduced the number of income coming into Russia's universities, . in which the government saw the main hotbed of revolutionary contagion,
. As the Moscow University in 1849. set of students is not done, Tikhonravov became a student at St. Petersburg General Pedagogical Institute. A year later he was able to transfer to the historical-philological faculty of Moscow University (with the obligation after graduation to serve in the Office of the Ministry of Education not less than 8 years). Here and revealed remarkable philological ability of future scientist. Tikhonravov began to publish his first work back in his student years, actively collaborated with many "thick" journals.

After graduation in 1853, Mr.. Tikhonravov participated in the preparation of a biographical dictionary of professors and teachers, a biographical chronicle of pets at Moscow University, from 1854 g. within 3 years of teaching Russian language and literature at various high schools in Moscow. Since 1857. worked in the 1 st Moscow Cadet Corps, and since 1859, Mr.. was invited to give lectures on pedagogy at Moscow University for the post of associate. Lectures young teacher immediately attracted the attention of students and university professors. Therefore, when in connection with the release in 1859, Mr.. Department of Literature History and Philology was a question about the new head of its, . University Council decided to entrust this post Tikhonravova, . and just a year after this event was headed by a scientist at the University open educational courses,
. Finally, in 1860, Mr.. it was he who initiated the creation of the Sunday school at Moscow University.

Great was the contribution of domestic Tikhonravova Philology. One of the largest representatives of the cultural-historical school of literary criticism, . He stood at the base of a monumental edition of the Chronicle of Russian literature and antiquities ", . which published many of the newly discovered documents on Russian history and philology,
. For his selfless work in the field of Russian literature, he was in 1863. elected a corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences, and in 1865. becomes an associate literary department of the Academy. In 1870, Mr.. without defending a thesis, in recognition of his services to Moscow University, he received his Ph.D. in 1871. He was elected full professor on the faculty of Russian language and Russian literature. In 1875, Mr.. appointed member of the board of trustees of the Moscow school district. In 1876, Mr.. confirmed as the Dean of History and Philology of Moscow University.
Home principalship Tikhonravova coincided with the Russian-Turkish war of 1877 - 1878 he. The university was organized by a voluntary subscription among professors, students and employees for the establishment of scholarships to children of deceased soldiers. In 1878, Mr.. held subscription to the construction of the monument in g. Tarnovo.

At the end of the campaign intensified scientific relations between Moscow University and several universities in the Balkan States.

If rector Tikhonravova continued capital construction: in 1878. commissioned Medical Corps and the building of a chemical laboratory in the courtyard of the University House on Moss Street.

Significant event in the university was the establishment in 1879. initiative DN Anuchina Museum of Anthropology. Much attention is paid Rector manning funds research library, the development of individual units at the faculties.

Preparations for the opening in 1883. Historical Museum in Moscow attracted to participate in the formation and preparation of the exhibition a large number of scholars from among the professors of Moscow University. This was especially true of employees of History and Philology.

After leaving his resignation as rector of the rank of the actual state councilor, Emeritus Professor of Moscow University Tikhonravov fully dedicated himself to teaching and research activities. Since 1885. until his death he was chairman of the Society of Russia's literature at Moscow University. In 1890, Mr.. elected as an ordinary academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences. In his later years he retired, but continued to actively cooperate with various historical and literary societies and the press.

He was buried was Nicholas Savich Tikhonravov in Moscow at the cemetery Danilov Monastery.

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Tikhonravov Nicholas Savich, photo, biography
Tikhonravov Nicholas Savich, photo, biography Tikhonravov Nicholas Savich  Scientific, photo, biography
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