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STRAKHOV Petr Ivanovich

( Scientific)

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Biography STRAKHOV Petr Ivanovich
(22.VI.1757 - 12.II.1813)
Rector: 1805. - 1807

From poor families. Santa Strakhov, a descendant of the nobility of Mr.. Shen, joined the clergy, was the local priest. Father, the village sexton, he moved to Moscow. Here was born the son of Peter, the last child in the family. His father tried to educate children and identified by one of three sons in raznochintsi school of Moscow University. Among peers kazennokoshtny high school student Peter Strakhov feature in-depth intelligence, excellent memory, remarkably beautiful appearance, had a good heart and lofty soul. Speaking at the university's home theater, it not only immediately won the hearts of viewers, but also made an impression on the poet and playwright AP Sumarokov.

In 1774, Mr.. Strakhov graduated from high school, and by order of the MV Priklonskii he sewed a green uniform and handed sword as a university student. The Faculty of Philosophy, he studied (except for philology and literature), physics and mathematics. Thanks to the brilliant successes in the sciences, was seen by professors and allowed to cooperate in meeting the Free Russia "(literary and historical scientific society).

After graduating from the University of fear of some time, was secretary to the curator MM Kheraskov and soon became a "house man" in his family. Getting Started with NI Novikov, which launched at that time an unprecedented publishing activities, frequent meetings and conversations with "university poet" EI Kostrov facilitated the development of literary talents of young Strakhov. In 1785, Mr.. The curators sent him to the company with his nephew M. Kheraskov abroad to familiarize themselves with the education system in universities, schools and other educational institutions. Before departure Strakhov was awarded the title of extraordinary professor. In Europe, he found, . that "moral direction" The local universities are not worthy of imitation, . "But for many departments and rich libraries, . Museums, . classrooms and other teaching materials they had before the University of Moscow, a big advantage. ",

. Upon returning from a trip Strakhov some time filled the post of chief superintendent in the boarding school, then - Inspector university gymnasiums
. In 1791, Mr.. he becomes the head of the department of experimental physics at the Faculty of Philosophy. Lectures, . accompanied by masterly designed experiments, . contributed to the enormous popularity of Professor Strakhova For physical class has a separate audience amphitheater, . but, . and when she could not hold summoned from all over Moscow listeners, . lectures were translated into the assembly hall,
. Strakhov was a great experimenter: known for his observations of electrical conductivity of water and earth, interesting experiments were made outside the laboratory on the landscape, the study of freezing and evaporation of mercury, a permanent meteorological service. Seriously engaged Strakhov and astronomy, as evidenced by the theme of his professorial dissertation in 1791: "On the motion of bodies in general and in particular the stars of heaven". Since 1803, Mr.. - Corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences. In 1805, Mr.. at a meeting of the newly established Society of Naturalists, Professor Strakhov was elected an honorary member of. In 1810, Mr.. Strakhov issued a "Short mark of physics" - tutorial summarizing the whole experience of his many years of scientific and pedagogical activities.

At post rector Strakhov, first drew attention to a number of economic issues. In May, 1805. adopted for the position of university architect, builder of the main building of the famous M. Kazakov. The new rector has increased the number of classrooms, provided additional space for library. He abandoned the practice of lease of printing, . handed it to the maintenance of the Board of the University, . and in the first year of the publication of works of professors and teachers had received 100,000 rubles of net profit instead of the proposed auction held at the tenant (NI Novikov) the maximum annual fee 11,000 rubles.,

. Strakhov taken all necessary steps to preserve the university gymnasium, are facing the threat of closure was due to the fact that the new government regulations opened the school on the basis of public schools
. Funds to support high schools often received the rector of business printing, a large sum on his application was made permanent university patron Demidov.

June 30, 1805, Mr.. been celebrated on 50 th anniversary of Moscow University. August 30 in a specially constructed building on Nikitskaya street was opened at the Clinical Hospital of the Institute. At the beginning of next year, opened at the University of obstetrics Institute and Maternity Hospital for poor mothers.

Under the new charter Strakhov was re-elected Rector of the post in 1806. and in 1807, despite his urgent requests for exemption from troublesome duties for health reasons and because of the need to focus on the scientific and pedagogical work. And the higher authorities through the Minister and the trustee, and the university administration is reluctant to let go of Peter Ivanovich's resignation - he enjoyed universal confidence, respect and love, knowing how he obeyed, he knew how nobly and as chief. "

. Died Pyotr Strakhov, public ordinary professor of experimental physics, State Councilor, in Nizhny Novgorod, where the university was evacuated with the arrival of Napoleon in Moscow
. Buried at the Nizhny Novgorod Peter and Paul Cemetery.

V. Remarchuk

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STRAKHOV Petr Ivanovich, photo, biography
STRAKHOV Petr Ivanovich, photo, biography STRAKHOV Petr Ivanovich  Scientific, photo, biography
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