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Nesmeyanov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich

( Scientific)

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Biography Nesmeyanov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich
[28.VIII (9.IX) .1899 17.I.1980]
Rector from 1948. by 1951.

Born in Moscow in the teachers' family. His father, Nikolai, graduated from the Moscow University, became fascinated Enlightenment, began to teach in rural schools, then in charge of an orphanage. Important role in the family upbringing of children playing mother Lyudmila Danilovna, which was gifted teacher. Since childhood differed Alexander Nesmeyanov lively mind and independent. In nine years of refusing to meat consumption, . and then the fish, . he retained a lifetime vegetarian habits, . what, . perhaps, . stimulated further his professional interests to the scientific problems of developing innovative forms of artificial food.,

. Chemistry interested in the age of thirteen, having by this time fascination with the different branches of biology: entomology, Hydrobiology, ornithology.

. In 1917, Mr.
. Alexander finished with a silver medal privacy Moscow gymnasium P. Strakhov and entered the natural separation of physical and mathematical faculty of Moscow University. Studying in the revolutionary era required more sacrifice and fanatical obsession: engaged in unheated rooms, not enough laboratory equipment. Working a night watchman at the faculty, he lived in the laboratory Zelinsky, giving all the time, scientific experiments. In the summer of 1920, A short few things from the household belongings as the exchange of goods, together with relatives and friends went to the village for bread.

. After graduation (1922) Nesmeyanov remains at the Department of Academician ND Zelinsky, where in 1924-1938 he
. He has held positions as Assistant, Associate Professor (since 1935). Since 1938. headed the Department of Organic Chemistry, Institute of Fine Chemical Technology, in 1939-1954 he. Nesmeyanov was director of the Institute of Organic Chemistry, USSR Academy of Sciences. In 1939, Mr.. elected a corresponding member, and in 1943. Academician of USSR Academy of Sciences of the Office of Chemical Sciences (in 1946-1951. Academician-secretary of the Department). Member of the CPSU (b) with 1944.

At the end of the Great Patriotic War, Alexander returned to his native University: from 1944. He headed the Department of Organic Chemistry, in 1945-1948. is the dean of chemistry department, and in 1948-1951 he. Rector of Moscow State University.

At the stage of post-war revival of the economy university was to provide training for key industries and the development of science in the main directions. Before the state had the task of qualitative radical retooling of the country and lead the university's largest center of world science.

. During the principalship Nesmeyanova began construction of a large complex of university buildings on the Sparrow (Lenin) hills
. In these circumstances, Alexander gave a lot of energy on the development of material-technical base of the university.

. Under his leadership, the competent commissions were created to develop technical specifications for the placement of university departments in the new place
. Worked in close contact with the creative writing team of architects (the actual members of the Academy of Architecture of the USSR L. Rudnev, SE Chernyshev, architects AF Hryakov, PV Abrosimov), with builders (AN Komarovsky, AV Voronkov). Construction of new buildings of Moscow State University was indeed a popular thing, . it required the enthusiasm, . sharpness, . active participation of people of various professions and all walks of Soviet society (from shock Komsomol brigades of troops to the Gulag prisoners),

Along with the huge building is the development of university structures, improved training programs. Thus, in the curricula of the natural faculties were introduced courses on the history of science. In 1948, Mr.. Department of Biology was reorganized in Biology and Soil. The following year, construction began on agrobiological station in Chashnikovo. At the same time on the basis of the geological department of geological and Soil Sciences Department of Geology was founded and organized by the department: crystallography and crystal chemistry, the history of geological sciences. In 1950, Mr.. assisted the University of Chisinau literature, scientific and educational instruments and equipment.

In 1950-1962 he. Nesmeyanov was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

Administration combined with pedagogical. Defining the strategic directions in scientific research, Nesmeyanov sought to convey his passion for another. Addressing young audiences, liked to compare science with the branching tree, in points, and whose growth is especially fast movement, which determines its development.

. Alexander was one of the leading organic chemists of our century
. He performed a number of seminal works on the theory of structure and reactivity of organic compounds and created a new discipline, . lies on the border of inorganic and organic chemistry, . which, . on his proposal, . called "chemistry organometallic compounds",
. Nesmeyanov founded the great scientific school in this area. In 1954, Mr.. opened the first Institute of Organoelement Compounds, USSR Academy of Sciences, which he led the (now present Institute. Nesmeyanov).

Works of Alexander Nikolayevich chemistry organometallic compounds brought him fame and recognition not only in our country, but in the world. They were awarded the State (1943) and Lenin (1966) awards. In 1969 and 1979. N. twice awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor. He was elected an honorary member of several dozen foreign national academies and scientific societies.

Buried Alexander Nesmeyanov in g. Moscow Novodevichy Cemetery

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Nesmeyanov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, photo, biography
Nesmeyanov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich, photo, biography Nesmeyanov, Aleksandr Nikolaevich  Scientific, photo, biography
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