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Comments for CHEBOTAREV Chariton A.
Biography CHEBOTAREV Chariton A.
(1746 - 26. VII.1815)
Rector: 1803 g. - 1805

The son of a sergeant, was born in Vologda. In 1755, Mr.. was admitted to the university school for commoners and six years later became kazennokoshtnym student at the Faculty of Philosophy. Workers engaged in activities from student days: in 1766, Mr.. He had been assigned to assist the librarian IG Reichel kustosom (keeper of the book fund) with the issuance of salary to 8 cents a day (plus 1 penny for each of the three library cats). Chebotarev excellent job with the book farm, and passing successively all positions, almost never left the university library all his life.

In 1767, Mr.. Chebotarev produced in history and geography teachers in secondary classrooms. At the same time he acts as an interpreter with the Latin and German languages at the University Conference and the Office. In 1773, Mr.. teaches Russian literature and translated from European languages in 1775, Mr.. Chebotarev defined subbibliotekarem and publisher of the "Moscow News", in 1776. - Promoted to extraordinary professor in the Department of Literature of Russia, and in 1778, Mr.. - In the ordinary professors (on the faculty of logic and sermons, and later Russian history), was appointed librarian and censor of the theater. Since 1778, Mr.. by 1783. was secretary of the University of the Conference, an inspector of grammar schools and university teachers' seminary. In 1797, Mr.. produced in collegiate advisors, in 1803, after the university reform, was elected rector.

Unlike all previous supreme commander of the Moscow University Chebotarev was an employee of Science. By specialty - the historian and geographer. Known for his youthful Russian translation of the textbook World History I. Freyer with the addition of the text "Short chronicler" MV Lomonosov Moscow State University on the history of Russia. At the age of thirty years, he published the first original textbook on the geography of Russia - a remarkable phenomenon for its time. Preserved fragments of his notes on Russian history, a few speeches, he had read on the solemn university acts.

Three months after the election of the rector and the deans at the university began public lectures. PI Strakhov read experimental physics, and IA Game - a systematic review of trade, FG Politkovskaya - a natural history, H. Schlozer - the history of European states.

In 1804, Mr.. organized under the chairmanship of the Rector Chebotareva Society of History and Antiquities of Russian to study and publication of historical documents - the chronicles of ancient instruments, manuscripts. From abroad came the new professors: G. Fischer von Waldheim (Natural History), F. J. Reinhard (history of philosophical systems), FF Reuss (Chemistry), GF Hoffmann (Botany), etc.. Under the new regulation on censorship censors were chosen for the posts of professor and master's degrees at Moscow University.

November 5, 1804, Mr.. was approved by the Charter of the Moscow University, . according to which the university consisted of four compartments (moral and political sciences, physical and mathematical sciences, medical and health sciences, philology), . unites 28 departments (understood as an object or group of items in the conduct of Professor),
. Collection professors elect annually Rector (approved by the Emperor) and deans (approved by the Minister of Education).

Expanded scientific ties with foreign countries: the honorable members of the Moscow University in 1804, Mr.. elected by JW Goethe, I. Schiller, a writer of the German Enlightenment era H. M. Wieland, abroad for an internship left IE Gruzinov.

In 1805, Mr.. Professor JF Boulet began publishing a magazine "Moscow scientists Gazette. March 22, 1805, Mr.. initiated by Professor G. Fischer von Waldheim to study the country's natural resources and promote development of natural sciences at the university founded the Moscow Society of Naturalists (works so far). April 1 acquisition of a Medical-Surgical Academy apothecary garden was the beginning of the university botanical garden, whose director was appointed Professor GF Hoffman.

. At the end of the rector's term Chebotarev remained at the university before the end of his days with the rank of professor, occupying the position of the preconditions in the Board of Assessors of the university
. In 1809, Mr.. was promoted to State Councilor.

Events War 1812. strongly shaken and undermined his health (to the same fire in the Moscow lost a wonderful library of Professor). Died Chariton A. Chebotarev in Moscow and was buried at the cemetery Vagankovsky.

V. Remarchuk

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CHEBOTAREV Chariton A., photo, biography
CHEBOTAREV Chariton A., photo, biography CHEBOTAREV Chariton A.  Scientist, photo, biography
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