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KHOKHLOV Rem Viktorovich

( Scientific)

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Biography KHOKHLOV Rem Viktorovich
photo KHOKHLOV Rem Viktorovich
(15.VII.1926 8.VIII.1977) Rector from 1973. by 1977.

Born in g. Livny Oryol region. Father, Victor Hristoforovich, a former Komsomol workers, political instructor Squadron, a graduate of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute and his mother, Maria Yakovlevna, graduated from the Physics Department of Moscow State University and was left to work at the Department. After graduating from high school, Rehm enters 1943. the Moscow Aviation Institute, learns very successful and in 1945. transferred to the University of Moscow, where will all his later life of the student to the Physics Department of the rector.

Post-war university audience consisted of "soldiers of yesterday and yesterday's tenth. They were equally. They learned to cook together and furiously to help the country ". Soon the student Khokhlov carried away by the physics of oscillations, whose laws because of their versatility brought a young researcher to a wide range of issues. Some of them have already settled in graduate school at the Department of oscillations Radiophysics department physics department, where, while still a student, Khokhlov prepared to publish his first printed work.

Since 1952, Mr.. he is teaching at Moscow State University, in the same year he defended his thesis. In 1959, Mr.. was sent to a one-year scientific mission at Stanford University (USA). In 1962. doctorate. Since 1963, Mr.. Professor. In 60-ies Khokhlov became an eminent scientist, making a serious scientific contribution to the development of nonlinear optics, radio physics, acoustics, and quantum electronics, theory of vibrations.
In 1964, Mr.. came first in the world literature, a monograph devoted to the problems of nonlinear optics. Subsequently, the expanding interests of Rem Viktorovich lead him to the fundamental problems of nonlinear acoustics.

. Khokhlov made a number of fundamental ideas for creating new types of lasers and laser spectroscopy, organized by the Department of wave processes in the Moscow University
. In 1966, Mr.. He was elected a corresponding member, and in 1974. Academician of USSR. Since 1975. Khokhlov Bureau member, and since 1977. and. about. Vice-President of the USSR. Lenin Prize (1970).

General university issues on the terms of the daily worries of Rem Viktorovich, when he became deputy secretary of Party Committee of the Moscow State University on teaching and research work and by virtue of their public duties often met and worked with AND. G. Petrovski, who had much to learn and whose successor was in the beginning of 1973

. At post rector Khokhlov drew particular attention to the future development of broad inter-faculty relations, laboratories, multi-dimensional organization of the expeditions, the discovery of concern centers
. He appealed to the interaction of university teams in solving the complex problems of science, education and production. During his principalship at the University Biological Faculty was divided into two separate faculties of Biology and Soil Science, . were established scientific coordinating councils on the philosophical problems of ecology and on the interaction between man and the biosphere, . signed agreements on scientific exchange between MSU and universities in Japan and the United States.,

. At this time, the construction of the Baikal-Amur Railway worked complex engineering-geological expedition of geological faculty and student teaching and research unit of biological faculty of the specific problems of the economy in uncharted areas,
. In October 1975. University took the cosmonauts and astronauts to the Soviet-American flight of the Soyuz-Apollo. In 1976. was built a new dormitory for 2400 seats on Vernadsky Prospekt and organized or reduced price meals for season tickets for first-year students. In the same year to coordinate the curricula of Moscow and Sophia's public universities in accordance with a comprehensive program of economic integration of member countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance. In 1977. Moscow University was awarded a medal I. A. Comenius for his great contribution to the preparation of the Czechoslovak specialists.

In August 1975. Khokhlov was elected vice-president of the International Association of Universities. Speaking at the General Assembly of the Association, . Rector of Moscow University since expressed his vision of the urgent tasks of higher educational institutions of our country: "The structure of growing human needs for a growing proportion will be intangible benefits, . in the first place, culture and education, . that, . in contrast to the reasonable material needs, . have no boundaries in their development,
. In accordance with this increase significantly the role of education in the life of the country, especially develop a system of free education without leaving one's work. Higher education will reach out to not only young people, they become centers of culture and education for all people. "

Since 1974, Mr.. Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. At 25 Congress of the CPSU was elected a member of the Central Auditing Commission.

Life of the Rector of Moscow University was broken suddenly: a climber with over twenty years of experience, he made the ascent to the peak of Communism in the Pamirs in the summer of 1977. Contingency situation (rescue work for another expedition) is not allowed to acclimatize to the difficult ascent. When the top had a few hundred meters, began a forced descent. A few days later, despite efforts by medics, Rem Viktorovich Khokhlov died. He was buried at Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

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KHOKHLOV Rem Viktorovich, photo, biography
KHOKHLOV Rem Viktorovich, photo, biography KHOKHLOV Rem Viktorovich  Scientific, photo, biography
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