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Bogolepov Dmitry Petrovich

( Scientific)

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Biography Bogolepov Dmitry Petrovich
[30.VI (12.VII) .1885 8.V.1941] Chairman of the Provisional Bureau (Rector): from 1920. by 1921.

Born in g. Moscow in the family of hereditary honorary citizen, teacher and school inspector of the province of Tver Peter A. Bogolepova (son of a village priest). After graduating in 1904. with the gold medal of the 7 th Moscow high school, entered the St. Petersburg Polytechnic Institute. After studying a year there, went to law faculty of Moscow University, graduating with a diploma of I degree in 1909, and was left at the Department of Financial Law for preparation for a professorship. In 1913, Mr.. passed the Master's exam in financial law and political economy, and was confirmed as a privat-docent. Work at the Faculty of Moscow University, combined with the reading of a lecture course "Banking" in a private Moscow Institute of Law.

In 1907, Mr.. joined RSDLP. In 1914-1915. worked in the Social Democratic faction in the State Duma, then worked in the social-democratic periodicals. Personally met with in. I. Lenin's famous during the April conference in 1917, where Bogolepov participated in the commission to develop a thesis.

After the October Revolution was involved in active work in the Soviet financial bodies. So, 17 November 1917. Resolution of People's Commissars, he was appointed Assistant Commissar of Finance and Director of the Department of State Treasury. Participated in the Constitutional Commission, which worked out in July 1918. the first Soviet Constitution. In 1919-1920. was sent first to the Commissariat of Finance of Ukraine, and then in Turkestan Republic for the organization where the banking and financial structure.

. In 1920, when the Soviet government to deal seriously with the reform of higher education in order to bring it under state control, Dmitry Petrovich took an active part.

. Plan Narcompros university reform was to replace the traditional system of management of universities through the Councils of universities and elected by the rectors of the new collegial bodies, . as ruling the help of an erudite academic, . and economic and administrative life of Provisional Presidium universities,
. Chairman of the Provisional Bureau (or rector) at Moscow University, was appointed Bogolepov.

The actions of the new head of the university relied on the directive in. I. Lenin, . given to him during a personal interview at the end of 1920, . contained in the memoirs of Dmitrii Petrovich at three points: 1) science is only for the poor, and 2) the destruction of "academic freedom", . teaching ', according to our instructions ", and 3) improving the material situation of workers of MSU.,

. Plans Narcompros for most items have caused resistance to the bulk of professors and university professors
. In order to implement the new principles of the Interim Bureau was its chairman for the body is too conservative, and he soon formed on the basis of his so-called small bureau, concentrated in his hands the major powers. In its struggle with the departmental assemblies Bogolepov used them as created educational and scientific commission, headed by Prof.. A. K. Timiryazev (son of the famous naturalist). Administrative commission headed by Prof.. K. P. Yakovlev.

In a short period of his principalship, Dmitry Petrovich and temporary bureau, which he relied, had time to put into effect the following initiatives: the fall of 1920. opened the first Party school in Moscow University, . marked the beginning of an organized system of party education and in November the same year approved the Regulations on the awarding of scientists organized by the Commission on the welfare and living conditions of scientists, . professors and teachers, at the beginning of 1921,
. by Decree of People's Commissars "On the terms of organization departments of social sciences, has received new development VON MSU, . which appeared 7 branches: the socio-pedagogical, . Legal, . economic, . External Relations, . Statistics, . literary and artistic, . etnologo-linguistic,
. Was provided international assistance in organizing the Turkistan University. By decree of People's Commissars of the RSFSR of March 10, 1921. in the People's Commissariat established Floating Marine Institute "for a comprehensive and systematic study of the northern seas, in which actively participated zoologists at Moscow University.

. However, the methods of over-administration not only causes the resistance of the old professors, but also created Bogolepova image destroyer of science, which soon led to his resignation as rector.

. In the subsequent time prior to 1931
. He worked as a professor at Moscow State University, then moved to the Institute of Soviet Law, where he remained until 1933,. In the future, combined scientific work at the Institute of Nationalities in the USSR Central Executive Committee and the Research Financial Institute at the People's Commissariat of educational work in the Institute of National Economy. G. V. Plekhanov. He was a member of the expert commission WAC.

Dmitry Petrovich Bogolepov buried in Moscow at the Novodevichy cemetery.

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Bogolepov Dmitry Petrovich, photo, biography
Bogolepov Dmitry Petrovich, photo, biography Bogolepov Dmitry Petrovich  Scientific, photo, biography
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