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BU Aleksey

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Biography BU Aleksey
photo BU Aleksey
[7 (19). IV.1881 * 26.IX.1958]
Director since 1934 Mr.. by 1939. Rector from 1939. by 1943.

Born in g. Yelets Orel province in the family collegiate registrar (Orel graduate seminary).

In 18891901 he. studied at the local high school, then entered the Moscow University of Physics and Mathematics, graduated with honors in 1906. diploma of degree 1 and was left with the university to prepare for a professorship in the Department of Mathematics. Since 1906. conducted continuous pedagogical work in higher and secondary educational institutions in Moscow. In 19121913 he. a group of teachers was at the foreign training, spending for a month in Germany, Austria, France, Italy and England.

In August, 1917. of the Menshevik Party (Internationalist) joined the Bolshevik Party. Since October 1917. by 1920. held several positions at the Moscow Council. In 1920, Mr.. by the decision of the Moscow Committee of the CPSU (b) was sent to work on the specialty and approved by the rector of the Institute of Communications. V. N. Podbelskogo, in whose creation he participated. In 19241929 he. was and. about. Rector of the Moscow Higher Technical School. From 1929. worked as professor and chair of mathematics at the Higher School of Engineering building, converted in 1932. the Military Engineering Academy. V. V. Kuibyshev (in connection with which he was mobilized into the Red Army), and the Industrial Academy of. I. V. Stalin.

. Soon Butyagin was elected a member of the State Academic Council, and then a member of the Higher Qualification Commission.

. Directorship of Alexei Sergeyevich accounts for a period of significant rise of scientific and educational work at the University
. Were revised curriculum and new programs developed, which drew attention to the general theoretical training. In accordance with Government Resolution dated 16 May 1934, recovering only the history department at this time Faculty of Humanities in the structure of Moscow University. Since 1935. promote and develop communication with the USSR. In the 1936/37 academic year, were first held public examinations. In 1937, Mr.. government took the decision "On the scientific degrees and on the introduction of full-time positions and salaries for faculty in higher education", which created favorable conditions for normal work of the University. In July, 1938. organized departments: geology and soil science and geography (based on soil-geographical faculty), and Institute of Soil Science and Institute of Geography. Established Department of Soil (M. M. Filatov). At the end of 1938. Director raised the question of the need for reconstruction and new construction, but at the time the State was not under the force of large allocations, and the University remained at the previous material base.

August 15, 1939, Mr.. Charter was adopted at Moscow University, which clearly defines the role of departments and faculties as the main teaching and research units. Scientific Council was created, headed by the Rector and the Academic Council on the faculties under the chairmanship of the deans.

. In the Academic Council of Moscow State University joined academics, ND Zelinsky, . Schmidt, . Kolmogorov, . SS Nametkin, . Sobolev, . VG Fesenkov, . corresponding member AN Aleksandrov and Serebrovskii, . Professor VV Gemmerling, . VV Golubev, . Druzhinin, . SI Kulaev, . BP Orlov, . ID Udaltsov, etc.,
. Honorary members are heroes of the Soviet Union Papanin, ET Krenkel, E. Fedorov, PP Shirshov.

In May 1940, to 185 anniversary of Moscow University was named after M. V. University.

In January 1941. there have been changes in the legal status of the Archive of the Moscow State University, who was reassigned directly to the rector and his deputy.

June 23, 1941, Mr.. Rector Butyagin signed a decree on the restructuring of scientific and educational work in connection with the military situation.

In January 1943, after more than a year's break, Aleksey returned to his duties Rector. The main event of the University leadership at this time of preparation and conduct reevacuation faculties from Sverdlovsk to Moscow.

Since 1944. by 1953. Butyagin working in government structures on Higher Education (a member of the All-Union Committee on Higher Education at SNK; member of the board of the Ministry of Higher Education of the USSR), . actively involved in editing and publishing the journal "Bulletin of Higher School" (from 1951 g,
. by 1954. editor), then returned to the university.

Since April 1, 1957. retired. Aleksey Butyagin buried at Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow.

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BU Aleksey, photo, biography
BU Aleksey, photo, biography BU Aleksey  Scientific, photo, biography
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