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Ilya Galkin Savich

( Scientific)

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Biography Ilya Galkin Savich
photo Ilya Galkin Savich
(20.VII (1.VIII) .1898 - 7.IV.1990)
Rector: 1943. - 1947.

Born in the village Panasyuk Pruzhany county Grodno province. Father - Polish peasant Sawa Galka - during the First World War, he moved with his large family in the middle of nowhere in the Vladimir region, where Ilya finished his primary education in the r. Kovrov, and then continued his studies at the technical school of the Moscow Railway. After graduating from college he worked in the foundry moulder railway workshops. Autumn 1917. young worker mobilized into the army and sent to the school of ensigns in Kiev. However, in the war Galkin did not have time to take part - the October Revolution. In 1918, Mr.. enrolling in the Polytechnic Institute in g. Ivanovo-Voznesensk, three months left in the Red Army on the Eastern Front, took part in the defeat of Kolchak.

. In 1921, ill with typhus, Ilya Savich demobilized from the army, after the treatment begins to work, first teacher, then headmaster of the school and the leader of the group homes for street children in the district of the Saratov province Atkarsk
. In 1924, Mr.. Galkin - Delegate Union Congress of Teachers. Since 1927. - Member of the CPSU (b). During the active work in 1930, he. sent to study at Moscow University's Faculty of ethnological. Here, under the guidance of his teacher Academician NM Lukin, he began to study the history of modern and contemporary. In 1935. Ilya Savich completing a postgraduate, . Ph.D. in the history of the German labor movement, . starts working at the Moscow Institute of Philosophy, . Literature and History (MIFLI), . where he was promoted from instructor to professor of the institution,
. In 1937-1941. - Rector MIFLI.

The Great Patriotic War. After the merger MIFLI in December 1941. with the newly created historical faculty of Moscow University Galkin appointed vice-rector for Academic Affairs of the, . Vice-Chancellor (with the laying on him in the evacuation in Ashgabat, the duties of rector of the university during the latter's absence), . then authorized the People's Commissariat of Education of the RSFSR on the displacement of the University in g,
. Sverdlovsk, and later - on his re-evacuation to Moscow.

Stay Ilya Savich the responsible post of rector of Moscow State University coincided with a severe test for our country. The University has just returned from evacuation, and had to establish a normal learning process. By the end of 1943. opened new departments: low temperature, . Physics of the sea, . Acoustics, . electronic and ionic processes - at the Faculty of Physics, Chemistry, Soil, . soil improvement and agricultural chemistry soil, . Historical Geology - Geology of Soil Sciences, Hydrology and Hydrography - Faculty of Geography, the history of western and Russian philosophy - the Faculty of Philosophy, etc.,

. After renovation in 1944
. was re-opened university library. Maxim Gorky, and in April the same year the first time were held Lomonosov's readings, which subsequently became the traditional. In June 1944, Mr.. the history department was a branch of the history of the East. At the end of 1944. held its first award of the Lomonosov premium.

In March 1945,. was restored and began its work Academia student society, . at the end of that year in accordance with the plan of integrated studies, . agreed with the USSR State Planning Committee, . Moscow University was formed and began working the East-Siberian, . Central Black Earth, . Caspian expedition,
. In 1946, Mr.. were organized: Research Institute of Nuclear Physics, Physics and Technology Department, Crimean teaching scientific base in Geology and Soil Sciences.

In September 1946,. was approved by the first postwar five-year development plan of the Moscow University, which included the development of major scientific problems, which had great economic importance and determine trends in the development of natural sciences in general. In November the same year the University Council decided to restore the 5 - year period of study at all faculties of the university, which meant that the transition to a pattern of work in peacetime.

In July, 1947. Rector of Moscow State University was among the initiators and founders of the All-Union Society for dissemination of scientific and political knowledge. In the same year were carried out preliminary activities in connection with the planned for construction of new buildings of Moscow State University on the Sparrow (Lenin) hills.

After retiring from his post for health reasons, Galkin long time worked at the Department of Modern and Contemporary History of the History Faculty of Moscow University (in 1953-1981 he. in the position of head). In 1953-1958,. He was also Vice-Rector of the University, but later devoted himself entirely to scientific work. In 1969. elected an honorary doctor of the University of Szeged (Hungary).

Buried Savich Ilya Galkin on Vostryakovskiy cemetery in Moscow.

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Ilya Galkin Savich, photo, biography
Ilya Galkin Savich, photo, biography Ilya Galkin Savich  Scientific, photo, biography
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