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Barsha Sergey

( Scientific)

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Biography Barsha Sergey
photo Barsha Sergey
(17.IX.1808 - 7.III.1882)
Rector: 1863. - 1870

The son of a priest, was born and lived in g. Moscow. Primary education in a religious school, in 1820, Mr.. entered the seminary, and from there six years later was sent to the Moscow Theological Academy, where he taught literature, history, philosophy, theology, Greek, Latin and Hebraic languages, ecclesiastical eloquence. In 1829, Mr.. among the three standouts was defined in the Imperial Chancellery, directed by MMSperanskii, where he studied law Russia. In St. Petersburg University he attended lectures on Roman law, an ancient and new languages. Two years later, was sent to Berlin University for further improvements in the legal sciences.

. On his return to stand the test of the degree of Doctor of jurisprudence, is defined in the Moscow University (1834), in March 1837
. approved by the full professor. In 1842-1845 he. Moscow was the censor censorship committee in 1845-1850 he. - Director of the Moscow Technical College.

Since 1847, Mr.. for 17 years, was elected dean of the law faculty of Moscow University.

. Years of stay in office Barsheva Rector characterized by increased scientific and social activity of the university in terms of the peasant reform in the country
. Unlike its predecessor (AA Alfonsky), Barsha was elected by the Council, and this was evaluated in a university environment as a transition to the restoration of the principles of autonomy and self -. In June, 1863. approved a new University Charter, under which Moscow University consisted of four faculties: History and Philology, Physics and Mathematics, legal and medical. Used primarily elective offices of rectors and deans, extended terms of reference of the University, limited the power of the trustee. Created new departments: the morphology and systematics of plants (Prof.. N. Kaufman) and comparative grammar of Indo-European languages (Prof.. PY Petrov). With the active assistance of the Rector emerged: Society of Naturalists, Anthropology and Ethnography (1863), the Moscow Archaeological Society (1867). In 1864, Mr.. opened on the initiative of scientists at Moscow University Zoological Gardens.

In 1865, Mr.. was the beginning of the historical seminar under the leadership of VI Guerrier, SM Soloviev, NS Tikhonravova.

. The medical school was organized by Russia's first Department of Pediatrics (1866), established by the clinic of nervous diseases at the hospital-based therapy clinic in Catherine's Hospital (1869)
. Honorary Members of the Moscow University became the Foreign Minister Alexander Gorchakov and professor of the Prague University physiologist A. Purkynд?.
. Supporting Physics and Mathematics, Rector was able to find funds for the refurbishment and conversion of the chemical laboratory, has been substantially upgraded physics laboratory, are listed in order of Botanical Gardens and Zoological Museum.

. In keeping with conservative principles, . Barsha enjoyed considerable prestige in the Ministry of Education and repeatedly, . as university president, . served as trustee of the Moscow school district, . went to government agencies on University Affairs,
. In 1869, Mr.. received the rank of Privy Councilor.

In the history of Russian legal science Barsha known as the author of the first Russian course of criminal law, published under the title: General Principles of the theory and laws of the Crime and Punishment (1841). Department of criminal and police laws Barsha held more than forty years, of which the last 16 years at the rank of Distinguished Professor. He was an honorary member of many learned societies and institutions, . including Moscow and Kiev Theological Academy, . Moscow Society of Naturalists, . Law Society (founded in 1871), . Society of Naturalists, . Anthropology and Ethnography and t,
. d.

Since leaving the university in 1876, Mr.. Barsha as a trustee in charge of the Technical School, Children's Hospital and hospice home gr. Sheremetev.
Sergei Barsha died a year after the solemn celebration in Moscow on 50-year anniversary of his scientific activities.

He was buried in Moscow at Vagankovskoye cemetery.

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Barsha Sergey, photo, biography
Barsha Sergey, photo, biography Barsha Sergey  Scientific, photo, biography
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