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Miou-Miou (Miou-Miou)

( Actress)

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Biography Miou-Miou (Miou-Miou)
photo Miou-Miou (Miou-Miou)
Miou-Miou (real name - Silvett Erie) is one of the most talented French actresses. Many of its role forever entered the history of world cinema. During his thirty-year career Miou-Miou managed to work with such iconic directors as Bertrand Blier, Yves Bosse, Claude Berri, Jacques Derey, Michel Deville, Patrice Leconte, Sergio Leone and Louis Malla.

She was born Feb. 22, 1950 in Paris, not a prestigious family. Her father remained unknown, his mother was selling flowers at market. The best years of his childhood Miou-Miou spent helping mothers. First profession of the future movie star - carpet-weaver, the second - sales of strawberries. It seemed that there were no signs zvednogo future. But once, when Silvett traded at the fair, it drew the attention of director R. Butey. He invited the girl to visit his theater under the open sky, the famous 'Cafe de la Gare' ( 'Privokzalnaya cafe'), 'alma mater' many French actors 1960 1970.

. For Silvett 'life in art' began with the fact that it mended furniture, mopping the floors, was a stagehand, prop and costume assistant
. Some of the actors supposed to have said that she was doing everything 'A la miou-miou' - in the style of 'meow-meow' as a pussycat easily, gracefully and naturally. Thus, according to legend, appeared and her nickname. Perhaps, for this 'cat' Miou-Miou and her heroines lack rapacity and cynicism, although her characters are, indeed, freedom and 'go where the likes'. Soon the cleaners Miou-Miou has become a talented stage actress - but only cinema brought her real fame.

In cinema Miou-Miou started working in 1971 and soon starred in several films of Italian and French directors. But to truly become a landmark for the actress in 1974, when the screens went controversial film by Bertrand Blier "Going Places", in which she starred with then little known, GцLrard Depardieu and Patrick Devaerom. As they say, "the next day they woke up famous, and the film has gained cult status.

Depardieu and Devaer become partners Miou-Miou and in subsequent films, and Patrick became her partner in life. Their life together lasted almost until the tragic death of Devaera in 1982.

Since the mid 70's and today Miou-Miou is the focus of fans of French cinema. Suffice it to say that she had ten (!) Times nominated for a "Cesar" (the main French cinema awards). It was withdrawn in the most diverse roles, but very demanding on the proposals directors. Characteristically, for all its popularity and demand in France, Miou-Miou is not seeking to participate in international projects and even more so - to conquer Hollywood, that once again underscores its sign as the French national actress.

Miou-Miou, Devaer and Blier: Opinion astrologer


Mare - La Cavale, aka On the Lam (1971). Directed. Michel Mitrani.
Suburbs everywhere - Elle court, elle court la banlieue, aka Suburbs Are Everywhere, The (1972). Directed. Gerard Pire.
Few too quiet men - Quelques messieurs trop tranquilles (1972). Directed. Georges Lautner.
Temrokov - Themroc (1972). Directed. Claude Faraldo.
Suspect in the murder - Les Granges brulees, aka Suspect of Murder (1973). Directed. Jean Chapeau.
Adventures of Rabbi Jacob - Les Aventures de Rabbi Jacob (1973). Directed. GцLrard Oury.
Valsiruschie - Valseuses, Les (1974). Directed. Bertrand Blier.
Tender Dracula - Tender Dracula (1975). Directed. Pierre Grunshteyn.
A genius, two friends and a trusty - Un Genio, due compari, un pollo (1975). Directed. Damiano Damiani.
Love and cold water - D'amour et d'eau fraiche (1975). Directed. Jean-Pierre Blanc.
Jonas, which in 2000 will be 25 - Jonas qui aura 25 ans en l'an 2000 (1976). Directed. Alain Tanne.
The victorious match - Marcia trionfale (1976). Directed. Marco Bellucci.
Roads to the south - Les Routes du sud (1978). Directed. Joseph Losi.
Bye, see you on Monday - Au revoir a lundi (1979). Directed. Maurice Dugouson.
Trick - DцLrobade, La (1979). Directed. Daniel Duval.
A female police officer - La Femme flic (1980). Directed. Yves Bosse.
It was reasonable? - Est-ce bien raisonnable? (1981). Directed. Georges Lautner.
Joseph - Josepha (1982). Directed. Christopher Frank.
Between us - Coup de Foudre aka Entre Nous (1983). Directed. Dian Curie.
My other husband - Le Vol du Sphinx (1984). Directed. Laurent Ferrier.
Evening dress - Tenue de soiree (1986). Directed. Bertrand Blier.
Revolving doors - Les Portes tournantes (1988). Directed. Francis Mankiewicz.
Chtitsa - La Lectrice (1988). Directed. Michel Deville.
Milou en mai - Milou en mai (1989). Directed. Louis Malla.
Jackpot! - Totale!, La (1991). Dir.
Tango - Tango (1993). Directed. Patrice Leconte.
Germinal - Germinal (1993). Directed. Claude Berri.
Indian in Paris - Un indien dans la ville (1994). Directed. Hervey Paul.
My girlfriend left me - Ma femme me quitte (1996). Directed. Didier Kamenka.
Eight days - Le Huitieme jour (1996). Directed. Jacques Van Dormel.
Dry Cleaning - Nettoyage a sec (1997). Directed. Anne Fountain.
Women - Elles (1997). Directed. Louis Galway Tele.
Stupid Game - Hors jeu (1998). Directed. Karim Dridi.
All is well, we're leaving - Tout va bien, on s'en va (2000). Directed. Claude Maurier.

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Miou-Miou (Miou-Miou), photo, biography
Miou-Miou (Miou-Miou), photo, biography Miou-Miou (Miou-Miou)  Actress, photo, biography
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