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Biography Chicherina
photo Chicherina
The world knows of two cases, when the girl model was able to create something worthwhile in the world of music. This is Milla Jovovich (her first and only album was very warmly received by critics) and Julia D. Chicherina vocalist of the same name. Jovovich has long been a superstar. Julia - too.

For those who know the history of his native country, answer the question naturally arises - yes, Julia Chicherina really a descendant of the famous Soviet diplomat, the man who signed the Brest-Litovsk Treaty. More precisely - she is his niece pravnuchataya.

Julia - Lion on Zodiac, it means that nature it is extremely ambitious and hard-nosed. Horn will be rested, but that does it. However, with the horns of us are plentiful, while Julia Chicherina there is the talent. As usual girl from Ekaterinburg has become such a star?

Getting on Chicherina CONCERT!
Small region as Khakassia, not spoiled by visiting the city stars. Why not be said about the year 2002. One after another, in Abakan come with concerts rock performers and famous artists: 'Siskin', BG, viola, 'Burnt by the Sun', KVNschiki of BSU ... At this time in the sun Khakassia arrives naimodneyshaya representative of Russian rock - singer Julia Chicherin.

I'm not trying to predict what will be June 18 in the Drama Theater. It is difficult to assume whether the wall will withstand the Republican 'drama' of screaming, shouting and moaning of our advanced youth. After 'Chicherin decibel' capable of breaking not only the ears, but something else.

Now the group is a great tour. In June the group will play ten concerts. Of these, three presentations will take place in regions of Siberia: Novosibirsk, Abakan and Kyzyl. Organizers of the concert in our city - OOO 'ECL' and the company 'Jam'. General sponsor is the company 'Rospivo', the official distributor of 'Pepsi' in Khakassia. Information Support by site 'Hakasiya.Ru', E-radio, radio 'Chanson' and WG 'Chance'. Tickets sold at the box office and shops Dramteatra 'Jam'.

STORY OF HOW fan JULIA Chicherina became a star
The world knows of two cases, when the girl model was able to create something worthwhile in the world of music. This is Milla Jovovich (her first and only album was very warmly received by critics) and Julia D. Chicherina vocalist of the same name. Jovovich has long been a superstar. Julia - too.

It's over there, in the West from the groups with female vocals are not overcrowded, and even new forces arrive, and we have counted on the fingers can. Cautious producers wait until someone dare. Risked Zemfira - has become a superstar. So, we need energetic people girl. And now let Julia Chicherina assures everyone that their team for five years, no one still does not believe. Because the girl sings.

For those who know the history of his native country, answer the question naturally arises - yes, Julia Chicherina really a descendant of the famous Soviet diplomat, the man who signed the Brest-Litovsk Treaty. More precisely - she is his niece pravnuchataya.

Julia - Lion on Zodiac, it means that nature it is extremely ambitious and hard-nosed. Horn will be rested, but that does it. However, with the horns of us are plentiful, while Julia Chicherina there is the talent. As usual girl from Ekaterinburg has become such a star? The answer to the question, read on ...

As a child, a girl dreams of becoming an artist. Albums, paints, pencils, attracted 'a foolish child'. Being a teenager, Julia, as it should be, interested in music. For most girls this hobby is limited to listening tapes, but PVC films walls of the room posters. But Chicherina went to such a step, which not every kid will be solved. She became a drummer: pounded and pounded in a group 'C-sharp'. The fact was whether a single concert, history is silent.

Naturally, the modest role of the drummer could not satisfy the young talent. And soon she began to sing. And not his own songs, and others. Strange, because its already been. Julia composing them, as they say, 'the table' and no one showed. In the sense - not performed.

Along came the vocal department of the local school culture. Strictly speaking, there she is learning to this day. No musical career had only just begun, the model is nearing. However, all of it was to attend classes at a local school models. By the way, then the head of Julia were no dreadlocks, which you saw in the clips, and cute curls in the style of disco.

And then there was love. Her name was (that is, of course, his) Sasha brown. He was a bassist known in Yekaterinburg group 'Mental Hallucinations'. However, everyone called them simply 'Bugs'. Julia met Sasha at a local music hangouts. It happened in mid-1996. She was then 16. Then they became inseparable.

But Alexander Brown had completed his college. Music. For trumpet. Until now, sometimes it is - for the soul. At first he kept the rhythm in the group of Ad Libitum, then began to play 'Gluck'.

A little later, started an adventure 'J-22'. So called the club, which opened Chicherina and K б¦. At first it was a derelict outbuilding Architectural Institute. Friends have chosen it, agreed with the leadership of the opening of the institute in its territory the cultural center, they set to work. Sami laid bricks, painted walls, equipped with a stage and bar. The opening took place in New 1997. Founders, if I may say so, J-22 were Chicherina, Brown, as well as a character called Dr. Off and Azat.

Dr. Off - Alexander Alexandrov. Now guitarist 'Chicherina' and by half of the texts. Azat Mamedov at that time was the guitarist for the band 'Propiller'. Now - guitarist 'Chicherina'. According to colleagues, absolutely hard-nosed in the guitar man. Maybe rehearse for days.

In a short time the club became quite popular with local youth. It played a prominent Uralic groups, could be a good time and even to eat - Dr. Off perfectly prepared hot dogs and dumplings. He was a bartender. Brown and Azat - ushers and cloakroom, Chicherina - DJ.

So, at that time the main occupation of Julia Chicherina were working in the club and a visit to a rehearsal of 'Semantic hallucinations' as their loyal female fans. But once the soul of a poet could not restrain herself, and she stood up to the microphone, showed all that is capable. 'Bugs' Listen, shut their mouths, scratching their heads and decided - something must be done!

RISE AND FALL OF 'Chicherina'
What was clear - to create for Julia accompanying band. Of the current membership with Chicherina played then only Brown and Alexandrov. Others were session musicians from different groups of Sverdlovsk. The musicians saw their work with Julia as a kind of one-time project - need help talented young girl. And when was their first appearance on the bill was written: 'Club Spec J-22'. It happened June 1, 1997, at Children's Day. This is the official birthday of the collective. Call the group decided to name a soloist, too, from a desire not particularly bother. When people read on multiplied by Xerox handbills team name, then somehow all pronounced it with the accent on the penultimate syllable. This error in Stress Julia pursued for many years.

The first performance was a great success. Ural students took Chicherin to cheer. The second concert was no less successful. It was a success and professionals. 'Chicherin' are being invited to speak. There was a problem: guest musicians from other groups could not play at concerts at the expense of substantive work. We needed a permanent live line-up.

In particular, for this reason, tried to escape from 'Chicherina' Brown - 'Hallucinations' has toured extensively, playing simultaneously in the two teams, it was hard. But without his beloved Julia quickly bored, fell into a depression. So 'Bugs' lost, and 'Chicherina' acquired a permanent bassist.

Reshuffles the composition continued until the end of 1997. In August, he returned to 'Bugs' armor, and his place on drums took Maxim Mitenkov from group 'Naked Gun'. However, in the 'Guns' Maxim played so far, faithful to its first group. And in October came in 'Chicherin' from 'Propillera' Azat Mamedov. Since then, the group remains unchanged to this day.

In September of 1997 as the first group participated in the festival held in Yekaterinburg 'Interfuzz'. 'Chicherina' was one of three local teams, who have entrusted to represent the Ural rock in front of a visiting touring companies.

Then the same group made their first record - the song 'About beech'. There is a song and another future star in the Urals - Micah and his group 'Jumanji'. Just the same, 'a star on a star' is obtained.

December 1997-th. 'Chicherina' entered the top three finalists of the regional festival 'Home'. Then - a spectacular show 'That's right! " in the local Palace of Sport. Julia works at the same stage with 'Mumiy Troll' and '? When? ". By the time Julia had time to prepare a new program - ten new songs. 'Rain' and '40 000 kilometers' were recorded in May of 1998, immediately got on local radio and became hits.

Spent about one and a half years, until the summer club J-22 is not closed. As Julia says, 'club was absolutely illegal. We had no permits or inspections from the fire, nor from the Surveillance, or any other offices'. At this point in the life of the group started a black bar. The children were left without work and, consequently, no money. Of the proceeds from the concerts, only enough cigarettes. Twisted as best they could. Julia with brown, for example, settled in the local philharmonic pasting posters.

GIRL 'ripe'
For black and white stripe came. Group was invited to the festival in Tyumen female vocals 'Sirin'. They came, played and became a local sensation. It was the second birth of.

They traveled on tours throughout Western Siberia. Songs 'Chicherina' are rotated on local radio stations.

And suddenly - event occurred fateful. Tape recordings of the software into the hands of directors 'Our Radio' Mikhail Kozyrev. Kozyrev put in hot rotation 000 kilometers '40 ', then included it in the first collection of' Invasion '. The company Real Records officially brought the group 'Chicherina' in Moscow and invited to record an album.

After signing the guys gave several concerts in Moscow clubs, and then started to rehearse intensively in preparation for recording. Album was recorded at the 'Ton-studio' 'Mosfilm' from February to May 2000. Along came video 'Tu-lu-la', shot by Timur Bekmambetov. Real paste 'Tu-lu-la' in the soundtrack "Brother-2 '. The song became a major hit of the first half of 2000. A Star Is Born!

'I am now on all programs, I am a kilogram by weight'
And then - shooting on the television interview, the first autographs. Julia Chicherina be the face of 'Pepsi' in Russia.

Less than a year ago, a group started a unprecedented action. Within a hundred days left before the release of their second album, every step of the way to it carefully tracked. Entries in the studio, orchestration, rehearsal - all this happened under close public scrutiny. Ability to select songs to perform at the festival 'Invasion', to discuss the design of the album cover, his name and t. d. - Was given to all interested.

- We want to open the door to the 'kitchen' show business - say musicians. - We are ready not only to show all the details of the preparation and release of the album, but also to give all interested persons an opportunity to participate in this process. Finally, you'll see all that is usually hidden from prying eyes.

On the official site 'Chicherina' published daily reports, it was possible to produce 'quality control' - listen to already recorded tracks.

The year 2002 was for a group of very busy. While in Moscow, Yulia almost always removed in film - TV series 'gang warfare', which will be released in September on the ORT. The film about gangsters and fight with them about law enforcement. Another film - 'Gladiatrix' had already appeared on the screen. Critics called it "soft porn, . which busty molodok first raped in Rapid, . then stripped by wailing guitar a la Gary Moore, . then in the chain, pushing a half-naked into the arena and forced to peel each other with heavy spiked blanks',
. The singer co-star Julia Chicherina on the set almost became a cripple. 'I had a horned helmet. Horn first stuck in the wooden fence by accident, and then pulled off the helmet. He was fastened to the belt, and I tore him almost with head '.

Meanwhile, the guys rehearsing. Droff composing new songs, and Brown is seeking the ideal sound. Periodically go on tour, including overseas. A month ago, Chicherina passed last session of the undergraduate in his 'bags' (College of Culture and the Arts).

June 1 group 'Chicherina' is five years old! For five ... It is not even a birthday. The boys decided to go on tour.

In Abakan team arrives slightly altered, since a month ago she was mowing. In the hands of the hairdresser were seen Julia, Azat and Droff. The guys were very happy to make this 'ordeal'. As a result - by Julia on her head a neat 'square', Azat first time in many years, has short hair, however, as Droff, who returned to light-colored hair.

All very rejuvenated and look almost exactly like in 1997 when they met for the first time. Maybe it's nostalgia?

Young mother (privacy)
The image of a young, attractive and energetic girl can not knit with the image of mother and wife. Julia - a young mother and her increasingly concerned about the well-being of the child than his own work. As I mentioned earlier, Chicherina with sixteen inseparable from guitarist Alexander brown - some years a singer and musician living in cohabiting. In the late 98-th Julia realized that she is pregnant. Question 'to give birth or not to give birth' and did not arise - Julia said Sasha, he was happy. Parents, however, did not share the enthusiasm of children. Mother Julia confessed two months later, a mother took very good news to report on the singer's father. Thank God, tours and strain did not affect the state of health of the child - he was born with normal growth and weight. In character Maya went to her mother, and externally similar to the pope. So, as we see, for some novel 'The singer and musician' - an extra reason to be lighted in the press, and for others - a secret, carefully guarded from prying eyes. However, take heart, Chicherina stated that she would give birth to at least five children!

To produce documents
Somehow, the group itself and Julia have no luck at police. Night of 3 to 4 December 2000, Mr.. day to remember. She, like a real criminal, was forced to sit up in the morning in a police station in Perovo.

Julia evening with his girlfriend went to visit another friend in Perovo. Overstayer to 12 hours of the night, the girls decided to go home. Coming out of the door, they saw a police car, from which came the policeman uncle and demanded to produce documents.

Girls show their passports, and found that both Moscow no registration. Chicherina few days ago, returned from the regular tours and showed the policeman a ticket. He said that the three-day stay in Moscow without registration had expired. The girls had no money, what they have said a militiaman. Guardian of the order went to the apartment, where friends were staying, and began to require all its inhabitants documents. The fact that one girl was asleep, not at all embarrassed policeman. He lifted her out of bed and took all the girls in the car. They were taken to the police station and put behind bars. At 5 am, the guard fired some girls took 10 rubles fine.

This is not the first incident of insolence Moscow police. Children often stopped on the street and require 'fine' of $ 50-100 rubles.

Another case. Group was invited to speak at the concert dedicated to the police. The machine, which returned home after the concert, was subjected to 'attack' police. Taking from each of 100 rubles. They had the audacity to ask for an autograph Yule.

WHO accepteth Chicherin
If Zemfira almost all praised to the skies as soon as it appeared, by Julia Chicherina attitude completely different - many do not like it, feel incompetent upstart. For example, negative comments about Chicherina Artemij Trinity: 'Well, this I do not understand what makes this group of' Chartova dozen 'and on the radio. Because, if you remove the songs from this electric guitar, we get a clean Alain Apina absolute stupid pop, with just such a rock 'n' roll light bloom ... In short, I categorically do not like Chicherina '.

Or this statement Armen Grigoryan: "With regard to 'defendants in show business' ... Well, here we were in a concert with Chicherina, so she arrived in a huge limousine rented for one night, in order to surprise the audience. Thus except for the first song, everything else Chicherina 'performed' mime '.

Chicherina not like it much, because if you get on the radio and a contract with Real Records, the group began to live by the laws of show business. And the clips are expensive and Cool. Continuous rotation of songs voiced by Julia on the radio too many annoying.

I did not want to write about the negative attitude towards Chicherina, especially in his native Abakan. Yet dare. For a change to show different Chicherin, including the attitude of. Most of the posters with a photograph Chicherina plastered around the city, and scribbled izrisovany. At first I thought it was the handiwork of Abakan kids. Then, from reliable sources, learned that such cases are 'doing', students who are big fans of hard rock and metal. On posters placed symbols: the Pacific and anarchy. 'Repsi' is 'corrected to' Han-kul '(in some places' AYAN ') is'. '18 June 'ferried to '18 July'. Apparently out of a desire to stand out, in black ink inscribed in English 'Vivat' hydrophobia '. What is the aim of the students - it is not clear. One thing is clear - disrespectful to the singer's face. Maybe that's enough?

Chicherina - a phenomenon of a number of natural project arising out of mischief or curiosity - without any thought of glory or gain. Julia - eccentric, wildly musical girl to have succeeded, as once Nastia Poleva, destroy the myth that a woman's inheritance - pop. Julia makes a bright and cheerful music, so atypical for the local hangouts total depressnyaka. Style Chicherina - hard guitar-wave based electronic breakbeat and trip-hop '- described in 1998 the musicians their project. Lyrical project, I would have added.

It is not as bad as many claim, and it is sincere. Julin's voice quite strong and clear, and fast and fun songs it does just to cheer.

Today, Julia Chicherina guest 'Hakasii.ru'. In the article are based on recent interviews singer.

- Let's start with the most urgent for this week. Now is the European football championship, not a fan are you?

- I - no, not fan.

- You are often compared with Zemfira. Please Zemfira, honestly?

- It is like a good girl. Music like it, I went to the presentation in 'Olympic'.

- Imposes a Yekaterinburg school stamp on your music?

- I think so. As a child I went to the concerts 'Nautilus', 'CHajf'. Although I do not think there should definitely be in Yekaterinburg, to listen to this music.

- Julia, now comes a big wave of new guitar groups are very popular in Russia and the popularity of such a broad. You actually got into this wave. Do you think how long it will last?

- Yes, I noticed. We have long lacked in Yekaterinburg, and there is a large number of young bands, just a cloud. That's good, quiet at first, then storm.

- In the pop charts group 'Chicherina' is pretty high places, like myself think about their creativity, to what nodes you want to reach?

- A poor soldier, who did not want to become a general, but do not want to guess.

- As you are born poetry and music?

- All the songs are born different, some have experienced, perhaps even upset, some are obtained by chance, simply because the good weather or mood.

- Who builds in life?

- Now, when I live in Moscow, in itself, but before the pope with mum.

- Many people know the song 'Tu-lu-la' after the movie 'Brother 2'. Like the work Bodrov, and how did the idea to include a song in this film?

- A selection of songs, Misha Kozyrev choose songs for 'Brother-2', and we just got into this soundtrack. And I like the movie.

- You performed at many festivals teams. Can anyone identify?

- Honestly, do not listen to the group, then the scene, then grimmerka. Difficult.

- That there is a group you will not be friends?

- In friendship there is no time. Friendship - this is to drink tea together, on a visit to walk, walk together.

- Yule, your life now - solid interviews, recordings and concerts, not floating?

- I can not imagine what happened to me would be if it did not happen. Hello, that dreams come true, and what you want, order and seek.

- Is there a person with whom you like to sing a duet?

- No, do not dream.

- Which would give advice to the man who would like to make an impression on you?

- Do not brag. I do not like men who brag.

- What music do you prefer to listen to?

- At present, very hard to listen to music, I enjoy listening to the silence. From music to the ears of a tube wrapped.

- How are your musical tastes have changed over time?

- When I was little, then listened to the Beatles' it was my first love in the 4th grade, and then Robertino Loretti. Like 'The Nutcracker' by Tchaikovsky.

- In what capacity would you like to see yourself on your own portrait?

- Amazon on horseback.

- The group has a leader?

- Under 'Chicherina' there is no leader, and on their own - a bright personality. But still, when a team in the foreground is a young lady, focuses on her.

- From the very beginning to feel comfortable on stage?

- Well, no, at first nervous, agitated, twitching. But now accustomed.

- Moscow has grown accustomed to?

- Not yet. She is such a huge, horrible just. If I wanted to go to someone to visit in Ekaterinburg, it just went. And then from one point to another have an hour to go. Go and not go!

- Party you pleased?

- No, I do not like all this. If I come, in a corner somewhere to keep out. I am not savage, just do not like the crowd. I have the best home in the kitchen, where I will get guests.

- Do you listen to your music?

- Well, want-not, have. Parents gathered guests and cut in me. They are glad that now happens to me. Previously, wanted me to be an artist was. I'm dreaming and not enrolled in the architectural.

- Dreaming?

- Oh, I'm so really a dreamer.

- And what are you dreaming now?

- I want to draw Cartoons. I'd be able to articulate them, I get different voices to speak. This dream.

- Do you care how successful will own record?

- I do not paryus on this occasion, I - fatalist. Let all be so, as will be. Whatever happens in life, saves time. In the end, everything will be fine.

- Where are the texts?

- All texts are born differently. I would like to convey emotion. 'Heat', for example - it was hot, it was summer, unbearably hot, we all climbed on the walls, was reluctant to get out of the shower and the water is not saved. Awful was. And you just write ...

- Express emotions and want to convey?

- You bet! In Sverdlovsk began to sing in the hot summer. Sang in the street, and both times our sun was shining in his face just such a great ... All bathed in sweat, Brown said that in nearly fainted.

- At the concerts are not pulling another staple?

- Brown Azat first time even kicked in the pants, so simple, he raced back and forth across the stage. He wanted back. I once jumped on Droffa. Th-He then sat down and fell .... I pushed him, dropped and even sat on top. In general, a surge of emotion is obtained. We do not like to play in small rabbits, because they are standing in one place and even have nowhere to go, the scene of a small.

- Words you forget?

- Yes, on the move invent others simply. Above all, do not submit form.

'I really want to understand me as much as possible of the people. And I do not want people to soar from the stage their own problems. Let everyone see such a frivolous, ease of girl, what I have in fact '.

'My parents really like what I was doing, although three years ago when we started, they were constantly grumbling that, say, musicians, beggars all, you do not get involved, daughter, in a bad job. Now the proud '.

Ekaterinburg (home town of Julia Chicherina) 'shines' talents. How many left Russia a rock star: Vyacheslav Butusov, groups 'CHajf', 'Agatha Christie', 'Mental Hallucinations'.

PS FROM THE AUTHOR: I really liked how Julia sings so-called 'ballads'. I mean the lyrics. Not hysterically, as Zemfira, and desperate beyond, as Masha Makarova. And as necessary, classically. 'With great feeling', as some comrades. For example, the phrase-song refrain of 'care-leaving' Zemfira have cried, as they say, in the face; Makarova have cried, moaned, and Chicherina uses words for its intended purpose - it bids farewell. And the sadness in these words, just enough to feel it. Strictly speaking, the taste - a sense of proportion.

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  • There is an interesting proposal to Chicherina ... It is a pity that live on Silver Rain in winter 2004 (leading stakes), I have not heard from Julia contact information ... I agree that such information is highly confidential ... Still, if anyone knows,'ll show! pliz ... Maybe she will hear and Julia and how to contact her?
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