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GUERRA Rogelio (Rogelio Guerra)

( Actor)

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Biography GUERRA Rogelio (Rogelio Guerra)
photo GUERRA Rogelio (Rogelio Guerra)
His full name sounds like Ildegardo Francisco Guerra Martinez. For his third wife, Maribel, who under him for 25 years, Rogelio lived for 20 years. Despite vozrat Rogelio Guerra will always live in the hearts of Russian women as a young ladies' man, Luis Alberto.

. Actor Rogelio Guerra asserts that after the series "Without the right to love" the audience forced him to be selective in choosing roles

Mexico, Mexico City, October 15, 2001. Rogelio Guerra received a "blow" from the TV Aztecs, . Enterprise, . deceived it under the terms of the contract for filming the TV series with Lusiey Mendez and Javier Gomez in the lead roles ( "Woman with the character"), . but, . despite everything that has happened and at the viewers happy, . He would return to television, . when the term of his contract expires.,

. - Our relations were not very good and, . actually, . point here was not only in the telenovela "A woman with character", . they gave me in the butt, . the contract, . I had with this company, . not implemented, . and, . consequently, . I stayed all these very dissatisfied,

. - Do you have any suggestions from Argos Produksiones or Televisa?

. - Do not know: it does not matter who offers me a project, no matter what country it is: in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, from here, from the States, it just has to be something that I would be interested in
. I do not judge the work by companies, which offers it to me and in this I am very stubborn.

- This is your stubbornness helps you choose a job?

- Exactly. Early in his career you have only one obligation - to take on all, . what you offer, . as this period of training, . but when you have already found its niche, . when you walked up the acting ladder and already have experience, . you must be very careful with their subsequent projects, . because it requires from you the public,
. After the series "Without the right to love" I can not accept any offers, I played in the Blue Tequila, . which was not the main character, . but it took a special part and had a great role, then, . unfortunately, . I got experience in the "Woman with the character" - project, . which at the very beginning I was very even arranged, . But then a lot of things, . because of that had to drop everything and as a result - a failure not only for me, . but for the hundreds of people,

. - By what formula you choose a job that later she would not fail?

. - It's easy, a short story should not be a completed script, you just give some brief little description - something ephemeral - and you have yourself guessing what is best for the project and for the character, but this is only one possibility.

. Senor Guerra promised that before 2002 he would return to television and celebrate together with Gansalo Correa 40-year anniversary of the classic formulation of "Don Juan".

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  • lolita for GUERRA Rogelio (Rogelio Guerra)
  • Lalo Por favor comunicate con nosotros, Ligia, Abelardo Esquivel y todos los de la Glorieta de Washington queremos saludarte
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    GUERRA Rogelio (Rogelio Guerra), photo, biography
    GUERRA Rogelio (Rogelio Guerra), photo, biography GUERRA Rogelio (Rogelio Guerra)  Actor, photo, biography
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