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AROSA Ana Paula (Ana Paula Arosio)

( Actress)

Comments for AROSA Ana Paula (Ana Paula Arosio)
Biography AROSA Ana Paula (Ana Paula Arosio)
photo AROSA Ana Paula (Ana Paula Arosio)
Her career began in Ana Paula dvennadtsat years. Charming beauty certainly had to bring the girl into the world of serials and it happened - to the twenty-one year she has co-starred in three telenovelas. It is clear that the future career of Ana Paula's only a matter of time - the young Brazilian Princess achieves global success.

The charming Brazilian actress shines his image, very different from her character in the telenovela "Land of Love". The actress took us into his house to tell the secrets of his personal life, his memories and secret passions.

Ana Paula Arosio - this woman has made herself. Sweet Juliana of the "Land of Love" went to work at an early age. Her impressive beauty did just that its first artistic steps led her into the world of fashion. In its 17 years began to bite a small "worm", which said that the time would have to go and become an actress, and now, 25 years old, she - Star inside and outside their own country, Brazil. Modest and simple, this young actress likes to live in the countryside and take care of their horses. She recalls her first steps with love and longing: "I worked as a model with 12 to 19 years. My mom has always accompanied me in all trips, since I was a child and could not be alone. Then we were very close. I also used their work to ensure that my parents were able to slightly expand their horizons, as they have me pretty conservative. Then I grew up and became a traveling. At 17, I could myself, without any help, to manage money. I'm very self-reliant, though, and continued to rely on their parents'.

Ana Paula recognizes that beauty is very helpful in her career: "I used to think that I am offered the role of the only good girls, but I think that today, as I guessed in the other acting skills. Beauty no longer makes me chustvovat inconvenience. I am the same actress, just like any other, I just can not play a good girl, because I'm very good ". Also, it is recognized that the appearance - it is not very important: "all over the world admire the beautiful woman I admire, for example, a beautiful horse, but for the beauty to be something else. Beauty can be a letter of recommendation, but also a warning: "I can be as good as immodest". As we know, it was not always liked to be beautiful. Her magnificent figure also gave her a lot of headaches: "For some time I spent in Italy, where I spent two days at the border. At that time, they feared that the Brazilian girls have come to become prostitutes. Therefore, when they arrived at the airport, then immediately fall under suspicion, especially if their papers were some inaccuracies, as happened to me. And once an Arab sheikh is the fuse on me and offered camels, and many barrels of oil to buy me. What a face! ". Since then, she became famous, her life has changed very much.

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AROSA Ana Paula (Ana Paula Arosio), photo, biography
AROSA Ana Paula (Ana Paula Arosio), photo, biography AROSA Ana Paula (Ana Paula Arosio)  Actress, photo, biography
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