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Lacerda Thiago (Thiago Lacerda)

( Actor)

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Biography Lacerda Thiago (Thiago Lacerda)
photo Lacerda Thiago (Thiago Lacerda)
While this handsome Brazilian entered the new century bachelor, he dreams to have at least three children. As a child, his future Thiago connected with medicine. Now he earns acting and underworking in advertising.

When he was little, then dreamed of becoming a doctor, dentist or lawyer. But this charming guy could never even imagine that in 23 years, he will become a big star. Today, Thiago is known not only at home, in Brazil, but throughout the world.

Already a month has gone, as this attractive Brazilian actor captivated us with his piercing eyes and seductive smile. Who among us has not dreamed at least a couple of moments to be in Julian's clothing and embrace this guy with green eyes and an increase in 193 cm?

- Your career as an actor develops a flash ...
- Yes. Once I accepted the invitation to play a secondary role in youth telenovela followed Aramela role in the "indomitable Hilde", which was the first brick in building my career. Then I began to Vicente in the "easy money" and now I give life Mateo. With this character I graduated to lay foundation of his career.

- How did you get this role?
- At a time when were "Pecado Capital", I was informed of the set of actors for the series "Land of Love". I was introduced to director Jaime Monhardimu and we did a couple of samples. Three days later, I learned that it was one of the heroes of the telenovela!

. - How do you feel when I learned that going to the leading man in this story of love?
. - When I learned that about me thinking, as the leading man, I trembled at the thought of one

- You somehow specially prepared in order to play Mateo?
- Yes. First, I took lessons in Italian, and then, within two weeks, he lived in an Italian prison in Sao Paulo. There I learned about some practices that might be useful to my character.

- In your country, Brazil, there are many descendants of Italians. You too?
- No, I do not. I am the grandson of Brazilian miners, but after living with them, I can say that the Italians - a great nation. It is impossible not to come to the delight of such strong and passionate people.

- When you were young, you have dreamed of becoming an actor?
- I am 23 years and the actor I was a little less than three years, and this is not a lot. In 15 years I have had absolutely no connection with television. When I was little and asked me who I would like to be when I grow up, I replied that a doctor or lawyer dantitsom ... I do not have a family of artists. We never had any artists or singers or actors in the house.

- What you feel, being so well-known actor like you?
- I recently became an actor and, frankly, have not yet accustomed to this. Today, I can not go to the mall and eat ice cream there quietly, as it was before. I am not pursuing all the time, the idea of being famous Thiago Lacerda. I still have a bit of the guy who ran around the streets barefoot and playing ball. Still, this is fine because it helps to constantly keep your feet on the ground.

- You acknowledge that in his country "Land of Love" turned you into a star ...
- I do not think so. Must go a long way to become a Antonio Fagundes (Gumersindo) or Raul Cortes (Francesco) - two actors that I admire. Mateo just put a very large brick in the construction of the actor, how I want to be in the future.

- How do you feel when you recognized on the streets?
- When someone I know, I become with him a very generous, because it means that these people see my work.

- I am sure that you already have a legion of admirers. What do you like most about women?
- Smile, which should appear at some point and have some form. I think that a beautiful look and a smile - this is the most beautiful thing in a woman.

- What do you most care about?
- I'm not very worried about my figure, as has always done and do some sport. I know that if a little potolsteyu, then just sit on the bike or start to run and everything will fall into place. I like ice cream all the time - this is my biggest passion. I myself did not deprive.

- Do you like sports?
- I like everything: football, swimming, tennis, fencing ... I am a professional swimmer, swim with three years. In addition, I always do the exercises and I can not stop for a minute.

- What you today the most important, in social terms?
- Lack of training. Is unacceptable that a country such as Brazil, with the national culture, had a high rate of illiteracy and a number of hungry people. Also, it seems to me an intolerable lack of doctors in hospitals and lack of interest from people who could do something to improve the social status of these human beings. All this I really care.

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Lacerda Thiago (Thiago Lacerda), photo, biography
Lacerda Thiago (Thiago Lacerda), photo, biography Lacerda Thiago (Thiago Lacerda)  Actor, photo, biography
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