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TORRES Korayma (Coraima Torres)

( Actress)

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Biography TORRES Korayma (Coraima Torres)
photo TORRES Korayma (Coraima Torres)
Famous throughout the world it made telenovela 'Cassandra', in which she starred with Osvaldo Rц-os. Now we can see it in the series 'Wings of Love' together with Diego Ramos.

. General
. Name: Korayma Alejandra Torres Diaz (Coraima Alejandra Torres Diaz)
. Date of Birth: June 6, 1973
. Hometown: Valencia, Venezuela
. Husband: Nicolas Montero
. Son: Manu Nicolas

. Personal preference
. Kind of sports: swimming, soccer, tennis
. Cast: Anthony Hopkins, Gerard Depardieu, Al Pacino, Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep
. Ideal man: Kevin Costner, Mel Gibson
. Always with her: The Bible
. The first invitation: Indonesia
. Big dream: to be a lawyer
. Favorite colors: red, black
. Writers: Mario Benedeto, Romilo Gallegos, Garcia Marquez, Isabelle Aliende
. Pro: loves to dance
. Disadvantage: smokes

. Young actress Korayma Torres from an early age was fascinated by magic theater
. When she turned 9 years old she began playing at local theater scene called "Grupo Arlecin". Korayma had learned a great deal of knowledge and worked there for 4 years. After receipt of the initial skills of acting profession, Korayma decided to dedicate his life to the stage.

Her career as a professional actress originated on TV. She first played in 1989 at Radio Caracas Television in the telenovela "The Lark" (La alondra). A year later she played in "Gardenia". Telenovela "Kassandra" (Kassandra) made the young actress the world-famous. Partner Koraymy was Puerto Rican actor Osvaldo Rios. All press diligently attributed to young people tempestuous affair, but alas ... In fact, during the filming of "Cassandra" at Koraymy had an accident in the family: sick and died, her mother.

This was followed by other successful roles: "Sweet Illusion" (Dulce ilucion), "Good Heart" (Bien corazon), "Pasando ilegal", "Delante del altar, pero sin prometido". Also, TV star took part in the "Gemini" (Geminis).

Her talent was evaluated in Colombia, where she took part in the series "Dreams and mirrors" (Suenos y espejos). The city where shooting took place, called Bogota. Renowned by the time the actress had given all the benefits of Summit, including car and personal bodyguard. It was on the set of this series Korayma met her husband, Nicolas Montero. Their tempestuous affair moved very quickly and so modest, because of the pregnancy of the bride, the wedding took place immediately after the shooting. Only a few months in a young family came replenishment - the son of Manu, Nicholas.

In 2001, Russia started airing a television series "Wings of Love", which Korayma took part in one of the main roles. To place notice, . that shortly before the shooting she had health problems - in the neck was found a benign tumor, . which grew rapidly, and even brushed internal organy.Trehchasovaya operation to remove it was successfully done in Venusuele and the beginning of filming Korayma was completely healthy,

At the moment, at the beginning of 2002, the actress was withdrawn in Peru in its new telenovela "Soledad", where her partner is Guillermo Perez.
Korayma who she is?

I am a woman who asks God every day that he helped me to be a good and wonderful person. I pray to him about that in relation to other people, my heart is only good feelings. I always try to smile and not under duress, and quite naturally, to the warm light inside me.

Your zodiac sign Gemini - typical of a dual nature to you?
No. I do not changeable and it makes me happy. But I see frequent changes to his temperament. In the morning, when I wake up, I am very cheerful, but very soon to cheer no trace remains - I am becoming like a pale ghost - I do not know why.

. What is in your heart?
. I love to read, listen to music and, before my son was born, I think I was a good swimmer
. I love the sea shore, although now I do not walk there. Now my whole life fills my son Manu Nicolas. I love taking care of him. And when the three of us all together watching TV or playing in any game, I feel that this is the most important moments of my life.

. Motherhood changed you?
. I still want to act in films - a cause which I really love to
. But now my life has changed. I would never have believed that one day I will be overwhelmed by emotions. We all know that motherhood is the most beautiful thing in the world, but when I experienced it myself, it did not believe that you can be so happy.

. What do you remember from your childhood?
. I was very disobedient, and never on time spent in school, where, incidentally, no one could call me a brilliant pupil
. When I was seven years old, my mom and my sister gave me a family party on this issue. In adolescence, I suffered much from this, because that day I really wanted to be with friends. Now I am very grateful for those wonderful moments, because now I know - friends can cover files and carry with them the whole time of their lives, and our parents are not eternal.

You can always return to their homeland, to his family. How did you decide to live in Colombia?
In Colombia, the telenovela "Kassandra" was a great success. That's why I got the invitation in "Suenos y espejos". Scenario has captivated me from the first moment. After that I stayed to take part in "Geminis", then I got married and went to Venezuela to shoot in "Cambio de piel".

Then you went to Peru to take part in "Maria Emilia Querida"?
When I arrived in Peru I had no idea what a Maria Emilia. But gradually I found this image, day after day, with each episode. I found that it is very popular and beloved heroine.

Why do you prefer to Peru with a good offer from Puerto Rico, Mexico and Colombia?
Because Delia Falo called my candidacy and said she just wants my participation in this telenovela. It is a great writer, and each of its projects, I put in the first place. I agreed to take on this role, even if I had to reject proposals from China.

It seems that Delia Falo was your mascot?
In soap operas like she does not exist. For me, Delia something more than a mascot, it is - a guarantee of future success, because she knows how to make good things.

. Filmography:
. 1989 "The Lark" (La alondra)
. 1990 Gardenia
. 1992 "Cassandra" (Kassandra)
. 1993 "Sweet Illusion" (Dulce ilusion)
. 1993 "Good Heart" (Bien corazon)
. 1993 Pasando ilegal
. 1994 Delante del altar, pero sin prometido
. 1995 "Dreams and mirrors" (Suenos y espejos)
. 1996 "Gemini" (Geminis)
. 1997 "Beautiful Maria" (Dulce Maria)
. 1998 Cambio de piel
. 1999 "Maria Emilia" (Maria Emilia, querida)
. 2000 "Wings of Love" (Amor Latino)
. 2002 Soledat (Soledat)

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TORRES Korayma (Coraima Torres), photo, biography
TORRES Korayma (Coraima Torres), photo, biography TORRES Korayma (Coraima Torres)  Actress, photo, biography
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