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Acker Guy (Guy Ecker)

( Actor)

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Biography Acker Guy (Guy Ecker)
photo Acker Guy (Guy Ecker)
Guy got his popularity after the publication of the telenovela 'Coffee with the scent of a woman', which was the most successful Brazilian television soap opera. It is this role, at the moment, was the most memorable.

. General
. Name: Guy Frederick Ecker (Guy Frederick Ecker)
. Date of Birth: February 9
. Place of birth: Sao Paulo, Brazil
. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
. Education: Mary Immaculate (Elementary School, . Brazil), . Escuela Americana (elementary school, . Mexico), . Colegio Nueva Granada (the middle classes, . Colombia), . Escola Americana (school, . Rio de Janeiro, . Brazil), . University of Texas (the direction of International Business),
. Marital status: single
. Parents: Marion and Bob Ecker
. Brother and sisters: John, Eve, Amy and Leah

. Personal preference
. Favorite Books: Love time Cholera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
. Film: "Altered States"
. Actor: Anthony Hopkins
. Actress: Syusana Sarandon ..
. not worse than Cindy Crawford!
. Music: bossa nova, jazz, salsa, pop and rock-n-roll 70-ies
. Color: Green
. Food: steak, carrots, cream, sushi, anything made with chocolate and much more
. Drink: keypirinha (Brazilian alcohol from sugarcane with linden) and passion fruit juice
. Sports: scuba diving, tennis and roller skates
. Pets: two Rottweilers - Bossa and Ksango, two parrot - Nacho and Lola, four canaries, as well as two animals Cady and Matilda
. Likes: massage, hot showers, ocean, trees and ..
. little feet
Hates: injustice, neglect and ... pluck

This gallant and courageous obaladatel irresistible smiles able to find the path to any woman's heart. Peculiar to it romantic serenades and passionate impulses he had suffered such memorable images as Sebastia from the television show "Coffee with the scent of a woman" and Demetrio of "Lies". His name - Guy Ecker, and it was obvious that he was able to win much more than one pair of hearts.

This is a wonderful combination of American cowboy and the Latin lover was born, as it is not surprising, in Brazil. He was the third of five children, Marion and Bob Ecker. Guy's father was a businessman in Wisconsin and had a great fondness for South America. His work with various multinational companies, has allowed him to live with his passion, working not only in Brazil but also in Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico. Brother Guy and his three sisters were born in South America.

Like all children, Guy took part in various games and demonstrated his talents, winning their peers. His teachers were unanimous show that even a child Guy special charisma exuded. He has always been in love with girls in her class, and these feelings were mutual!

After school, Guy went to the United States to get into college at the University of Texas at Austin. For a normal existence, at the time of study, he worked in many places - it was a dance teacher, and even trained horses at the ranch. After he left school at the ranch "Texan" and it was there he met with Nia Pipls. She was a beautiful young actress and dancer, who dreamed of glory and take part in the TV series "Fame". Of course, they fell in love and Guy immediately repulsed by her favorite guy, went with her to Hollywood. There they were married, went in 1984. Unfortunately, their alliance was short-lived - two years later the couple divorced. After divorce, Guy stayed in California, just one, but that's when he found his only passion - the stage.
. To stay afloat, Guy once again had to change a long succession of jobs - he was a seller of sports equipment, a teacher of foreign languages and of course, as befits any beginner actor, Guy was looking forward to next sample
. Once he was even selected in the low-budget movies. He was unknown, and promising young actor.

To apply for the giving of Education Guy settled in the company "Gayvota", which translated and duplicate films for entry into the Latin American market. More than a few hours was held in a recording studio to raise this young company. And it is through "Gayvotu" he made his first jump - one of the hired actors told Guy that leads to the Colombian international search actor for the role of historical characters Geo Vaughn Lengerke.
. Hearing about this role, Guy sent some samples of their work on video
. Thinking that because of this scheme will not work, he decided to go to the Bahamas to rest. However, on arrival at the hotel Guy found a message: he took samples of Lengerke role in the series "Another tiger stripe" production RCN Television.
. In fact, this role was for him a guide to the project throughout its life, which changed his destiny
. He was chosen as the lead role of Sebastian Vallejo's most successful soap opera in the history of Colombian television - "Coffee with the scent of a woman". During this episode, Guy has received three awards, including the title of "Best Actor Colombia. Guy became the favorite son of all Colombians, "Coffee ..." in fact was a very successful TV serials and broadcasted live throughout Latin America and the rest of the world. After this telenovela in the life of Guy Ecker there was an interesting case - it has detained a thief with his own hands. Once he and his friend went to the photo shop where a friend and pulled the purse. The reaction was instantaneous Guy. He ran for the thief on the street and ran after him. The thief managed to drop by the bus which was stopped by traffic lights. Guy took advantage of this gift of fate and left the bus in one hand a purse, and the other culprit, who was later given to the handling of local authorities. All the while, passersby and the surrounding cheered the actor: "Well done, Sebastian, worked well !"...

After such a sensational success Guy began to receive offers an international scale. After careful study, for his next project Ecker chose Mexico, where he graduated in November 1988. This TV production was hit Televisa, and was called "Lies" (La Mentira). His character, a vengeful Demetrio, was associated with love-hate Veronica (Kate del Castillo). Demetrio character was very different from Sebastian, and it was not surprising that Guy has successfully coped with this task, having won more than one woman's heart.
. As always, the glory of the actor is measured by the scale of rumors that go about it, and Guy Ecker has escaped this fate
. For example, was common version, that he and Mexican actress Lucia Mendez can not tolerate each other. In fact, they are only a few times greeted at the meeting, but I personally do not even know.

Well, wish success and prosperity of this actor, as well as the frequent appearance on our screens!

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  • jussara cristina andrade nunes for Acker Guy (Guy Ecker)
  • oi tudo bem? como vai o mexico?
  • angela for Acker Guy (Guy Ecker)
  • и possibile avere l'indirizzo mail di guy?
  • Silva for Acker Guy (Guy Ecker)
  • You are wonderful,best actor,so nice and lovely! Greeting from Estonia!We have now telenovela Eva Luna and I am looking all time and enjoy that! With best greetings Silva who is one year older than you,with lots of love........
  • Incognita for Acker Guy (Guy Ecker)
  • We went to high school together. He proposed (marriage) to me in writing. Probably doesn't remember! Our moms played cards (bridge) together.
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    Acker Guy (Guy Ecker), photo, biography
    Acker Guy (Guy Ecker), photo, biography Acker Guy (Guy Ecker)  Actor, photo, biography
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