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Saba Vanessa (Vanessa Saba)

( Actress)

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Biography Saba Vanessa (Vanessa Saba)
photo Saba Vanessa (Vanessa Saba)
Her black eyes were able to subdue even those who wanted to hate. Vanessa admits that she likes to play bad heroines, but it also would not mind playing a good or a comical character.

Name: Vanessa Saba Sarsar (Vanessa Saba Zarzar)
Place of Birth: Lima, Peru. Italian clinic in San Isidro
Studied: College of St. Margaret

About life ...
Evening, when you have submitted the surrounding ... extraordinary, very funny
First success ... work in a small shop, and then in advertising chewing gum
Luck caught easily ... miniseries
Peru lost ... music
Impossible Fiction ... "You do not tell anyone about this" (No se lo digas a nadie)
The disc, cutting his ear ... something from Enrique Iglesias
Book ... "4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse" (Los 4 jinetes Apocalipsis)
CD ... Buena vista social club
Film ... Dog love (Amores perros)
Hot movie ... "Recognition" (La confesion)
The question that will never answer ... "How did you start your career?"
The question never asked ... "Tell me about your best work?"
Most passionate desire ... "I do not want to die before 80 years"

In an era when producers could make any girl actress with a pretty face, Vanessa managed to avoid about yourself such absurd reasoning. Now, after the various miniseries and short roles in telenovelas, it is the main rival Angie Cepeda at "imp" and the object of desire in "The Taming of the lion" (Fiera domada). She is ready to go at their own game very well and while it totally unnecessary to use his body. Although her many fans do not know they cry because of this, or, conversely, to applaud.

Wild lioness for taming
While the character of Rebecca in "imp" was to turn it into a real bitch, her black eyes were able to subdue even those who wanted to hate. Today, this girl, who until recently played Maritza Garrido-Lecco, a ballerina and beloved Abimael Guzman in the miniseries "The arrest of the century", is considered one of the actresses with a very reliable future. Herself, she still can not believe that such a theatrical person, like Luis Peyrano said in her address many flattering words after watching "The Taming of the lioness".

"In my life there was a lot of luck," - says Vanessa, thanks for the opportunity to play in this Shakespearean play with such monsters of the theatrical stage as Norma Martinez, Aristoteles Picho Bruno gifted and Sergio Galiani. "Working with them was very important to me, - says the actress. - These are the people whom I just adore, the people from that generation of artists who are our teachers. I saw how they will sooner come to the theater, as play, as behaving with others ... I learned all this. "
. With small roles in the miniseries Polvo para tiburones and telenovelas America Produksiones "Luz Maria" (Luz Maria), . "Vicissitudes" (Cosas del amor), . actress proved, . that although it belongs to a generation of actors, . who chooses this profession not only because of the vocation or talents, . it is a pleasant exception.,
. "Many" stars "(meaning those" pretty face ", which was called to play in the telenovela in the 90's) did not show a real interest in learning outside the actor's workshop, organized by channels
. They do not realize that their time has already passed and now given way to real actors, who were preparing for this, care about their image and were able to say no to an offer that was not easy to give. "
. Young actress refers to coming especially to the proposals to play in a movie
. Not that she had doubts about the account of his appearance on the big screen, on the contrary, it is her passionate desire, but, unfortunately, you are often surrounded by situations where you feel uncomfortable.
. History Robles Godoy was good, but the script includes 20 minutes of sex and walking naked, that does not suit me, - says the actress
. - The same thing happened with another movie, which was not yet published, but withdrawn. For me outcrop - a delicate matter and I would not want to start a movie without clothes. I'm sorry, . that the scene itself was replaced by naked movie, . happened, . example, . in Seksnaze Captain Pantoja "(Pantaleon y las visitadoras, . film with Salvador del Solar, and Angie Cepeda, . is an adaptation of Mario Vargas Llosa's novel "The company's good offices"). ",
. Vanessa complains that her words do not sound properly, so she says it all in detail, proving that it is considered more sensual than sexual actress
. "Unfortunately, this has already happened in Peru, as the outcrop in the film more commercially profitable use, rather than acting game, and I for one prefer to see on the screen of the silhouettes only, and not chewed scene. I think it is more erotic. On the other hand I perfectly understand that the outcrop - this is an indispensable element of the career of every actress, but need to use this with caution: a good story and a good director. Without a doubt, I was very lucky with the environment, which has always consisted of intelligent people, at any time ready to give good advice and, thanks to whom I can talk no work which does not appeal to me. "

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  • I am an actress very much.
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    Saba Vanessa (Vanessa Saba), photo, biography
    Saba Vanessa (Vanessa Saba), photo, biography Saba Vanessa (Vanessa Saba)  Actress, photo, biography
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