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Caraballo Krisol (Crisol Carabal)

( Actress)

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Biography Caraballo Krisol (Crisol Carabal)
photo Caraballo Krisol (Crisol Carabal)
She is young, but over her shoulders for 11 years of experience in television. Movies, television shows and theater - wherever it appeared that the actress, where she had not shown his acting skills, everywhere recognize it and the audience, and criticism. She gets the nomination, the award as "Best Young Actress", "Discovery of the Year", etc.. So how did her name ... Krisol Caraballo.

. Name: Krisol Celeste
. Name: Caraballo Carica
. Nickname: Krisol Caraballo
. Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela
. Birthday: January 11
. Sign: Capricorn

. She was very young when her teenage life was over, Krisol Caraballo started her artistic journey, getting acting lessons at the countless professors and professionals, such as Amalia Perez Diaz
. Eventually she came to the channel RCTV, which was the sun shining on her house and training, as the girl has become one of the most famous young actresses channel.

And you know that Krisol Caraballo ...
... debut in the short story "Selva Maria", as graceful and accurate serves.
... also, she has work in the theater-"Romeo y Julieta" and "No te pases de la Raya".
... participated in such works as "La Raya de Cal", "Colapso", "La Decima Victima", "El Dueno", "Por Amor a Mikael", "Imaginacion Mortal" y "Acosada" (where she was leading lady ). But without a doubt, its discovery is a telenovela, a genre in which over 11 years of excellent artistic career, she has unfolded, the main roles as a performer and co-star.

After the "Selva Maria" Krisol hit the "Abigail", telenovela, where she played Charity, an inseparable companion for the antics of the main character (Catherine Fulop). Then there were other telenovela with different characters: "Alma Mia" (nun), "Amanda Sabater" (flirt) and "De Mujeres".

But she became famous thanks to roles in "Por Estas Calles" (1992-1994), where the talented atkrisa openly declared his person and identified himself among the other actors, for the good of future roles
. Combining the two works, . she entered the acting group series "Dulce Ilusion" (1993), . which gave birth to Sarite, . his mother abandoned girl, . which made life unbearable Sweet Mary (Korayma Torres) and tried all possible and impossible ways to win the love of Juan Francisco (Gabriel Fernandez),

Then, in 1994, she became famous with the role Yamira Sarmiento in "Pura Sangre", where she suffered because of the impossibility of relations between her and the priest, the son of a rival family. Here, she first played with Vicente Tepedino and between them felt incredible magnitizm, which subsequently once relied channel RCTV.

Similarly, in the middle of 1995, after long preparations and castings, she led the telenovela "Ilusiones". This primary role was the culmination of her talent and career, she built step by step. In this story, . written by actor Luis Colmenares, . she plays Marisol Palacios, . young and romantic girl with a great social situation, . life is changing incredibly, . as soon as she falls in love with Octavio Caceres (Vicente Tepedino), . Probable murderer of her brother,
. Success came soon after this telenovela Krisol become one of the best selling international stars in countries like U.S., Peru, Ecuador, Romania, France and especially Japan -. Through this work, the actress visited the U.S. together with its partner in the work of the celebration of Independence Day Mexico, and then she went to Paris in the framework of "Mundial Francia 98"

. With regard to international work, . she participated in projects feed Telemundo - in a number of programs in Spanish - very important in the United States: "Novela TV" together in Guy Ecker (Cafe con Aroma de Mujer), . Josц╘ ц│ngel Lamas (Nada personal) and her compatriot Simon Pestana (Pura Sangre and Carita Pintada),
. She also led several important programs for the "Travel Channel", which showed their ability to travel to different places Veneseuly.

Then she played in "Los Amores de Anita Peц╠a," passed in "Maria de los Angeles", as kontrfigura Alba Grisieldy Vilyafase, where he again got in a couple of Vicente Tepedino. And here it is again able to stand with his character, which has become a troubled alcoholic, for which he earned a nomination for national award "La Casa del Artista" in 1998 as best young actress. Completion of work on this telenovela, . coincided with the popularization of large telenovelas, . in which she participated "Pura Sangre" or "Ilusiones", . generally, . she received a special invitation to Cannes for the festival "Mitcom", . which was to provide products Coral Pictures,

In December, 97 have been important developments in the life Atris - she had surgery, removing the tumor in the brain and, fortunately, her recovery was rapid and complete (a miracle). The incident helped her grow not only as individuals but as an actress. After several months of rest there was her return to television screens in "Aunque me Cueste la Vida", where she participated as a special guest star. The actress co-starred in the first series, here she played the gypsy, which came the vision of the impossibility of love the main characters.

Then she gets in the telenovela "Luisa Fernanda", where it plays Miriam Linares, a modest young girl, embarrassed by his economic situation, who is studying for a lawyer and loves Miguel Enrique (Ricardo Alamo).

Then Krisol again become one of the performers in the lead role in the successful television series "Maria", written by Julio Cц╘sar Marmol. Here, the actress is already the fourth time, got a couple of Vicente Tepedino, who played Mallakiasa Navarrete. Her character's name was Amada Galvez Eskorza is a young and beautiful girl, . sister of the hero (Carlos Mantilla) and the closest friend of the protagonist (Daniel Alvarado), . which the accident happens, . then she sits in a wheelchair,

As you can see, career Krisol takes place in an atmosphere of skill and professionalism of which have turned this woman into one of the most beautiful, talented and beloved actresses of the new generation in the channel RCTV, which has excellent human qualities.

And a little more about Krisol ...
Her platonic love-... Bruce Willis.
She likes the music ... Roberto Carlos.
Believes in ... love and truth.
On weekends she likes ... dance and dance.
Struggles and helps ... children from the street.
Her lack of ... many purchases while traveling.
Name - Krisol - means ... change.

Recognized work ...
. As it usually happens with talented actors, Krisol Caraballo was nominated and received various awards:
. б╥ Award "Pantalla de Oro", as "Young Actress of the Year" for "Luisa Fernanda" (1999)
. б╥ Prize "2 de Oro", as "Actress" for "Luisa Fernanda" (1999)
б╥ Nominated for "Premio Nacional del Artista", in the category "Young atkrisa year" for "Maria de los Angeles" (1998).
б╥ Nominated for "Premio Nacional del Artista", in the category "Young Actress of the Year" for "Ilusiones" (1996)
б╥ Award "Pantalla de Oro", as "Young Actress of the Year" for "Ilusiones" (1996).
б╥ Nominated for "Meridiano de Oro", in the category "Young Actress of the Year" for "Pura Sangre" (1995).
б╥ Award "Condor de Oro", as "Breakthrough of the Year" for "Por Estas Calles" (1993).
б╥ Nominated for "Meridiano de Oro", in the category "Young Actress of the Year" for "Por Estas Calles" (1993).

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Caraballo Krisol (Crisol Carabal), photo, biography
Caraballo Krisol (Crisol Carabal), photo, biography Caraballo Krisol (Crisol Carabal)  Actress, photo, biography
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