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ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo)

( Actor)

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Biography ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo)
photo ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo)
Since 2000, this vysokogo handsome, call no more, no less, as "most desirable man of Venezuela". A huge number of women going down on him mind, love it, want it, they slow chilly shiver at the mere appearance of an actor only.

. Name: Nelson Ricardo
. Name: Alamo Flores
. Name: Ricardo Alamo
. Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela
. Birthday: December 10
. Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

. Ricardo Alamo - a young actor, the fame which is becoming more and more, after his recent appearances on the channel RCTV, which he demonstrates his talent and character.

. Did you know that Ricardo Alamo ..
- A growth of 185 cm and weight - 80 kg.
- Electronics specialist.
- Debuted at RCTV in the telenovela "Maria de Los Angeles".
- Well, he - a theater actor, who took part in the formulation of "De Secretos y Cornudos", which put the theater group "Los Doce".
- Fanatic vests in the style of 50-s.
- Admired as an actor, Tomas Henriquez, Daniel Alvarado and Juan Carlos Simancas.
- Adores his two daughters.
- Wants to learn and to appear in Los Angeles and Spain.

His teachers ...

Rogelio Aponte was his first teacher of acting, and thereafter he was engaged to actress Elba Escobar and Professor Miguel Lucero, who, also, he took singing lessons.

Recent advances ...

He began his career in the channel independent producer channel Marte TV, but the biggest success came to him in the programs RCTV.

At Marte TV actor starred in such series as "La Loba Herida", "Sirena" and "Cruz de Nadie". With his character Rogelio Vargas in "Maria de los Angeles" (1997), his name became known around the world. In this novel, he played Rosalind brother Basant (Flor Nunez), a young boy, who had long been tossed between the feelings of Orchid Cordoba Escalante (Alba Rovers) and Radamas Basante (Franklin Varges). From this telenovela, he made the experience necessary for him to play with the first actress Flor Nunez.

Then he went into the selection of TV series "Nina Mimada" (1998), where he played mechanic Jose "Cheo" Mogolyana (brother of the protagonist), the character, through which rose the star actor and he gained popularity with the public
. After participating in "Nina Mimada", . in the same year, . he becomes a special guest-star series "Queen of Hearts", . where Ricardo gave birth to Juan Paulo, . Gigolo and playboy, . who spent all his time playing cards and getting into different adventures,
. Then he enters into an agreement on the location in the program, telling about wild animals, marching on RCTV. And then he took another step up the career ladder, . step in the episode, "Luisa Fernanda", . which appeared before us in the role of Miguel Enrique (counter-figure of the protagonist) - irresponsible law student, . Rich soccer, . capable of bringing harm to others just because of, . that he wanted to have fun and that, . eventually, . falls into the trap of love for the modest and not very attractive Miriam Linares (Krisol Caraballo),
. This role helped the actor to demonstrate his nedyuzhy talent and become a viable candidate for future leading roles in serials channel RCTV.

And then there was ...

After a severe selection, Ricardo Alamo has a major role in the telenovela "My three sisters" - the history, written by Perla Farias, - where his co-worker became Scarlet Ortiz. This time he plays Santiago Ortega Dц-az, an engineer with an excellent financial position, caught a fortune by the tail only through education and hard work. He looks calm and level-headed guy, but in fact he has an explosive character. Santiago was able to dive into the real world only knowing the true love and realizing that he was happy he could be just next to his beloved.

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  • Yulik for ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo)
  • I Love you! :)
  • Lida for ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo)
  • natasha197726 for ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo)
  • natasha197726 for ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo)
  • natasha197726 for ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo)
  • Happy Birthday Ricardo!
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    ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo), photo, biography
    ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo), photo, biography ALAM, Ricardo (Ricardo Alamo)  Actor, photo, biography
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