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BURKL Yul (Yul Burkle)

( Actor)

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Biography BURKL Yul (Yul Burkle)
photo BURKL Yul (Yul Burkle)
Model, actor, singer and theater star, as well as young, sexy, attractive, handsome, athletic and having ... You can not stop to enumerate the merits of the charming young man, one of the most desirable men of Venezuela, whose name is Yul Burkl.

. Name: Yul Hensel
. Name: Burkl Solorzano
. Nickname: Yul Burkl
. Birthplace: Caracas, Venezuela
. Birthday: September 30
. Zodiac Sign: Libra

. Before abruptly change his life, Yul Burkl a law student at the University of Santa Maria
. But then he took acting classes at Centro Latinoamericano de Creacion e Investigacion, together with the theater troupe "La Vacante". Then there were the actors' workshop, where he studied with the actors Gladys Caceres and Miguel Lucero with Marte TV, as well as veterans such as Javier Vidal, Elba Escobar, Juan Carlos Garde.

. Model and actor
. Eul began his artistic career as a fashion business - he appeared to advertise jeans "Livi's" and points "Bolle"
. Then, overcoming obstacles, he moved to television in the telenovela "La Llaman Mariamor", marching along the Marte TV and played there Willi. In 1998, he received important for his role in the TV series "Destino de Mujer", where Yul plays Arnaldo Mendoza and his co-worker becomes Sonya Smith. A little while for it opens the door channel RCTV, which gives him a role in the story Gustavo Kazan's "Luisa Fernanda".

Theaters ...

In addition, he has not bypassed theaters. 'Hay un ladron en mi casa' and 'No solo de perolitas vive el hombre' - theatrical work in which he played the leading roles with the actors, known throughout the country.

. Year awards
. 2000 opened the door for him to receive nominations and awards
. In that year he received three awards:
. бT "Gran Aguila de Venezuela", as "Breakthrough of the Year.
. бT "Mara de Oro", as "a young actor of the year".
. бT "2 de Oro", as "Breakthrough of the Year.

. CD Release
. Also, Yul Burkl wants to enter the world of music
. Now he is taking voice lessons and diction at the Venezuelan Professor Felix Formentala to release a disc of pop ballads. "Si no estas conmigo" and "Una Balada de Amor" - the name of the first songs which work is under the strict guidance Alejandro Salas.

. Call:
. Currently Yul Burkl is part of the actors, . working on "my three to sit down", . RCTV television series, . where he spins the story Anibal - libertine and know-all, . unconscious guy, . Athlete, . has decided to collect sports titles and beautiful women,
. Yul plays a character who is very different from those whom he had played before, and who became his calling.

. Frankly itself
. Platonic love: no.
. Its main feature and the main defect: sincerity.
. The greatest joy: the family.
. 100% believe in: God.
. Weakness: loneliness, which he fears and who does not want to meet.
. The first thing that draws attention when he sees a woman: her eyes.
. Ideal woman: must take it for what it is and bring in his life something good.
. The most sensitive part of the body: neck.
. The most favorite people: my mom and dad.
. Favorite actor: Al Pacino.
. What I like to do in your spare time: go to the gym and study music.
. Desire: he wants to grow as an actor until it receives international acclaim.
. Music: rock and ballads.
. Drugs: 100% against them and considers them to use an act of masochism and self-destruction.
. Food: prefers pasta.
. Sex: just like it.
. Hollywood: the dream that he seeks to implement.

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BURKL Yul (Yul Burkle), photo, biography
BURKL Yul (Yul Burkle), photo, biography BURKL Yul (Yul Burkle)  Actor, photo, biography
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