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KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)

( Actress)

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Biography KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
photo KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
The first time she married Henry Zakk, but within a year of his jealousy has destroyed their marriage. The name of her second husband - Marcelo Pelegri. They have a young son - Jean Franco, whose appearance in the world brought a lot of parents happy.

. The actress claims that he never resorted to plastic surgery, but it is not easy to exclude the operation in the future, if need be.

. For four months, both ended its work on the new telenovela "Vidas prestadas"
. Since then Grecia Colmenares lives in Miami, enjoying well-deserved vacations in the family. She admits that happy and assures us that once again wants to return to work. She was just tireless.

- For Grecia Colmenares work - this is one of great pleasure?
- Yes. I like to relax, like all, but also I like to work on telenovelas. I really love my job. Now I'm preparing for new projects. I have the opportunity to work in Miami, as well as in Mexico. On the other hand, I use these holidays in order to improve my English and Italian.

- If you were offered to choose your future partner in the series, who would it be?
- Juan Soler. I saw him in several telenovelas, he plays very well.

- You do not plan to work in Venezuela, your native country?
- Course. The only reason this does not happen - we can not reach agreement. Also I would like to work in Spain and Italy. This preference, I pay because these countries are twins.

- Unlock the secret to us - your beauty, this is the product or plastic surgery?
- I never had the need to do surgery. Although, when I'm banging 50 I made myself a little polishing, but it will be something very easy. I am not a supporter of radical change of image.

- Marcelo and you have a very strong marriage.
- We are very happy together and are united. I do not deny that we have our differences, but we always allow them. Media have always respected. I think sometimes the actors themselves to blame, that the press invades their privacy. If you really want this, the press will respect your intimate life.

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  • froggy for KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
  • Very funny, about her first braka.Henry Zakka was born July 21, 1964, Grecia married him when she was 16, t.e.v 1978. Consequently, he was 14?? On time, on manners!
  • donut-2 for KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
  • in any new movies removed Grecia kolemenares? Where was the last 5 years?
  • Olya, fox for KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
  • I have suggested that GRESSY eye albilizm eyes a strange color, I would say that they are red-brown, tyue if I'm right then GRESSY albino, and that-be is less often wears brown lenses but there is a rare photo where the eyes can see it with Krasnov
  • vit for KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
  • I would like to know everything about this series: who painted a portrait of Isabel, and can I meet? This picture?
  • Anonymous for KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
  • Michael K for KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
  • Gressiya Kolminares-most beautiful woman in the world!
  • Ivan for KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
  • I love you, you prekrsney all n light!
  • Anna for KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
  • Oh, I agree that Grecia - the most beautiful zhenzschina, in love with her long ...
  • Dario J. Lozada R. for KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)
  • Grecia recuerdo cuando hiciste la novela Topacio, yo t amaba para mi eras la niña mas linda del mundo y x circunstancias d la vida después tuve a 1 hija y cuando la mamá m pregunto q cual nombre quería ponerle le dije: Grecia, actualmente tiene 15 años y estoy feliz d verte otra vez eres uno d mis más lindos recuerdos
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    KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares), photo, biography
    KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares), photo, biography KOLMENARES Grecia (Grecia Colmenares)  Actress, photo, biography
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