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LISAZO Saul (Saul Lisazo)

( Actor)

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Biography LISAZO Saul (Saul Lisazo)
photo LISAZO Saul (Saul Lisazo)
As always, Saul did not know what will become an actor. From childhood he was very fond of football and thus a good promotion for him for good behavior was allowed to play football. In dramatic impact Saul fell through modeling business.

. Name: Saul Gustavo Lisazo Oskoidi (Saul Gustavo Lisazo Ozcoidi)
. Date of Birth: June 1, 1956
. Wife: Monica Viedma
. Daughter: Paula

. The son of Argentine parents, Saul was born in Los Toldase, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
. He had five brothers and sisters - Fernanda, Araceli, Alejandro, Mauricio and Vanina. His father, Jose Saul, was the landowner in Los Toldose. He died when Saul was 18 years old. Saul said that it was the most emotional moment of his life. From his father he inherited a sense of urgency in the work. His brothers still contain their property in Los Toldose. His mother - Araceli Oskoidi, 75 years - teacher, retired.

Although Saulito and was restless child, like all other children, yet he was very disciplined in their studies and a great helper around the house. "I liked to help his mother with household chores and give the car to my younger brother. If I was good, then my reward was permission to go play football. "

Everything pointed to the fact that football would be his fate, or, as he himself says, his "biggest passion". His dream has turned into a reality and Saul Gustavo played professional football for 10 years. One of his first professional team was Sarmiento. Of course, his game he started in Argentina. He played for Atlanta and Sarmiento in Argentina, and Matina for Beveren in Belgium, for Juventus in Brazil and Portugal. The end result, his age has been an obstacle in advancing his career and Lisazo had to leave professional football. He went to Barcelona to try to play for other teams. In 1983, due to injury, he decided to try his luck in modeling.

In September 1983, Lisazo accompanied by his girlfriend, Spanish model, in an interview on. When they arrived at the scene, the woman who enters into contract with the models very carefully looked at him. "She asked me whether I was interested in modeling business, and then asked a couple of my photo". The rest - history. Lisazo signed my first modeling contract and went to Madrid, where he worked in the agency Maroe for five years. In 1988 he began to study in studio art drammaticheskogo. During the 2.5 years he was paired with Argentine actress Christine Rotta, takes part in the speeches of prestigious art studios drammaticheskogo. In 1989, he was withdrawn in the movie "Return to Treasure Island" (El regreso a la isla del tesoro).

Ten years later, Saul returned to Mexico. He was chosen for filming in advertising rum "Bacardi", which was the starting point to increase its popularity. Next Lisazo starts working in experimental theater, were among many such productions as La Fierecilla Domada and El Tartufo. He worked very diligently in order to improve their acting skills. To get rid of his argentisko-Spanish accent Saul held diction lessons from his teacher Eduardo Torre Laphama.

In 1990, Saul was withdrawn in his first telenovela "Draw Love" paired with Lusiey Mendes, who chose him as the husband in this novel and fame not long in coming. The most famous of his works: theatrical production "Time Champions", the telenovela: "Acapulco, body and soul," "golden handcuffs", "I live for the sake of Elena," "For the sake of your love", and the latest telenovela "The right of birth.
. Lisazo not forgotten his old passion - football
. He organized a team of "Kairo" among the actors and singers. Among the many it is composed - Sergio Goyri, Raul Arajs, Hugo Acosta.

He remained in Madrid, where he left his mark. During 8 years of Saul is married to Monica. They met in Spain, discos in Madrid, then moved to Mexico. Monica Viedma former model, was born in Madrid. She is 9 years younger than Saul and worked as a designer. After 7 years of marriage (the wedding was held in Spain in 1993), they continue to communicate as during the honeymoon, and are almost the only pair in artistic circles, which had never been involved in scandals. "I believe in loyalty and love Monica. This is the secret of our successful marriage. We both understand that our personal life should not be imposed on public discussion, perhaps this is the second reason for which we have never had any other problems. "
. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that much joy he brought not the success of the last of the telenovela, and the birth of her daughter Paula, who was born June 4, 1999
. In addition, a year ago, he decided to invest their profits in a restaurant and 4 March 1999, together with its partners, he opened the luxurious Piantao, located in the exclusive commercial center in southern Mexico. His sister, Araceli helps busy actor to take care of this creation.

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    LISAZO Saul (Saul Lisazo), photo, biography
    LISAZO Saul (Saul Lisazo), photo, biography LISAZO Saul (Saul Lisazo)  Actor, photo, biography
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