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NEYRA Hianella (Gianella Neyra)

( Actress)

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Biography NEYRA Hianella (Gianella Neyra)
photo NEYRA Hianella (Gianella Neyra)
Throughout the world, it became known after roles in naipopulyarneyshem Peruvian series 'Sunflowers for Lucia' (Girasoles para Lucia), our familiarity with this aktrisoy held in the telenovela 'Iago - a dark passion' (Yago, pasion morena).

. Our new star was used to answer a great many different issues, because the actor has to do it very often
. Always smiling and joking, Hianella agreed to answer our little test.

1. Full name?
Hianella Neira Maghakia.
2. Age?
3. Nickname or your most popular middle name?
4. A question or an exclamation mark?
Sign ... exclamation.
5. Vzbalomoshnaya or soft?
6. How did your career?
I was ... 17. About a year, . I half pobyla model, . then led a music program on TV and now, . Finally, . once went to one casting "young talent", . which carried film company Iguana Producciones, . took it and began to appear in "malice" (Malicia),
. Telenovela "malice".
7. What a good picture of you watched recently?
"Dog Love" (Amores perros).
8. And what film do you like in general?
"Beauty and the Beast, Disney (laughs) ... Dangerous Liaisons with Glenn Close and John Malkovich.
9. You somehow identifitsiruesh themselves with this film?
No. ... I like the era, but I do not identify themselves with any type of "Liaisons Dangereuses.
11. The song, which you now a few days you can not throw out of your head?
"Nothing compares to you" Sinead O'Connor.
12. You might have to shave my head bald?
No, no, no, no, no. Well, if only for the sake of some interesting characters.
13. Positive heroine or villain?
Heroines ... No. Not know. Mixture and the one and the other. Yes. The heroine, in which there is a bit of a villain.
14. Hobbies?
Read and dance.
15. To dance or sing?
Dancing. I think that dance. Even in public. I sing only in the soul, no more.
16. Naked in front of the camera?
Yes, if the character is worth it.
17. Beer or something stronger in?
Not drink.
18. How far would you go on your first date?
Near. I'm still a little nun. I like to talk, so I always spend time talking. Sorry.
19. Or fair-haired little dark?
Whether. He must have beautiful eyes, a look that would tell me more of those words that he utters aloud.
20. What else, what are you proud of?
My friends, family, work.
21. Up or down?
(Laughs) Look up!
22. Where have you met in 2000?
In Puente Sal.
23. You kiss or kiss you?
I kiss and kiss me. All depends on the situation, no?
24. Favorite places where you go out?
Cafe - beautiful, quiet. Open tables.
25. "Lark" or "owl"?
Sova. It is very difficult to get up in the morning!
26. Pantyhose or stockings?
Neither one nor the other. I do not like.
27. Even in winter?
No. Although, if it becomes too cold ... stockings.
28. Platonic love?
Mel Gibson. No. Beast of "Beauty and the Beast! When he was in the end turns into a prince, class!
29. Do you believe in it: "a man between ugliness and beauty?
No, no, no. No, it should be attractive ... Or seem to me something attractive. Yes, even if the other he will not appear as such, but for me ... in general, everyone has something that has.
30. Your favorite character, whom you played?
Lucia of "Sunflowers for Lucia" (Girasoles para Lucia).
31. The final phrase, which would you like to be remembered?
Never recognized in the towel. Your restrict the stretch to go to where you give birth to your dreams.

1982 - 1993 Elementary and Secondary School "Sagrado corezones BELEN";
1993 - 1994 Courses models in "Frieda Holler Institute";
1998 theater courses at the Lee Strasberg Institute, New York.

Telenovelas (small roles):
1998 "Scandal" (Escandolo);
1999 "Lovers of the full moon" (Fmantes de la luna llena);
2000 "Good Neighbors" (Buenos vecinos)

. Telenovelas (main role):
. 1995 "malice" (Malicia) with Christian Meyer;
. 1996 "Possession" (Obsesion);
. 1997 "Twister" (Torbellino);
. 1999 "Sunflowers for Lucia" (Girasoles para Lucia) from Jorge Aravena and Pablo Martin;
. 2000 "Maria Rosa, find me a wife" (Maria Rosa, buscame una esposa) with a CцLzanne Marcelo;
. 2001 "Iago - a dark passion" (Yago, pasion morena) with Facundo Arana

1998 "Courage" (Coraje);
1999 "M Town" (Ciudad M).

Theater work:
1996 "The division" (El reparto);
1997 "The Toy" (Un jugete);
1997 "The Cherry Orchard, Chekhov (The cherry orchard).

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    NEYRA Hianella (Gianella Neyra), photo, biography
    NEYRA Hianella (Gianella Neyra), photo, biography NEYRA Hianella (Gianella Neyra)  Actress, photo, biography
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