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Fulop Catherine (Catherine Fulop)

( Actress)

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Biography Fulop Catherine (Catherine Fulop)
photo Fulop Catherine (Catherine Fulop)
She proudly wears the title of one of the most seksualnyh women in Latin America - a fact Kati commented simply: "I am a woman!". She likes to catch the eyes of men, like when they say Compliments.

. Catherine Fulop says that her husband Osvaldo Sabatini did not like that she will skip the striptease in "Strange couple of" setting, which she does with Patricia Palmer.

. Rejoicing that now her life is excellent, Venezuelan actress talks about the stage of his life, which she passed since then, as she managed to save his marriage

In his 36 years, Catherine is known as a real fighter, convinced the end result of the goals it has set for himself, confident in the decisions made in the present. Venezuelan beauty is recognized, . that the last year of her life was not easy, . because she has seen many changes, . that she had to take, . despite the peaceful existence for more than 6 years, . since, . when she decided to formalize the marriage with Osvaldo Sabatini,

"I am myself to blame, since entering the world, full of amenities, becoming the" former "actress, I had become only the mother. Six years I have lived together and ova, I was literally paralyzed, and he liked to live with a woman who was only the lady, mother and mistress of the house. I am not aware that even as a mother, I can be sexy. When I wanted to bring back this feeling, . because no more could be 24 hours a day, her mother and was simply breath, . Peninsula opposed, . as used, . that for nearly six and a half years I sat at home, . calm, . beautiful, . but not very tempting,
. I felt paralyzed, as if was no longer attractive. I have not had sexual woman, . I was far away from my family and my country, . had to settle in Argentina, . had to think about a foreign country, . how about my own, . in which my children grow, . having another surname, . already was not my, . I have not seen my mother and sisters, . Bud did not know whether em my profession to have success here, . I could not lose 4 kilos, . which gained after the birth of girls: the whole swarm of thoughts was rummaging in my head, and between all these events took place six years,
. I was paralyzed, would go back to his former life, but I just do not know what to do, had no notion where to start. It was then that I fell into a group of mothers who have young children, and it was perfect, as we talked and discussed our problems and it helps a lot, but at the same time, it was not enough. Also, I did yoga, had contact with the people who gave me strength, changed my negative energy to positive, which in the end, gave me back my desires and aspirations. And then I felt like a "push" and said to herself: "Once again I'm going to learn theater skills". We did this. Almost a half years to school Julio Chavez. It was my therapy "- admits Cathy.

Today, Katherine, like nobody else, knows that change is not so easy and that, almost always, they bring with them the pain. But besides her recuperation, the actress returned to self-esteem and courage.

"I lost the attitude of everything that has all the sexy women. Now I remember that once my barber asked me: "Do you realize that you - one of the most desirable women in this country?", And I do not understand. Now, thank God, I know it and can it maintain and not something that I always wanted to be on top of, or be most desirable for all men in the world, but if it keeps my level as an actress, why not?. But still I would like, . to my name to appear in films or serials, . because I'm playing well, . and not only because, . I had a great figure, . because sometimes a perfect body and face - this is the only, . that is, an actress "- argues blonde with a beautiful and contagious smile.,

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Fulop Catherine (Catherine Fulop), photo, biography
Fulop Catherine (Catherine Fulop), photo, biography Fulop Catherine (Catherine Fulop)  Actress, photo, biography
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