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Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty)

( Actress)

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Biography Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty)
photo Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty)
Rates sovermennogo dance, . Theater, . then shooting commercials, . Catholic University Andrц?s Bello at the rate of 'public relations', . Career model, . journalist, . actress telenovelas, travel to different countries c tours in support of their serials ..,
. and all this woman.

. General
. Full Name: Rosalinda Serfaty Rosenstock
. Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
. Date of Birth: April 24
. Children: Two
. Marital status: divorced, but ready to give a chance for new love
. What qualities should be chosen?: "It must seem sweet, sweet, spoiled, and most importantly - it must be like a lot of talking to me
. I do not need a father, I need a man, a friend who would support me with its tenderness, affection, a kiss ... "
. Defines himself as: a person's home
. Personal qualities: Rosalinda very sensitive and compassionate man
. Defect: stubbornness and impulsiveness
. Reading: poetry, as an actress - a very romantic nature
. Favorite writer: Jorge Luis Borges
. Cherished desire: to act in films
. Sports: walking to the gym, but not because she is really like, and how to keep themselves in shape

. Several confessions

. How do you feel on the channel RCTV: "Just like home, all the people here are warm and sociable"
. You prefer to play good or bad girl? ":" I like those and other, . but, . actually, . I like to play psychological characters, . with nature, . as, . example, . Nicole Kidman in "other", . There she - a woman manyachka, . neurotic, . little crazy, . Finally,,

. Partner with whom you work very well and with whom would like to work: "I like working with Jean Carlos Simancas and I would like to work with Carlos Cruz
. Now I like to play with Mariano Alvarez and Ivan Tamayo "
. The biggest reward, as an actress: "what I'm studying, I play new characters, working with my partners, is already a great reward"

. The projects objective: "to work in the cinema; as I would like to play in a Brazilian telenovela, and to voice a cartoon"

. Rosalinda Serfaty says ..

"I started my career at the age of 17. It all started in college when I was 15 and when my friend offered to enroll contemporary dance in Central Park in the School of Contemporary Dance in Caracas. Once I walked in the aforementioned park and a lady, wardrobe in the theater, came over to me and said: "Listen, you - blonde with green eyes, you have to go on trial for a child of theatrical productions in the Theater Las Palmas ... they just looking for the girl on the role of Sleeping Beauty. I told her that he would definitely come. That is what I did: there, except me, it was still 200 girls competing for this role, but picked me.

From this point, I entered the theater cast Lili Alvarez Sierra, where the director was Cesar Sierra. With them, I made countless children's productions. Here I was 10-year-old fan and this is where I was born, as an actress.

After the premiere of "Sleeping Beauty" I was approached by an advertising director of one of television channels and offered to play in a soap advertisement. I agreed and from that moment to withdraw the proposal in advertising showered upon me, as if from a cornucopia. At the same time, I began to walk on the course "Public Relations" at the Catholic University Andrц?s Bello, and at the same time I started my modeling career, giving the opportunity to enhance my financial situation.

At the same time I was a seller at the clothing factory, owned by my father. Although the family did not believe that I can achieve something on television, I gathered up our bags and left.

In the meantime, I have already finished the course at the university, worked as a writer of texts for leading the channel to CNN and incidentally went to listen. So went another two years and I managed to take part in several auditions for telenovelas. The problem is that I would not be behind the camera and in front of her ... One day, I was offered a role in one of the stories and then in front of me was the dilemma, because this time I worked in the press on the same channel. I decided to talk to the boss, who saw in this situation, no problem and allowed me to work a journalist in the morning and evening to appear in the telenovela.

For a while I worked on two fronts, but then the channel ultimately offer me a contract actress and then I left journalism and devoted himself entirely to the game. For my first experience in the telenovela, which spread to its 30 series, I was invited to become the main protagonist of another series. I am fortunate to live in an era when Venezuelan series known and loved around the world, and I traveled to different countries in support of telenovelas. Also, I had the opportunity to work in Peru, where I appeared on the series "Luz Maria".

After I returned to Venezuela and RCTV channel offered me the role of Camila Olivares in the telenovela "Girl of my eyes" (La nina de mis ojos). And now here I am, completely dedicated to your character. "

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  • Isamar for Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty)
  • Who knows more about the life of this actress, write! who have yilmy with it, too, write! I have a "Revenge" (1989) on VHS
  • Elcin for Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty)
  • Doroqaya Isamar ne smotrya sto ya smotrel etot serial 17 let nazad no do six por ne moqu zabit tvoi vzqlyadi tvyui ulibku slyozi ne kak ne moqu zabit ti suwestvovala vsyo eto vremya v moyom srdse ne odin miq ne otsutstvovala do six por i ne budew poka ya jiv ti moy ideal iedinstvennaya jenwina kotoriy ne s kem nevzya sravnit ya tebe ne zabudu poka jiv.,
  • Ruslan for Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty)
  • Rosalinda Serfaty-super!
  • poklonnica for Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty)
  • ocen krasivaya i obayatelnaya aktrisa.Serial "Revans" c bolsim smislom i akteri toje klassnie.Spasibo im bolsoe!
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    Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty), photo, biography
    Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty), photo, biography Rosalinda Serfaty (Rosalinda Serfaty)  Actress, photo, biography
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