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RUGGIE Florencia (Florensia Raggi)

( Actress)

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Biography RUGGIE Florencia (Florensia Raggi)
photo RUGGIE Florencia (Florensia Raggi)
Actress and model (1.78, 89-62-90), Florencia Ruggie is already an experienced mom. As a real woman is not frightened Florencia extra killogrammov inevitable during pregnancy and was happy to enjoy this state.

'My second child is a boy and he will call Francisco'

In March of the coming year will Florencia Ruggie mom for the second time. Being the sixth month of pregnancy, asktrisa live all the time, experiencing great joy. Nicolas Repetto, her husband, will be present at birth.

Already experiencing their second pregnancy, Florencia calm as ever. Not even a hint of anxiety, which she had when waiting for the birth of Renata (2): "With her I was super-attentive, as soon as some new sensation and it does not matter whether it was inside or outside. It stuck so deep in my mind that the only thing what I could think and feel that - it is her pregnancy. Today, as it is for me nothing new, I know that if I live in the same spirit as last time, the anxiety at the end I was completely taken over and become simply awful. I feel satisfaction, expecting their second child, but I did not panic, as soon as the alarm is again at me. I like what is happening to me. This pregnancy is greater than the reality. When Renata was born, everything was in the clouds, and now, no, now I stand firmly on their feet, "- says Florencia Ruggie (28). Actress and Nicolas Repetto (43) will become parents for the second time in mid-March next year. "We already know that this will be a boy and what we will call him Francisco. It will be a welcome baby. Waiting makes us happy. We had a lot of desires, when Renata was born. Now she's two and a half years "- is responsible Flor.

- How did you know that she is pregnant?
- Make a home test to determine pregnancy. I'm already pregnant, so I have experience with Renata. I had a swollen abdomen, terrible headache, and once I decided to swim and I started vomiting, so I myself and said: "Who knows, maybe you ...". That's all.

- But now you okay?
- I have no complications, such as were with Renata. I have no dizziness, no nausea. Sometimes a head ache a little, but my situation is normal, I think that it happens to all mothers. In the first months of pregnancy I've dreamed of, I had a lot of energy, but as soon as the age of three months - it all ended.

- No, I do not have whims. Many women during pregnancy, love to eat, especially fruits. What I was really surprised because this is, for example, I really wanted to eat oranges and other fruit I was not attracted. But the vagaries ... No, they were not.

- You've put on weight much?
- Yes, there. I am the same as it was with Renata. With it, I added 13 pounds and I think that Francisco will be the same, plus or minus a few grams.

- What can you say about food?
- Well, I try not to have far too much, because I do not want to gain 20 pounds, because I know that then I would be very difficult for them to reset. But I do not sit without food, diet.

- Nicholas helps you in that life, where you now live?
- Oh, yes. Try to always be present during my visits to the doctor or ekografii. If anyone of us can not, we'll do it later, but together. I hope he will be present at birth, as it was with Renata.

- Francisco bring into your life any changes or everything will be as it was with your first daughter?
- Will never be the same. Renata was born, when I knew no motherhood, I was just an independent woman who had to learn a lot of things that I know now. Francisco was born in another time, I have another woman, I - mother. Those things that bring profits when checking them Renate, I'm going to apply to my son. For example, I know how to make the child slept well, as Renata, who slept 14 hours a day alone and not wake up. Although I do this and do not aspire to, but with Francisco I will be more relaxed than with Renata, because now I know how to change diapers. But in general ... Renata is a lot of crying and I thought that gave birth to a real cry-baby, but gradually I realized that she was crying because I am as hungry as I had very little milk. Now I know that if the baby cries and cries, it's from hunger. The main difference between my children lies in the fact that Francisco was born in an organized family. Renata, unfortunately, was born in the family, which had to learn not to somebody something, and its own mistakes.

- You feel the same sex, as always?
- Having a stomach, I do not feel the same sexual. While a transformation of my body, I feel the future mother, and not sexual woman. In my pregnancies, there is one common denominator - that is, it's just fantastic, so beautiful, we just glows with happiness. It seems to me - it paints a woman. Having stomach - it's not nice, nice to have a perfect body.

- Do you have a desire to further increase their family?
- Do not know. I try in my life to go young shazhochkami. I do not reject this idea, but I do not think about that right now.

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RUGGIE Florencia (Florensia Raggi), photo, biography
RUGGIE Florencia (Florensia Raggi), photo, biography RUGGIE Florencia (Florensia Raggi)  Actress, photo, biography
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