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PAOLA Lorena (Lorena Paola)

( Actress)

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Biography PAOLA Lorena (Lorena Paola)
photo PAOLA Lorena (Lorena Paola)
Actress and TV presenter. Lorena Paola - a pretty woman, for whose appearance hides an impenetrable heart. Russia's television viewers, she is known as Teresita - Maid of the series "Rich and Famous".

Being married to a journalist Pablo Fernandez about three years, Lorena Paola said "ciao" to his marriage. The reason for this was the irrepressible jealousy of her husband.

Wonder-girl managed to win the audience (in the early 80's) pout and thus she gave birth to a woman with passion and perseverance. Six years ago, Lorena Paola admitted: "For my sentimental and good looks lies a woman whose heart impenetrable. Before it is very difficult to get. Without a doubt, one day I met the man of my life. But to become them, he would give me the freedom not to be jealous and be very merry. I do not want to strangle me ". With the soul of all of these conditions, in 1998, she married Pablo Fernandez (37), and a year later they had a son, Lucas (2). Within a few months honey dissolves and the first rumors began to circulate about the crisis in which the couple. Although they strenuously denied the actress, her family commented on the situation: "Lorena strangled his jealousy. She has always been independent and although Pablo knows that its activity - it is something like a disease, there is nothing in their relationship does not improve. They will be hard to endure all this ". This statement has become a present prediction of last week, when the actress said: "I provided the game. Today marriages do not last more than two years. When I was pregnant, we Pablo participated in the program where there were more couples who became parents for the first time. Of all these marriages, we have held out longer than all. We had a very good ending, with mutual respect. There were no scandals, no struggle, no flying sparks in all directions. We had a lot of differences. A lot of what comes my bad, I asked Pablo time and he gave it to me. Regarding financial matters, we decided it the same peacefully. This is not correct, when one of the two must go back to the house parents. "

Lorena Paola does not seem broken or crushed. The only thing - it looks even more closed than usual. She concludes: "I think about time as a very good medicine. What today seems terrible, tomorrow will lose its fateful property. I feel good, until my soul is in harmony, but when I start to choke, then I can not get along with anybody, whether it be my husband, parents or friends. Now I need to calm. When all this started, I took the first step ... Fortunately we were talking very quietly. Y Pablo heart of gold. He is a wonderful father. Like all men, he must work on his composure and every day he did it all get better and better. He always asks: "I am a good father?". I am calm, as Lucas sees that all his family well and that he was surrounded by love. The teacher in the garden told me that he was a wonderful child. He is my best companion. Like me he likes car rides, no definite course, with the included music, and he loves the camera. I think he will go on my feet. Personally, I would have preferred that he chose another profession, but if he is happy here, too, as I was, I would support him "- says the actress. Although recent Lorena works at one of the leading channels, today she decided to return to the place where everything for her and began. "I have a few suggestions, but most of all I enjoy the idea to do something for the children. Last year I talked with Rich Reina (42) and I think that we could make a great duo. She, as a producer, and I in front of camera. We have the desire, energy and talent to make a fine product "- in the end she says.

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PAOLA Lorena (Lorena Paola), photo, biography
PAOLA Lorena (Lorena Paola), photo, biography PAOLA Lorena (Lorena Paola)  Actress, photo, biography
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