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MANTEROLA Patricia (Patricia Manterola)

( Actress)

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Biography MANTEROLA Patricia (Patricia Manterola)
photo MANTEROLA Patricia (Patricia Manterola)
This beauty from Mexico to protect animals from cruel treatment of his naked body painted a tiger. Today, Patricia Manterola one of the most versatile Mexican atristov and for his international success, she should thank her perseverance, talent and professionalism.

. General
. Name: Patricia Manterola Carrion (Patricia Manterola Carrion)
. Date of Birth: April 23, 1972
. Place of birth: Mexico City, Mexico
. Parents: Jorge Manterola Fernandez, Maria Dolores Carrion
. Family: brother, Jorge (according to TV y Novelas, he is 11 months older than her), her younger sister Michelle (a great admirer of Patti)

. ABC Primary Education Patricia Manterola deployed in different colleges, and as with childhood showed great interest to the world shows and entertainment, . why and participated in all school productions, . She also learned to dance, . vocal and music,
. His first applause Patti earned in the musical comedy "Anita la Huerfanita", where she demonstrated her talent in 9 years. She also was a soloist with the chorus "Miguel Angel Institute".

His first chance to Patricia was in the group "Garibaldi", which thanks to its beauty and spontaneity, she was in the spotlight. Together with other members of the group she took part in the festival "Juguemos a Cantar", successfully going into the final they won the Gold and Platinum Album, as well as the attention of the best critics. After Patty left its mark in the modeling business in its path appears producer Luis de Llano, creator of "Timbirichi" and a successful producer of soap operas. He invited her to test for admission to the group, but seeing the talent of a girl he called her in the new draft, which at that time only vynashyval in the head, and which subsequently put into place.
. Patricia was the cinematic debut film "Donde quedo la Bolita?", For which it is well prepared by taking lessons from a great actor Sergio Jimenez
. This determined Patti Manterollu as a young actress with great talent and it is her spontaneity lay down for the audience the inner world of an actress.
. Together with the group she continued to travel about in Mexico, the United States, Central and South America, Europe and Africa, until then, has not yet decided to finish this important cycle of her career and start another, more responsible - a solo career
. During one of his interview with Patti said: "I go from the" Garibaldi "only when I rastolsteyu or marry. It depends on what will happen faster ". In summer 1994, Patty left the group not married and the same beautiful. It happened at a festival in Acapulco. She said goodbye to the "Garibaldi" in the face of more than 20 000 people. In the same year she recorded her first album titled "Hambre de Amor" (music producer Gian Pietro Felisatti). Tracks "Quiero", "Lo Juro" and "Ni Caso" very often scrolled on the radio.
. In 1995, Patricia will debut in the title role of the telenovela "Acapulco, . body and soul "(Acapulco, . cuerpo y alma) producer JosцL Alberto Castro, . which was sold to many countries and for many months was the "number one" for the television audience, . and not only because of the beautiful beaches of Acapulco, . but also because of the plot, . acting and charm Patti Manteroly,

During the same year, while broadcast this telenovela, Patty stands with his concerts throughout the American continent. Against this background, especially distinguished her performance at the festival Vina del Mar, where she was named the "Queen of the Festival '1995 ', and then in 1996. She received appolismenty from the audience in more than 50 000 people, who presented her with the song "Antorcha de Plata". Also need to mention that Patricia was nominated by Eres Magazine Award for "Discovery of the Year", as well as from El Heraldo de Mexico Newspaper. And Patty won the the award, receiving it from the magazine TV y Novelas.

As soon as the TV series "Acapulco, body and soul, she concentrated on recording their second album, and again under the direction of J. P. Felisatti. This project was named "Nina Bonita". It sold thousands of copies, and the first single, "Nina Bonita" took the top music charts of Mexico, followed by followed by others - "Hablando con las Estrellas", "Sera por Ti".
. End of 1996, Patti has devoted the creation of calendars for 1997, with many of his beautiful pictures on the background of natural landscapes
. Only in Mexico, these calendars have been sold around 85 000 copies.

In 1997, already known as "The beauty from Mexico", the star again begins snimatsya on television in his second major role. Telenovela "Gente Bien" and the role of Maria Figueroa brought Manterole great success under the leadership of Lucy Orozco and together with Mario Cimarro they have managed to maintain an excellent rating. At the same time, this series are sold to many countries, but also show in the U.S. in the language of Shakespeare. In the same year Manterola signed a very lucrative contract with a shoe company to advertise an exclusive brand of shoes "Andrea" in Mexico - since she became the face of the company. The contract is valid and to this day. Until now go seasonal catalogs on the pages of which blestaet Mexican star.
. As soon as the shooting "Gente Bien", Patty is sent to the United States, where he enlisted at UCLA, to improve your English skills, as well as to start a new round of his career in film industry in Hollywood
. In September 1998, she returned to their country and start a little promotion of his album entitled "Quiero Mas", which is the producer Jorge Avendano. At this stage ends its contract with Fonovisa Mexico
. After working on я-п¦я¦п¦я-я¬я-п¦п+п¦ "Quiero Mas", . She returned to the U.S., . to prove his good fortune and takes several castings, . resulting in taking part in the television show "Angel" - the Spanish version of the internationally famous "Charlie's Angels", . production Sony Telemundo.,
. Between filming "Angel" Patricia Manterola paused in his artistic career in 1999 in order, . to carry out a very important step and take the most important decision in his life - to marry! She fell in love with Javier Ortiz in 1986, . when they were together the parties "Garibaldi",
. After 10 years of courtship, this gentleman has decided to observe tradition and ask for Patricia at the hands of her parents. It happened Oct. 21, 1998 in the popular TV show in front of Christina's 50 thousand audience. "I have just released their third album, as Christina called and asked me if I wanted to come on her show - recalls Patty. - Javier from approaching our anniversary, 21 October, and he asked: "If you want, I'll go with you". When we got there, I began to talk about their album and suddenly Christine said: "Patricia, and we have a surprise for you". The next moment came Javier with a huge bouquet of flowers. He was very pale and very nervous. I forgot about the cameras, I forgot about Christine, my tears flowed and I rushed into the arms of Xavier, to kiss him. I could not believe it. Later, Javier told me that I did it because of the fact that he was tired of all these rumors (rumors that Patricia had betrayed him living in Los Angeles). He always said that if you want to know something - ask about it here! ". November 14, 1998 Patricia Javier asked for the hand at a dinner party in Mexico City. Everyone saw the show Cristina, but the traditions are traditions. "He told us that he loves our daughter - mother says Patti. - I asked him that he did everything to ensure that my daughter was happy life. My husband, Jorge, and wished them always to maintain such good relations. Javier's mother died, then he no longer saw his father, whom he replaced his elder brother. It was a beautiful dinner! ". December 20, 1998, Patricia in the company of his mother and younger sister went to Los Angeles to choose a wedding dress. "It was very hard for me - so many beautiful dresses!" - She said. - We want real Mexican wedding, comply with all traditions ". Eventually they settled on a traditional white gown with long train, which was combined with the size of the cathedral, as well as strarinnoy beautiful white and gold mantilla. The fabric for her dress was specially handmade discharged from London. Underwear Patricia commissioned in Paris, but when asked about the shoes, she screamed in panic: "Lord, I can not believe it, but I completely forgot about them totally forgot!". Because of the constant shooting on television at the bride did not even have time to coordinate her dress with her bridesmaids' dresses. Was retained by four different orchestras.

With the support of all its fans, some of whom gathered outside the cathedral Cuernava, April 17, 1999, Patricia Manterola is married with Javier Ortiz. This event was held in Mexico City. "Marriage with the Angel" was broadcast throughout the country via the Mexican Azteca Television and was sold to many countries, where Patricia enjoyed popularity.
. Then, the happy Mrs. Ortiz decided to leave the fate of a challenge - to win Hollywood
. After many years and tremendous effort, she got a part in the film "Souvenir" which was presented at many international film festivals. Also, during the year, Patricia has been an official Mervyn store in Los Angeles.

. In early 2000, Patty was one of their stellar role in the film "Hazzard in Hollywood" company Warner Brothers in the U.S., where she spoke only in English
. She continues to promote his film career and received an offer to the shooting of the movie "City of newcomers" in Japan, where she spends 2 months playing Brazilian women under the supervision of a famous Japanese producer-director Takeshi Miike.
. Also in 2000, Pati and all former members of "Garibaldi" (Luisa Fernanda, . Katia, . Pilar, . Sergio, . Charlie, . Javier and Patty) meet on the stage to record the album "Meeting 10", . which included the 20 tracks which included the hits, . as "Baila mi Ritmo" and "Que lo baile sola",
. Album listened to in Mexico, Latin America and the United States.

2001 was a very important year in the artistic life of Patricia Manteroly. After many years of waiting, she gets her first great opportunity to play in a stellar role of the independent film "Carmen: The Champion", with this role Patty gained success in the U.S.. March 3, 2001 Patty walks on the red carpet is now as a star of American cinema. This film, which she did with Carmen - the popular singer of Christian music, has been shown in many theaters of the country.
. The next step sensational Mexican actress was the company against the abuse of animals in the circus, Ringling Bros, South Florida
. Patricia posing nude for RETA - her naked body, fully painted like a tiger, which is inherent artistic nagoda, without any vulgar, this perfect nakedness nasladzhalis critics around the world. Then she was offered a very important contract - to be a Latin person respected in the U.S. beer company Miller.

After these photos in the style of "nu" Manterola again is in the center of attention of the press in Latin America and the U.S.. This translates to her in a very good and professional lesbian show Arli $ $ for one of the most important TV network HBO world. For Patricia it was an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and to gain fans in North America.
. In June 2001, after three years of musical silence, Patti returned to the recording studio for their fourth album, now in an international company sound recording BMG US
. Latin, the Miami. Have been promised big changes compared to what was done previously by Patricia. Some songs will be performed in English. The release of this album will be done simultaneously around the globe: in Mexico, the United States and throughout Latin America. Without a doubt, this new product will adopt it in the international world of music ... Aficionados Patricia Manteroly expect this event in early 2002.
. In September 2001, Patricia went to Italy to record a television special for the network PBS, where she presented her duet with tenor Alessandro Safina, who was number one in Asia and Europe, this time with the song Luna
. Conducted special surveys in Sicily in Tao mina and Rome. In light of this record came out in November 2001.

Also, Patty took part in a project called "The last goodbye" (The Last Farewell). This album was recorded for the victims of a terrorist act, "World Trade Center in New York.

And the surprises do not end. During his career, Patricia Manterola involved in many of the television show, filmed for the covers of magazines, gives a radio interview, makes promotional tours, doing live performances. Without a doubt, today it is one of the most versatile Mexican atristov and for his international success, she should thank her perseverance, talent and professionalism.

. Theater
. 1980 Anita La Huerfanita
. 1998 Una Pareja en Aprietos

. Telenovelas
. 1990 Alcanzar Una Estrella
. 1991 Alcanzar Una Estrella II
. 1994 Buscando El Paraiso
. 1995 Acapulco Cuerpo Y Alma
. 1997 Gente Bien
. 1999 Angeles
. 1999 Reyes Y Rey
. 2001 Ali $ $

. Movies
. 1992 Donde Quedo La Bolita
. 1999 Souvenior
. 2000 Hazzard In Hollywood
. 1999-2000 Hyoryu Gai
. 2001 Carman: The Champion


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    MANTEROLA Patricia (Patricia Manterola), photo, biography
    MANTEROLA Patricia (Patricia Manterola), photo, biography MANTEROLA Patricia (Patricia Manterola)  Actress, photo, biography
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