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VIEIRA Veronica (Vironica Vieyra)

( Actress)

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Biography VIEIRA Veronica (Vironica Vieyra)
photo VIEIRA Veronica (Vironica Vieyra)
She looks eternally young - golden hair, finely chiselled figure, plump lips. As it happens Veronica accidentally hit on television, accompanied her friend to a casting. She was the wife of the famous Argentine singer Silvestre and mother of two children.
Veronica happily married to actor-singer Sylvester, who was the first lover Andrea del Boca. He is older than Veronica in 16 years, but this, according to them, they do not interfere.

They have two daughters shared, as well as four children from his first marriage Sylvester. And this is not the end.

In an interview with one of the Argentine newspaper Veronica told me that her life was a period when she thought about adopting a child (other than their own). "But then changed her mind, tk. realized that it would be unfair. Because I have the freedom to give birth, but there are women who can not ... "

- And what a huge success "Wild Angel"?
- To me he did not hit in the head. Success - is a swing. Today you Gardel (the best singer of tango in Argentina), and tomorrow - no one ..

. 'My destiny - overcoming the barriers'
. She grew up as Vicki in "Wild Angel" and immediately thereafter begin shooting in the "black heads", a new telenovela Phone; going to start work on his first CD, which is produced by Silvestre, her husband.
. Stubborn
. So Veronica Vieira determine the ability of its competitors, it applies both to work and to life.

. - Your character in "Wild Angel" was launched along with the other, but then you become literally rival Oreiro Natasha.
. - I do not know if this is, but Vicky (her role in the series Phone) grew and finally, at the end of the series, grew
. At first she was capricious and spoiled little girl, and then Victoria has become a wife, a driver and not lost, and, conversely, has received the most romantic moments in your life.

- This formula, as: rich girl begins to meet with the workers of the mansion, always work? Or not?
- Fortunately, yes. In addition, this time, the author (Enrique Torres) has decided to screw the nut in a comical attitude and Victoria Morgan (Marcelo Matstsarelo) and it is very much like the audience. Over time, we were not just heroes of this series, and comic heroes and people began to appear a smile when we appeared.

. - You are allowed to show himself on the other side?
. - Yes, what I played here (she is the daughter of the millionaire Federico Di Carlo, who, moreover, is the father of servant, played by Oreiro) is very different from pure Lily, a character that I played in Naranja y media
. I finished this series in the middle of the month and immediately learned that now I'm playing Vicki.

- Who did you play in "black heads"?
- The only thing I know is that I signed a contract and that the series starts Nov. 1. The only thing I was told: My role has nothing to do with the fact that you have the opportunity to see now, they have very changed.

. - And she would you like to change?
. - I just wanted to let me play something different from what I've done so far, I'd prefer to completely change their appearance
. I am already tired of those long, golden curls. The truth is that I have an excellent opportunity to change.

- Does it worry you?
- No, quite the opposite. I was not scared either in life or in work. I've always been against all and struggled with all. I was tempted challenge. Sometimes it is enough for one word: "no", so I wanted to do something that I forbid. I'm going, going and going until I get what I want. My destiny - overcoming barriers. I am very stubborn.

- And how do you manage to keep my balance?
- I manage to unite in his head together different thoughts and besides, I can not grieve. I do not just have a job now, I'll have it in the future.

- The fact that you became an actress - it is fate?
- Actually, yes. On my first casting, in 92 ', it was a lot of different girls and many of them were very talented. We present somewhere more than a hundred people. So I can not say that I took because I was the best. I think the fate opens the door for you, but once inside, you should have to fight himself. I must say that it's not easy, not easy any work. I will not say that everything comes easy to me, there. But I'm doing.

- So, do you do?
- Now, let. It all started with a chance: I was accompanied by his girlfriend on casting Rodolfo Ledo and there, he saw me. Since then, in my life many things happen: it allowed me to know a person with whom I was in love with 12 years of age (singer Silvestre), I began to have children, I have dreamed, life came about, where I live now

. - Ability to play a major role?
. - No, if due to the fact that I am the wife of Sylvester I was offered a major role and I would have grabbed it, then I would be very unstable life.

. - Javier Portales always said that being a good secondary hero is not so simple.
. - Of course it is not just
. But you have a chance to work hard. Without ambition, calmly.

- What happens to the disk on which you work and that you have not yet done?
- He is here. Several years ago, Jose (Silvestre) only did that pushed me so I made him. But it was very difficult to begin work with a man who sings so well, as he. Once we tried to do something commercial, tropical style. Now we are looking for something in the style of carnival.

- Ah. Well, we'll wait, when you find it:.
- Good. I'll start work somewhere this week: if you gather my courage.

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