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Palomino, Juan (Juan Palomino)

( Actor)

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Biography Palomino, Juan (Juan Palomino)
photo Palomino, Juan (Juan Palomino)
It is the son of Peruvian and Argentinian makeup, he returned to Buenos Aires to study medicine. Juan had the courage and therefore his father himself had to send a guy in the Course of theatrical skill.

'Interview Juan Palomino'

Kind of a real man, the muscles of the woodcutter, in general, this is the kind of man, by which women go crazy. To himself said that he was selfish, impatient and proud. Lived in Peru, broke up with his girlfriend when his son was a few days old and went to live with Lucille. This woman works makeup, like his mother. Now playing stripper in "Shameless".
. The sculpted facial features and a coffee skin, powerful muscles, which are visible even under clothing, as well as the present form of the Latin macho - this is because of what women like Juana Palomino (who 37 years), and he knows it.
. Every night he appears before the female audience in the theater Complejo La Plaza, which plays in "Shameless" and shows the strip with four other actors, and where the play ends with the complete exposure of

- What do you feel are exposed to the public?
- I have mixed feelings, because we are playing a company of free men, but I'm happy. These people do a striptease, as well as trying to find a way out of this situation, instead of going to rob a bank.

. - No, you did not answer, what is happening inside you when you undress in front of an audience.
. - I'm waiting for this moment: Actors thus express their feelings and thoughts, we are looking for satisfaction.

. - Are you ashamed to do this?
. - For the first time, yes
. We hesitated at first, but after its debut, we felt courage.

- Spectators will not let all the famous joke about the merits and demerits of your phone?
- We respectfully applies to people in general, and to every individual. Although we live in a clothed situation: who is greater, who had more women who have a better ass - it is always present.

- You attended the presentation of Golden, to learn how to strip show?
- No. I watched it in another place - bowling alley. Guys here are open: having their own rules, and show very strong. Makes a few movements, nothing more: and yet, always come out in the uniform of a sailor.

. - You once said that does not make my body some cult, as Osvaldo Laport, but do your muscles appeared only because of routine gym?
. - I'll tell you the truth, I lived for some time in Peru and brought back an extra five kilograms
. I was feeling awful, vesiv 90 kg. I had a great belly, breasts hang down, a round face: I was in gymnastics for days and dropped seven pounds: But it was just a necessity.

. - So you say that these strong hands really natural?
. - Well: In 18 years I have to load and unload trucks in the supermarket, they were sacks of sugar
. I think that life - a tournament where one can spend days in gymnastics, and the other - makes life in such a situation where he must be strong, and you you gain muscle.

. Although born into a dress, he retained a Peruvian accent, which acquired in 14 years in Cuzco
. Son of the Peruvians, who was well known in the local pub, and the Argentine makeup Max Factor, he returned to Buenos Aires to study medicine. It was a bit cowardly, and therefore his father himself had to send it to the course of theatrical skill.

- Adore you when you were a racer, the risk - is what makes you go from here?
- This is a challenge. I always put themselves at risk: when I was like, when they want to marry me, when they want to have me have a child: The man always takes the responsibility and is liable to a. When I sit behind the wheel of a car, I do not think that me might have something to happen. I am very cautious. Ride through the streets much more dangerous than in a rut.

- I do not think that people engaged in a risky sport, walking next to the death?
- No, I think that these are people who are doing something together. They say it is necessary to do it, they want to be better, to win. In my case the need was to finish his career.

. - You always finishes what you start?
. - Always begin and conclude it, I do not know ...

. In worn jeans, shirt, vest and baseball cap, Huang sat in a chair in the bar, propped his face in his hands, took off his hat and gave her hair in order.
. He loves movies, John Kasavetassa and Quentin Tarantino enjoys acting techniques, John Malkovich and John Turturo
. Reads not often, but remember the memories of Adrian and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

- You said you had parted with her sister Adriano Suara. Why?
- I can not be with a woman middle. I like dizziness, it's true. But the love I have always tried to be sincere with what is happening. I decided that as a result has brought pain. I'm not handy man. When I did not come somewhere, I accept the decision.

- And there were many such relationships?
- I had three such strong ties.

- You parted, when Aaron, thy youngest son, was born. What is it worth to take such a decision?
. - It is worth the views of the world, but I could no longer continue that relationship, because I do not like to lead a double life.

. - Do you want to say that you managed to avoid infidelity?
. - When I'm wrong, then accept the decision
. This happens when there are other fantasies that your half makes a very bad. Palomino is not looking back, and always says: "Before you decide, think, and so then never regretted it."

- Is it easy to win your heart?
- (Thinks) I am a great egotist. It's complicated. The actor likes to be constantly in the spotlight, and I try to fight it.

- And in what appears your selfishness?
- Sometimes it seems to me that I was the navel of the earth, and I think that people should depend on my problems. And while I do not listen to others:

- You Intolerant?
- Sometimes. I hate hypocrisy in feeling, lack of devotion: arrogant:

- You've never been arrogant?
- Many times I stood in a pose. I am very hot. Of course, I do not fight in the streets, but still react very rapidly.

Love and a new bet

Juan has two brothers and leads with his father on the radio program where they read the poem. "We are united in their love for each other. Plus, now we have many common interests. "

- You talked about selfishness, but you worked as a medical orderly in the hospital, and it suggests that you think not only about themselves.
- I am proud that he worked in the hospital (Melchor Romero). I've been given, but also imbibed too much.

- You're so selfish in love?
- I am the applicant and the owner: It is now a little less. I was very poor, being the owner, is very jealous, and this led to the fact that the relationship with a girl spoiled.

For eight months he lived with Lucille (which is 23 years old), she is his girlfriend about a year. New love, new bet: "The past relationship had to go through to come to today".

- You can not live alone?
- I lived alone, but quite short. When the time came, I bankoval.

. - What happens when you come home and find yourself in the four walls?
. - People think: 'Oo-oo-oo: this type is known: "but you come home and be alone, your head falls on the pillow, and you think, how did you sunk to such a life
. If a person is left alone, the past comes to you.

Lucila, as well as the mother of Juan, makeup. "I fell in love with her, because she is passionate. I like her experience, maturity, ethics. I was more attracted personality than beauty. I see more than a nice ass or breasts. All my women were in the first place, person. For Lucille I struggled, and it took me six months to win it "

. - You're just a strong guy or a defender of the insulted and injured?
. - And then and then.

. - Which are you?
. - (Thinks) I am very gentle and affectionate, sensitive: tender, when necessary: I am an armed person, but I'm not Charles Bronson.

. - You had to part with many illusions?
. - Yes
. But then were friendship, death: love. I am always open to me to fall in love, have many children. I am not a pessimist, who says: "When a man fired with milk, and then sees a cow he was weeping."

- Do you believe in God?
- Yes. And also wish you good health to all who love. When I stand under the bridge, and it passes the train, then I ask health, money and love. It said that in such cases need to ask three things.

- After do whatever he wanted, be able to say: "Now you can die in peace?
- Never say this. Life is too short: there is always something, what you need to learn. And I think that in the last instance, when the finals come, you say: "Look, Mom, I forgot to tell you something: do made:".

- You get into heaven or to hell?
- I'll be in limbo for some time and I will atone for the sins of pile. I have had the life in paradise and hell.

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Palomino, Juan (Juan Palomino), photo, biography
Palomino, Juan (Juan Palomino), photo, biography Palomino, Juan (Juan Palomino)  Actor, photo, biography
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