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PONCE, Carlos (Carlos Ponce)

( Actor)

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Biography PONCE, Carlos (Carlos Ponce)
photo PONCE, Carlos (Carlos Ponce)
It was withdrawn in telenovelas and sings for them. His career is developing at a phenomenal rate. Carlos wants to be happy and dreams of a child is not gaining weight eating delicious delicacies.

Name: Carlos A. Ponce Freire (Carlos A. Ponce Freyre)
. Date of Birth: September 4, 1972
. Place of Birth: Santurke, Puerto Rico
. Hair color: light brown
. Eye color: blue-green
. Height: 185 cm
. Weight: 80 kg
. Languages: English and Spanish

. Personal preferences
. Hobbies: watch movies and work at home
. Collecting: simple and sunglasses
. Likes: my family
. Hates: insincerity
. Afraid: to suffer somewhat because of the failure of what is not tried
. Mad act: long jump with a parachute
. What never say: "I never do it"
. Her dream: to eat and not gaining weight
. Greatest passion: his family and his career
. Great desire: to be always happy
. Best friend: his brother, Francisco ( "Tshopo")
. Admired: Rita Moreno and Magick Johnson
. About myself: organized, punctual and freedom-loving
. Three wishes: health, happiness and long life
. Motto: "What can I learn today?"
. Favorite color: turquoise
. Number: 7
. Food: Caribbean and Mexico
. Animals: All
. Perfume: "Royal Violets"
. Clothing: blue jeans and comfortable shirt
. Designer: like many
. Sports: Skiing (winter and water)
. Athlete: Evander Holifeyld
. Music: acoustic, romantic and folk
. Song: "Against All Odds" and "Faithfully"
. Musical Group: Journey, Manu and The Eagles
. Musical instrument: acoustic guitar
. TV show: "Biography" on A & E
. Children's nickname: Topo Gigio
. Book: The Bible
. Actors: Daniel Day Lewis, John Malkovich, Jeremy Irons and Anthony Hopkins
. Actresses: Susan Sarandon, Emma Thompson, Kathy Bates, and Bette Midler
. Directors: Francis Ford Coppola, Kenneth Branagh and Stephen Spielberg
. Film: "Forrest Gump," "Dead Poets Society," "Schindler's List", "Umnitsa Will Hunting," "Jerry Makgvayer" and many others

. Carlos was born on September 4, 1972 in Santurke, Puerto Rico
. Restless and superaktivny by nature, he demonstrated his passion for art from an early age. His first appearance on television, at the age of six years, was of a commercial nature and held in his homeland. In 1986, Carlos goes to Miami, where he began to study in musical theater. It is here still a student, Carlos begins to consolidate the knowledge and probyvat play. During this time he received several awards and scholarships in several of the most prestigious universities in the United States.

In 18 years, Carlos appeared in the telenovela "Guadalupe" in the role of Willy. This debut opened for his audience the United States, Latin America and Europe. After the release of this novel in 1994, Carlos became a director and producer of a weekly show on the Univision Television Network - "Control", which earned him two Emmy Award for its work with the producer and director.

. In 1996, Carlos was withdrawn for the first time in the lead role in the drama playing Renato "Sentimientos Ajenos", which has broken all records watchable in the U.S. and Mexico
. It should be noted that he performed one song in the telenovela, which was included in its soundtrack. In 1997, Carlos has signed a contract with record company EMI Latin and debuted as a singer. After one year of training and records in 1998 under the direction and control of Emilio Estefan, Jr., and with the support of EMI Latin, Carlos released his first album, and in his honor - "Carlos Ponce". At this stage he has firmly taken its place in the arena of Latin pop music as a singer and composer

. Having undertaken such work for the first time, . Carlos perfectly demonstrated his poetry and songwriting ability of giving the world its first singlet "Rezo", . that within three weeks rose to the top of Hot Latin Tracks and stayed there for about nine weeks,
. After the release in Latin America, the song went around the world and in every country - Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Ekuador - became a hit? 1.

The phenomenal success of the song paved the way to life and the second hit single, Carlos Ponce - "Decir Adius, who repeated the path of its predecessor, reaching peaks as native and world charts. In addition, the album "Carlos Ponce" was twice named Platinum in the U.S. and gold in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Venezuela and Central America. The song "Amelia" was chosen by Germany as the official song of athletic games in Seville, Spain.

During the promotion of his album in 1998, Carlos had pouchavstvovat in two English-language television projects - "Beverly Hills 90210" and "7th Heaven". He also sang "Rezo" in "Live! With Regis & Kathie Lee".

. The first album, Carlos Ponce brought him numerous music awards including Album of the Year, . Young Artist "from the magazine" Billboard ", . "Best Album Launch" from the magazine "ERES", . "Best Young Artist" from the "Premios lo Nuestro", . "The best singer of the year" from the "ACE", . "The opening of the year in the genre of pop ballads" and "Best Video in the genre of pop ballads" from the "Premios Tu Mц?sica", . Best International Artist of the young "from the magazine TVyNOVELAS, . as well as an award from BMI for his lyrics for the songs,

September 21, 1999 Carlos released his next album, "Todo lo que soy". Album features 11 songs, nine of which the author or co-author was himself Carlos. His first single, "Escchame" again took all first places on Billboard's Hot Latin Tracks and quickly led the charts all of Latin America. The album was named Platinum in the U.S. and Gold in Venezuela. On this basis, Carlos writes the Portuguese version of the song "Amiga Sombra" in Brazil in a duet with Brazilian singer Bello. In Rio de Janeiro was recorded by video for this song.

In 2001, during a short break between recording albums, Carlos took the time to work in two projects in the U.S.. The first of which is a duet for "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure" with Joy Enriquez, the second - a guest appearance in the family Drammeh ABC Once and Again ".

Currently, Carlos is working on her third album. Implementation of this new project, which includes the author's songs, Carlos, scheduled for next year. Also, Carlos diligent in Mexico over its new telenovela called "Sin Pecado Concebido", where his partner is Angelica Rivera and wonderful Mexican actors Itati Cantoral and Sergio Goyri. Display this series in Mexico is scheduled for 9 am on the second channel (Canal de las Estrellas). The dates shown in other countries have not yet determined. The title track to the telenovela in the performance of Carlos Ponce will appear on its next drive.

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PONCE, Carlos (Carlos Ponce), photo, biography
PONCE, Carlos (Carlos Ponce), photo, biography PONCE, Carlos (Carlos Ponce)  Actor, photo, biography
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