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Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago)

( Actor)

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Biography Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago)
photo Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago)
In the series' Wild Angel. Return of 'we will see this actor on our screens for the first time, whereas the Argentine audience enjoyed his performance since 1976, when he first - to 4-year old - stood before their eyes.

. General
. Full name: Pablo Rago
. Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina
. Date of birth: 1972
. Marital status: single

. Personal preference
. Disadvantage: addiction to cigarettes, which he does not think getting rid
. Hobbies: Collecting points
. What I like to do in your free time: reading and drawing
. By the way, he learns to draw himself, continuing the family tradition to learn everything only the most
. Favorite author: Charles Bokovski
. If not an actor, then what: soccer, though not very good, or pilot, as he likes to fly
. Was married: yes, at 21 years of rapidly married and then divorced at least rapidly

. Pablo Rago has appeared on television while still in childhood
. Then it was four years old and his parents have little Pablito on casting, where the selection of babies who have advertised chocolate. The parents left the boy in the hands of people who knew their job and everything went just perfectly. So began his career.

That mother Pablo was the man who insisted that her son should only work on television. This desire has led, in 1989, could upset young parents and care of the house: "While I was busy just working, so lost some important things for a child, for example, to play football in the street along with peers. At 17, I had a row with his parents, packed up and went to live with his then fiancee. Now I remember it with warmth in my heart, and then: "- says Pablo. - "When I turned 19 I already had behind him the experience of living together with their four friends".

In general, Pablo has appeared on television and has successfully acted in commercials, this was followed by an invitation to play in a television program: "Three stories of love" (Trece historias de amor), then shooting a movie. One of the films in which he starred, was the "official history" (La historia oficial, 1985), won an Oscar as best foreign film
. The fame and the love of Argentine visitors brought him Teenager painting "The key of the sun" (Clave de Sol), . but the greatest success he achieved with the telenovela "Friends are Friends" (Amigos son los amigos), . which for two years was the most popular series on television,

Here is what that time itself Pablo: "The era of" Keys to the Sun "was very cheerful, carefree, because I would not bear any responsibility. Then, in the "Friends of ...", I began working with Carlos Calvo and I had to grow professionally, except that I once again lived with another bride and, therefore, could not do it and be glad that I did before. Actually I'm very critical to himself, when I think about that time. I understand that he rating of "Friends", which reached 50 points, never again. It was no more than one point in my life ".

Then he began to study theater and confessed that he really wants to play a major role in any setting, something he achieved in 1998 in "Pearl" (Perla).

Not everything that was done by Pablo on television, in movies or the theater had always been a success: his contract with a 9-m channel in 1997, was distributed in two films, which has failed and is not held out in theaters more than one month. Then Pablito admitted that he feels terribly hackneyed.

But the shift in 1997, came 1,998 th, in which he starred in the TV series naiuspeshneyshem company Pol-ka "Gasoleros" producer Adrian Suar (husband Araceli Gonzalez). After a while he asked the producer Pablo withdraw from novels and become one of the executors of the main roles in the miniseries "Man" (El hombre).

Then came 2002 and the company Phone invited him to play for a couple with Natalia Oreiro in the series "The Wild Angel. Return "(Kachorra), which enjoyed success in Argentina, and his approval rating reaches 15 points.


Television programs:
1976 "Three stories of love" (Trece historias de amor) with Claudia Garcia Tsaturov.

2002 "Wild Angel. Return "(Kachorra) Natasha Oreiro;
. 2000 "Primicias";
. 1998 "Gasoleros";
. 1996 "Women are forever" (Por siempre mujercitas), as Diego;
. 1995 "inexorable heart" (Inconquistable Corazon) with Paola Krum and Pablo Echarri;
. 1990 "Friends are Friends" (Amigos son los amigos) with Carlos Calvo;
. 1979 "Bride of the holidays" (Novia de vacaciones), as Cirilo

1999 "The Man" (El Hombre) with Oscar Martinez

. Kinoraboty:
. 2002 "Passionately in love" (Apasionados) with Pablo Echarri and Nancy hollow;
. 2001 "Give her escape" (Dejala correr), as Rene;
. 2000 "Sea of Lucas" (el mar de Lucas), as Facundo;
. 1996 "The world against me" (El mundo contra mi);
. 1988 "Key to the sun" (Clave de Sol) with Cecilia and Leonardo Dopaso Sbaragliya;
. 1985 "Official History" (La historia oficial);
. 1984 "Thank you for the fire" (Gracias por el fuego);
. 1982 "The Last Days of the victim" (Ultimos dias de la victima)

Theater work:
2002 "Man and Superman" (Hombre y superhombre).
2001 "Penguins" (Pinguinos).
1998 "Pearl" (Perla) from Soledad Silveira.

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  • Joseph Kabsdoh for Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago)
  • Pablo Rago p-svolota svolot of the Argentine Republic, but as this monster with my Milagros removed, Dr. alias Suchara local bottling! 1
  • Emmanuel Antisegos for Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago)
  • Ds You Th from this Elaeagnus fanateete, l oh I smell you in the outfit must go scrub toilets, and it's better than looking like a lop-eared kaoy Pablo Rago paw dirty tow Natalia Oreiro. Schmuck he is not an actor! At least Otvio Augusto from "New Nvoy victim" a hundred times better! Palo Pablo Rago not couple Naty Oreiro
  • Snezinka for Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago)
  • da uz)) uma palata u napisavshego 1 i 2 kommentarii)) u vas problemi s russkim jazikom, vidimo, raz ne mozete svoju mislj izlozitj bez mata))
  • katia for Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago)
  • Chesnokov, if it agrees with the last comment ..... Pablito great actor, I saw him in the theater when he played Romeo in the alternative formulation of Romeo y Julieta. from that day can not stop going to all his performances. and if the previous +++--+-- just envy him, that's their problem. about Natalia and I tell you, God forgive me smart, just lucky, or as an actress or a singer ....
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    Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago), photo, biography
    Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago), photo, biography Rago Pablo (Pablo Rago)  Actor, photo, biography
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