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SERNADAS Segundo (Segundo Sernadas)

( Actor)

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Biography SERNADAS Segundo (Segundo Sernadas)
photo SERNADAS Segundo (Segundo Sernadas)
The accident changed the life of former boxer, opened the new hero fan of soap operas, and immediately became popular.

Shyness, embarrassment, and tenderness in his eyes just captivate the female half of humanity, although he does not reveal details of his personal life to journalists.

His real name is Pedro Sernadas, when he began an acting career, decided to take a pseudonym Segundo, they called his friends in the village. He lives in San Isidro. Single, his family consists of father, Jorge, who lives in southern Argentina, mother Mary and younger: Juan and Martina. He did not like television and he did not look telenovela. But he felt that he wanted to do something new. He studied agronomy and, then, the economy, not over one nor the other. He worked with his father in commerce, imports to the country of importation. Once, a friend persuaded him to begin to engage in a course of theatrical skill. He began to study with Pablo Ponce.

Little by little, got into a training center acting school, where he studied plastic body and put the voice. His professor advised me to go to work on television. Segundo began in 'Russian Hill', 13 channels. Then starred in the television movie (usually the series 20-30) 'Two of fate' with Andrea Campbell. Later, took part in several series 'Models 90-60-90', where he played a married doctor, claiming the heart Lucia Peralta, the character of Natasha Oreiro. In 1997, 'Rich and Famous', and in 1998 was withdrawn in the final series of 'My Lady'. In late 1998, he suggests to go to work in Mexico, but the producer Raul Lekouna called Segundo on the role of Pablo in the 'Wild Angel'.
'Career Segundo Sernadasa on the rise'

The guy is dreaming of the big screen

Buenos Aires: Careers Segundo Sernadasa like beer foam, it is on constant rise. First - participation in naipopulyarneyshey novel "Wild Angel", then - a small role in the "Search", and now - work in the new series 13th channel of Argentina "Doctors" ...

. Obviously, the young actor seeking to move his success on television and in movie theater - two things that he has not tried his hand
. "The only thing I can say is thanks to television. Thanks to him, I learned throughout the country, as well as outside it, "- says Sernadas.

While respecting its participation in the "Doctor", a young actor observes that we are talking about the role, which gives you the opportunity to grow as a professional. "My biggest fear - not to achieve, in the end, a good result. Doctors have their own language, which I tried to learn to play well their role and be convincing. "
. Although he studied economics and earned his living by trading imported goods, he had the only two years of theater courses, Carlos Ponce, to open in the actor's talent
. "I like to do this, but I would also like to act in films or play in the theater, it's two things that allow you to grow as an actor" - he says.
. Sernadas also said that he wanted to play vtoroplanovuyu role in any film
. "Am I ready for this? If I propose something like that, I agree. I shoot when I'm doing something on television. I believe that cinema and theater - are two places where you can show his true talent. "
. He is not a fanatic reader, but said that it helps discipline, because when you are concentrating their attention on the book, we find things that fascinate you
. In addition, some time ago, Sernadas engaged in psychoanalysis. "I feel great, though felt by the success of television films in which he worked. When you're a star, you focus on all the attention, and I do not like, "- commented on the events Segundo.
. The role of the new series "The Doctors" made a man of him, news about which the newspaper presented with a form of snacks, and turned it into a new sex symbol of adolescents
. In this situation, he feels not very comfortable: "Being the first guy in the village - this is another role, nothing more. Of course, I do not go through life with the slogan "I am not a gallant man," No, I just accept it and the point ", - says Sernadas.

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    SERNADAS Segundo (Segundo Sernadas), photo, biography
    SERNADAS Segundo (Segundo Sernadas), photo, biography SERNADAS Segundo (Segundo Sernadas)  Actor, photo, biography
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