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Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri)

( Actor)

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Biography Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri)
photo Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri)
Seller jewelry, a former student and working in the shop one fine day realized that he wanted to be an actor. Self-doubt, honest and loving their parents, Pablo Echarri not immediately able to get into the actor's environment.

. Identifier
. Nickname: Black
. Favorite food: Meat with mushrooms
. Favorite drink: Beer
. Group: INXS
. Defect: Cigarette
. Advantage: Honesty
. Disadvantage: Uncertainty
. Children: What I really want
. True?: Only when in love

. What love
. Visit their parents: I love to dine with them on Sundays
. Job: I like to engage in business that attracts me
. What gets: I get a lot of love from people that I love
. Jeans: The best invention
. Making money: In order to feed properly
. Independence and freedom: I like to find a way out of predicaments yourself

. He hates
. Bad days: I have a terrible character
. Look bad: I try to carefully monitor their image and appearance
. My lack of confidence: I am not very sure of myself and try to change it
. The fear: Having a relationship with pain and destruction (as a form of death)
. Dawn: I do not like to get up early, and least of all, if the yard summer

. Pablo Daniel Echarri born weighing 3,100 kg
. September 21, 1969 in the clinic 'El hispanoamericano' in Avellaneda. Fanatic independence, he defines himself as 'awful boy'. He graduated from high school and became a teacher's work, but he had to find their true vocation. So he went to different courses: drawing and English: Worked jewelry seller on the street, was a student and working in a shop selling clothes. At 18 began studying theater skills with Lito Cruz and realized that he wanted to be an actor. He was then notified of the fact that the 9 channel conducts tests to find kontrfigury Pablo Rago in 'Friends, just friends'.

He tried, but after some time, came the answer that they took on the role of another actor. When he knocked 23 пЁп+п¦п¦ came his finest hour: with him contracted to participate in the 'Just for the pairs', where he played together with Victoria and Onetti Emilyano Kakzka, and other. In 1995, received one of the main roles in 'inexorable Heart' (Inconquistable Corazon), playing Charlie, a teacher who is going to win the heart of Monica (Paola Krum), who loved Gonzalo (Pablo Rago). Then he had long hair and enjoyed, surpassing Pablo Rago in love for him girls. In 1996, played Gaston in 'Always for Women' (Por siempre Mujercitas), which competes with his father for the love of a woman.

In 1997, participating in several series of tapes 'girl' (Chiquititas). Then he had an excellent opportunity to play a major role in 'My, my only' (Mia, solo mia) to Andrea del Boca. The failure of this novel in Argentina, allowed Pablo to become famous in other countries. In the same year he calls Rodolfo Beba to work in the thriller 'mark' (El Signo), together with the Carolina Papaleo. This work showed that Pablo can not only appeared on the series and be a gallant young. Also in 1997, was withdrawn in 'El Desvho' with Gaston Pauls, Nancy hollow, Federico Delia and Magali Moreau.

Then it is removed from the scrutiny of the public and opens his own bar in Palermo WIEH 'Fifth stone'. Few months in the papers only on his break and reunion with his fiancee (whom he had been together for 5 years), wild angel Natasha Oreiro. In 1998, he turns into Leo, is in love with Alma (Araceli Gonzalez) in the last movie channel Pol-ka 'my soul' (Alma mia). Gabriel was also in 'Heroes and Demons' (Heroes y Demonios), along with Federico Delia. He acted in 'Men Only' (Solo gente) (not yet started), where he becomes Ignacio. In the theater plays Lisandro and Kartabona in the 'bunch, the dream of one summer night' (Puck, sueno de una noche de verano) with Paola Krum and Claudio Galyardeu.

Now, we can see it in the new movie Pisiero in collaboration with the studio 'four heads' (Cuatro Cabezas) 'Burnt Money' (Plata Quemada), where he will be 'Raven' Merelesom. January 3, at Azul TV comes a new tape, written by Enrique Estevanesom 'Search' (Las Buscas), where he plays together with Nancy hollow. He did not like that he is reputed to be the first lover, but at the same time admits that he sometimes looks in the mirror and said: 'A beautiful boy! Yes? ". This young man, whose hobbies change the length of his hair all week, the growth of 1,73 cm and weighing 73 kg, has one simple dream: to fulfill its goals. And we can only say that he chose a good way:

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  • Salma for Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri)
  • Pablo - the most beautiful guy in the world. If I was his girlfriend, it would have went mad with jealousy. Even if he just looked at some granny.
  • Angel for Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri)
  • ne naxozu v nem ni4ego krasivogo) obi4nij on) ne ponimaju 4to Natalia Oreiro v nem nashla) eto prosto krasavica i 4udoviwe;) li4no moe mnenie!
  • Anonymous for Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri)
  • ilona tskhvediani for Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri)
  • ochen oboiatelni, umni, krasivi mujchina i talantlevi aktior. THE BEST ! obojaiu
  • felix111 for Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri)
  • I think he is a complete asshole and homosexuals, if not friends with Natasha
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    Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri), photo, biography
    Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri), photo, biography Echarri Pablo (Pablo Echarri)  Actor, photo, biography
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