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SAENS Alejandro (Alejandro Sanz)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography SAENS Alejandro (Alejandro Sanz)
photo SAENS Alejandro (Alejandro Sanz)
He - singer, composer and musician. As a child, was absolutely sure that he wanted to become a cobbler. He does not read horoscopes, but very superstitious. He was unkempt, but very punctual. In September 2001, immediately won four awards Latin Grammy.

Remembering the past

Alejandro Sц¦nchez Pizarro was born (Alejandro Sanchez Pizarro) 18 December 1968 in Madrid, Spain. Up to 13 years he lived in Pueblo Nuevo. "When I was a little boy, then not very much identified himself with other boys from his area and it does not mean that I felt the difference. While Jesus (his only brother, a year older), liked to play football with his friends. I was more reserved, and very concerned about them. "

His first toy was a "exin castillos", but his favorite was a recorder. His parents gave him a guitar when Alex was seven years - since its a night game became a torture for others, although he was firmly convinced that he wants to become a cobbler. The brightest moments of life took place in the city of Alejandro's parents, in Andalusia, where he spends every summer. "I do not remember what I was about, . because I still remain a child, . but my most recent memories are connected to Alcala de los Gazules, . city of my mother: with my brother and other friends, we played hide and seek in the town square, . I do not know why, . but suddenly they all began to quarrel with a girl, . which proved to be a very bad situation,
. Not having to think I got to her side and protected from other. I felt like a brave prince and was very happy because everything went away and left her alone. Since then we have become good friends with her. "

His father was a theatrical agency, he also participated in several groups and recorded as a studio singer. His sponsor was Manuel Alejandro, creative genius and undoubtedly one of the most important Spanish composers, the author of the best-known hits Raphael and Rocio Jurado, and other singers.
. When Alejandro was 13 years old, he went to Madrid, district Moratales, where he was a normal boy with ordinary friends
. "I remember one of my first girlfriends - Martha, just loved the disco-class, and my friends hated him. I've always had with a guitar and I tried to play songs of Paco de Lucia. I had two favorite songs "Pongamos que hablo de Madrid" and "Dejame" with "Los Secretos". I played all day, do not even remember how many versions I pictured! ". In 1994, he left Moratalas and moved into a luxurious area of northern Madrid, holding his address from the worshipers in strict secrecy. He still lives there with his family in this huge, four-storey building covers an area of 600 square meters.

"I went to a professional academy" Teide ", which was not far from the area Mayor. I wanted to be an administrator. It was a small school, which I remember with a big smile. There I was a little boor. I was expelled from the institute because I banged the door, jumped on tables ... I was a good boy, but did not know when will go to the new academy. I was a loser. I did not want to know anything about the people and none of them could not understand me. Then, thanks to Vicente - which was later Alejandro took a job - and my classmates, I found a new world and began asking around. "
. One of the biggest disappointments in life, Alejandro is the fact that will not be able to learn more
. But despite this he is constantly being improved. He loves to read, and among his favorite writers include: Besker, Tagore, Rosalia de Castro. Before going to bed, Alejandro mandatory reads and writes. Although he wrote almost all the time. He's always with a small notebook or tape recorder, because inspiration can visit it at any time. He use up page after page. "You have to write very much, if you want the result is a good thing - this is the singer's self-discipline. - My favorite time - the dead of night. During the day I spend much time at home. Sometimes I go out for a couple of hours to see their friends. After an hour or two I go back to my room and start to work. "

His musical tastes are very diverse - it can use pop-style or melodic songs, Flamengo, jazz, etc.. His favorite city of Madrid and Seville. He does not read horoscopes, but very superstitious - do not allow someone from their group to attend the scene in a yellow. He was unkempt, but very punctual. His house is a place where he can be closer to the sun, because he loves sunbathing. He loves salads, with rice and molluscs, and hates all kinds of offal. At concerts he drinks hard-tonic: "This idea I took from Sergio Dalma". He takes a shower and constantly changing costumes even though, at home or not. Every day, he likes to go to the gym, and he loves tennis - this is his favorite sport. Eo he prefers to train, car or plane. Alejandro is very devoted to his family. He has family photos in his wallet.

Career rise

Musician, composer and singer Alejandro Sanz began his artistic career in 1991 with the record "Viviendo deprisa" (produced by Miguel Angel Arenas). This album, which went platinum seven times after selling over a million copies, has opened one of the most prestigious and exciting stars of the Spanish pop scene. True legend.

Alejandro's second album, "Si tu me miras" (produced by Miguel Angel Arenas and began Mano), followed the first in 1993. This record was a solid foundation for the maturation of his music and provided an excellent opportunity to work with stars such as Paco de Lucia and Chris Cameron.
. A year later he recorded a live album, "Alejandro Sanz Basico" (producer Nacho Mano), as a tribute to his most loyal fans
. It included some good tracks from his previous album, and was implemented special limited edition.
. His next album was recorded in Venice in 1995, . under the leadership of Miguel Angel Arenas and Emanuele Ruffinengo, . "Alejandro Sanz III" has demonstrated undeniable artistic talent and has proved, . that the rise of his career was already crossing the Spanish border, . while a huge crowd applauded his music in different countries, . which he visited during his tour.,
. "Mas" - the fourth album by the singer - was the result of almost three years of hard work
. During this time, Alejandro enriched his musical knowledge, has studied piano and wrote over 30 songs. After a lengthy and painstaking selection was finally selected 10 songs, which are included in this album. It was one of the components of success "Mas", which was recorded in Milan in 1997 (produced by Miguel Angel Arenas and Emanuele Rafinengo). Shortly after the album's first single "Y si fuera ella" was an instant hit. And when the whole album went on sale, . He has surpassed all predictions of sales in the first day and the abundance of all the musical record of Spain at the time: for 67 weeks, he was the best selling album, . through 21 weeks after its implementation, he again became the number one and stayed on top for 26 weeks, . same thing happened and a half years after the implementation of the album - he was up again for their first place and stayed there for 5 weeks.,
. The secret was absolutely clear: "Mas" has demonstrated a combination of the orchestra, . excellent production and a mixture of style, . who had never been tested in the Spanish music, . passionate, . deep and sending poems, . describing our povsednevnue life,
. All this means, . that "Mas" is a simple and correct balance, . recognizing not only the general public, . but also critics and serious journalists, . have devoted a lot of pages and covers of their magazines Alejandro Sanz, . Recognizing his musical qualities and a strong poetic language,
. This album entered the history of the Spanish record, as the biggest selling album.

"Mas" Alejandro Sanz has made the first Spanish actor, who made a successful tour of Brazil, where he received two gold records for his album. The result of this success resulted in an exclusive album "Greatest Hits" (sold over 100 000 copies), which was released specifically for the Brazilian fans for that Alejandro took superstar status.
. But success is measured not just by Alejandro RATINGS
. His talent, hard work and dedication, not only in this album have been recognized by many awards as a musician and composer.

In 1997, Alejandro Sanz won awards: "Amigo" and "Ondas" as "Best Folk Artist". In the same year he took a few more musical awards: for the album "Mas" - prize in the nomination "The Best Composer and Best Album, for" Corazon Patio "-" Best Singer "and" Best Video ".

. Year after the implementation of the "Mas", Alejandro Sanz has been awarded the special prize of "Amigo", and "Ondas" for best song (Corazon Patio)

. May 5, 1999, Alejandro was named "best selling artist of Spain" for his long series of hits found, during the ceremony World Music Award, held in Monte Carlo, under patrontazhem Prince Albert.
. And yet, a true test of "Mas" was put it into practice
. In February 1998, Alejandro Sanz begins his Mas-long tour of the Americas. First he visited Santo Domingo, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile and Puerto Rico. The second phase includes the U.S., Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina. In his submissions, attended by hundreds of thousands of people. Concerts held at the bullfight arenas, football stadiums and huge audiences. All tickets were sold for the month prior to the submission. After the first half of the tour on the American continent, Mas-round continued in Spain, where Alejandro Sanz spoke 56 times. He became the first artist who gave four concerts at the famous bullfighting arena, Las Ventas in Madrid and three concerts in the Palau San Jordi in Barcelona. All tickets were, of course, sold. Over half a million people in Europe and America applauded this a concert that ended in 1999, the most important houses Lisobona, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.
. The result of this huge success Alejandro Cansa along with his recordings, concerts and three video clips, was the sale of more than 500 000 copies of the album
. Also note that Alejandro is the first Spanish actor, who began his career with the DVD and therefore all of his videos have been included there
. The culmination of a brilliant career, . records, . awards and recognition, . Alejandro Sanz has been awarded Platinum Europe Award from Romano Prodi, . President of the European Committee, . the ceremony, Phil Collins, . for, . that Europe has sold over 2 million copies of his album "Mas",
. "Mas" elevated Alejandro Sanz in the modern legends of Latin music. In fact, the most important thing is that he is an artist and his concerts with his music is a constant.
. In 2001, Alejandro released his fifth album, "El Alma Al Aire", who again confirmed his talent and won just four awards are given annually to Latin Grammy Awards
. Given the fact that America was still recovering from the tragedy of September 11, 2001, awarding ceremony was very shy and timid. Alejandro Sanz won the award once in four nominations: Best Song, Best Album (El Alma Al Aire), best sound recording and best album of the year, recorded pop male vocalist.

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  • adore him, but when I listen to his songs, then just п¦п¦п¦п¦п¦я¦! general, he bunting and very sexy! I love Alejandro Sanz !
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    SAENS Alejandro (Alejandro Sanz), photo, biography
    SAENS Alejandro (Alejandro Sanz), photo, biography SAENS Alejandro (Alejandro Sanz)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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