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CHAYANN (Chayanne)

( Musical Performer)

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Biography CHAYANN (Chayanne)
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His musical talent developed with extraordinary firmness among the artists who, like him, began his journey into the world of music since childhood. Each of his records is a step to the top, perfect design and excellent model of the experience acquired.

Elmer Figueroa ARS (Elmer Figueroa Arce), well known to all as Chayann, born June 29, 1968 in Rio Pedras, Puerto Rico and was the third of five children. "My mother came to the hospital on June 28, but I was born at dawn the next day - June 29. Despite this the doctor still wrote me a 29 number "- a comment the singer gave the magazine" TV y Novelas ". He is married to Venezuelan Marilis Marones (Marilisa Maronese) - they have a child Valentino Lorenzo (Lorenzo Valentino).
. Like any other teenager, in his youth Chayanna too enthusiastic about riding a motorcycle, playing tennis and enjoying the interesting books
. In addition, he was a tireless and extremely self-disciplined, and thus became an example for his generation. Step by step Chayann personally built a remarkable artistic career. His musical talent developed with extraordinary firmness among the artists who, like him, began his journey into the world of music since childhood. Each of his records is a step to the top, perfect design and excellent model of the experience acquired.

Even in early childhood, Elmer Figueroa was successfully renamed to "Chayanna" his own mother. This is due to the television series 60-ies under the name "Cheyenne", which his mother loved him so much that at the end of the soap opera awarded his son this nickname. When their family after Chayanna born two children, they settled in San Lorenzo - a town with a population of about 300 thousand people known as Samaritans or Island of the City of Legends.
. The first years of his childhood Chayann spent with his three brothers, sister, mother, school teachers and his father, who worked as a sales manager at a local company
. Chayann recalls his early years as something quiet and extraordinary: the first seven years of my life were the only ones where I worked ". Family, school, music and sports filled his children's lives. The first acquaintance with music was due to his sister, who played guitar, and his brother accompanying on the Accordion in the church choir. Chayann joined them together with a tambourine, which he played during rehearsals. Very soon he had to come with full rights of the choir singers.

The solution to the professional scene Chayann highly obliged again to his sister Clara: "I accompanied my sister to play in one group that wanted to establish in Puerto Rico. That's when the organizers asked me: "What about you?" You do not want to try yourself?, . to which I replied: "Good", . and before I knew about, . it was already a party to a group called "Guys" (Los Chicos), . which was a huge success in Puerto Rico, . as well as throughout the peninsula of Caribbean and Central America ",
. This group was really one of the most popular within a decade of the 80th years and caused a complete vostog among adolescents. Experience which Chayann received during this period of his life, helped him get acquainted with this "kitchen" in which artists boiled. The ongoing work, constantly moving from one city to another without any rest. "We wanted to be like the Beatles. We worked in harmony with their voices and we have always been fans, we were children. Every day for us was a mass of new discoveries. We had our home teachers, who traveled with us and through which we could not neglect their education. But what we really learned - is to live and prosper the public. "

In 1983, after five years of existence, "Guys" have decided to leave their work. Each of the members went their own way. Chayann, who was well aware of his youth and artistic abilities, never asked himself the question: What should I do?, He tried to answer: How do I do? "I knew that my life, my future and my profession - it's the music and the scene. These things are already so imprinted in my mind that at that moment for anything, I never would have thought of something else. That is why if I had given up his current career, then I would not know what to do, what to devote themselves. What I do - my life, this is what I feel and I could never give up all this on something else. "
. Gradually, life began to build Chayanna - he starred in several soap operas and movies in Puerto Rico, but, of course, the main object of his music career continued to
. It was at this time, he formed his own style and charm, making it recognizable by many fans. His first two albums showed his talent and dignity, which were confirmed by each subsequent record. Professionally, he has recorded 14 albums / CD, five of which were made with the "guys". In 1987 he first recorded with Sony Music International his album "Chayann" (Chayanne). In 1989 he recorded his second album (Sony) also called "Chayann" (Chayanne), . including hits such as - "Party in America" (Fiesta en America), . "Violeta" (Violet), . "I want" (Te Deseo) and "To, . that you were once again "(Para Tenerte Otra Vez),
. This album was also recorded in Portugal and has led to the release of several hits on the Brazilian market. The album was nominated for Grammy awards in 1989 for Best Latin Pop singer, and initiated the conquest of the Americas
. In the same year Chayann signed an exclusive international contract with Pepsi-Cola, . and recorded the first ad spot, . which came out in Spanish (!) without initial podtitrov the U.S., . Latin America and Europe at the beginning of Grammy Awards (1989),
. It was a great achievement. Then he recorded another commercial for Pepsi, this time in English.
. His other records: "Latin blood" (Sangre Latina), . "Time of the waltz" (Tiempo de Vals); together with the albums "provoke me" (Provocame) and "Impact" (Influencias) Chayann continued to develop their careers and reach an international vocation; album "Born again" (Volver a Nacer) - was the culmination the peak of his career and includes such hits as "Dance, . dance "(Baila, . baila), . "Born again" (Volver a Nacer), . "Maybe this is love" (Tal vez es amor), . "Only Your Love" (Solamente tu amor); then followed the album "Bound your love" (Atado a Tu Amor), . which was nominated for Grammy Awards in 1998 for Best Latin pop singer.,
. From this point Chayanna album sales reached 4,5 million copies worldwide
. In his collection - 20 platinum and 50 gold albums. His speech at the "Vina del Mar" is still remembered as one of the most prominent in the history of this music festival. In 1993 Chayann entered the list of 50 most beautiful people in the world. This was followed by photo shoot for the magazine RlayGirl, where contrary to expectations, the singer was wearing podnostyu.

Another facet brilliant career Chayanna shows him as an actor. On television, he starred in the soap opera "The poor young man" (Pobre Juventad), the company Televisa, Mexico. Has also been involved in Puerto Rico, WAPA TV (today it Televicentro) in the telenovela "Martyrdom" (Tormento) and "Shadow of the past" (Sombras del Pasado). In a large cinema, he took part in the movie "Pretty Woman Sarah" (Linda Sara), director of Jacobi Morales, a former Miss Universe Dayyanaroy Torres. He also starred in the movie "Dance with me" (Dance With Me), along with Vanessa L. Williams.

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CHAYANN (Chayanne), photo, biography
CHAYANN (Chayanne), photo, biography CHAYANN (Chayanne)  Musical Performer, photo, biography
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