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Babakin Georgy

( Soviet scientist and designer in the field of space technology, Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences (1970), Hero of Socialist Labor (1970))

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Biography Babakin Georgy
(1914-1971) - Soviet scientist and designer in the field of space technology, Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences (1970), Hero of Socialist Labor (1970) ... After graduating in 1930, the special People's Commissariat of radio communications worked a radio technician, designer, researcher, in 1937-43 at the Academy of Municipal Economy, in 1943-49 - to the NII. Since 1949 Babakin worked on the development of domestic aviation and space technology. In 1957 he graduated from the All-Union Correspondence Institute of Electrical connection. Since 1965, Chief Designer KB. Under the leadership Babakina created a series of spacecraft for exploration of the Moon and planets of the solar system, such as "Moon, Venus and Mars, including ISL, ISM, Lunokhod-1", "Luna-16", and "Luna-20 , will return to Earth lunar rocks. Lenin Prize (1966). Babakin awarded the Medal of the National Center for Space Studies of France. Awarded the dress of Lenin, the Order of Labor Red Banner and medals. Name Babakina named a crater on the Moon.

Years of life and work

1914, was born on November 13 GN. Babakin (father - Nikolai, his mother - Maria S.)

1917 - death of father

1920 - moving GN. Babakin to her stepfather ND Banketovu (Starokonyushenny Lane., 10. kv.4)

1923-1929 - studied in exponential school Khamovniki District 7 g. Moscow (Krivoarbatskiy Lane., 15)

. 1929 - an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Institute of Communications

. 1929-1930 study courses radiomonterov

. 1930-1932, October - work in the Radio with the Moscow city telephone network first mechanic and then as a technician (from 1932
. This service was known as the Moscow Urban Radio Network)

. 1932-1935 - working as a technician and then a senior technician at the radio site in SPKiO

. 1936, January-July - was drafted and served as a private third Infantry Regiment of the Moscow Proletarian Infantry Division
. The summer received exemption from military service for heart disease.

1936 August - 1937 September - Senior Technician radio station CPKiO


marriage to Anne Yakovlevna Goikhman
July 20 - passed the external examinations in 10 cells. Schools
. enrolled in the Correspondence Institute of Communications
. November 16 - enrolled in the laboratory sector health laboratory technology in the automation of the Academy of Public Utilities (Kuznetsk bridge, 9)

. 1941 - laboratory equipment health sector stands out as an independent unit - a laboratory electronic equipment

. 1942 - GN Babakin appointed the head of the theme

. 1943 - GN Babakin - Senior Researcher

. 1943 October - 1949 December - Institute of Automation at VSNITO (pr
. Vladimirva, 4, Director VP Lebedev, GN Babakin - head of laboratory, then the head of bureau and chief designer)

. 1944, October 31 - son Nicholas

. 1946 - Start of work on the missile topics - development of complex multi-target detection and destruction of the missile 112

. 1949 - The successful delivery of work on the rocket 112 in NII-88 and ordered the government to transfer the group GN Babakina in NII-88

. 1949 December - 1951 September - Head of Department of NII-88

. 1951 October - translated by order of the Government in the OKB Lavochkin head of the department

. 1956 - GN Babakin awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor

. 1957 - end of the All-Union Correspondence Institute of Communications

. 1960 - GN Babakin appointed deputy chief designer of control systems

. 1965

. 2nd March - the appointment GN Babakina chief designer of automatic stations for the study of the Moon and planets of the solar system and the chief designer of OKB
. 04 October - the presence of GN Babakina and his managers at the startup ALS Luna-7 "as observers
. 03 December - the work of GN Babakina and his managers to manage flight ALS Luna-8 "

. 1966

. January 31 - Launch of the automatic station "Luna 9 ', which is first in the world made a soft landing in the February 4, 1966 embarked on a review of the lunar landscape and its transfer images to Earth
. A new phase of the study of celestial bodies on their surface
. March 31 - Launch of the world's first artificial satellite of the moon
. August 24 - Start of the second ISL 'Moon 11'
. October 25 - Launch of the third satellite of the Moon 'Luna 12', photographing the surface of the Moon
. December 24 - Launch of ALS 'Moon 13' - study the characteristics of lunar soil
. EDO GN Babakina receives an honorary degree FAI for ALS Luna 9 and Luna 10 ", as well as the Lenin Prize

. 1967

. elected to the Moscow Region
. Council of People's Deputies, and was it until 1971
June 12 - kicked off the station "Venera 4 '. The first study of the atmosphere of Venus with the reentry module, lasted 1.5 hours reporting on physico-chemical parameters of the atmosphere of Venus

. 1968

. trip to France (in Paris) on the draft 'Roseau'
. 04 April - launch "Moon 14", a study of the moon and outer space to orbit an artificial satellite of the moon

. 1969

. 05 and 10 January - launch of space probes (AMC) "Venera 5 and Venera 6" for research in the vicinity of Venus, their descent modules are simultaneous sounding of the atmosphere of Venus
. Produced more than 70 measurements of pressure and temperature measurements over 50
June 18 - born granddaughter Marina Babakina
July 13 - Launch "Moon 15" avtomatcheskoy station next generation lunar space research. The station failed to meet its mission to study the lunar soil.


August 17 - Launch of Venera 7 ". The first soft landing on Venus, the lander during the 23 minutes passed from the surface of the planet. For the first time an automatic device to transmit information from another planet to Earth
12-24 December - has successfully implemented the first in the history of mankind unmanned mission to the moon to be delivered to the lunar soil to Earth. Open the third phase of studies of celestial bodies devices controlled from the Earth
November 10 - start of ALS 'Luna 17' with a self-propelled machine-laboratory 'Lunokhod 1'. For the first time in the history of space was taken to an automatic unmanned vehicles and began to research automatic lunar self-propelled vehicle controlled from the Earth. It operated 322 days and was 10,5 km
. 09 November - decree Preziliuma Vorhopnogo Sovota Soviet Union on assignment Babakin Georgy Nikolayevich title of Hero of Socialist Labor
. November 24 - G.N.Babakin member korresponlent USSR in the department of Mechanics and Control Processes

. 1971

. May-December - were launched spacecraft Mars 2 "(19.V.71) and" Mars 3 "(28.V.71)
. Lander spacecraft "Mars 3 'performed the first soft landing on Mars. After separation landers spacecraft Mars 2 and Mars 3 "are artificial satellites of Mars
. August 3 - Georgy Babakin died

. 1973 - decision XV Assembly of the International Astronautical Union, the assignment of one of the craters on the reverse side of the moon named Babakina

. 1974 - Naming Babakina crater on Mars

. 1986 - at NPO
. Lavochkin organized scientific testing center named GN. Babakin

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Babakin Georgy, photo, biography
Babakin Georgy, photo, biography Babakin Georgy  Soviet scientist and designer in the field of space technology, Corresponding Member of USSR Academy of Sciences (1970), Hero of Socialist Labor (1970), photo, biography
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