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ONSHORE George Timofeevich

( Astronaut Russia)

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Biography ONSHORE George Timofeevich
photo ONSHORE George Timofeevich
Astronaut Russia. Born April 15, 1915 in the village Fedorovka now Karlovskiy of the Poltava Oblast (Ukraine) in the family of an employee. After graduating from high school in 1938, started his career at Yenakiyevo Metallurgical Plant. In the same year went to the Soviet Army. In 1941 he graduated from the school Voroshilovogradskuyu military pilots behalf Proletarian Donbass. Member of the Great Patriotic War of June 1942. The pilot, commander of the, squadron commander of 90-th Guards Ground Attack Air Regiment (4 th Guards Ground Attack Air Division, 5 th Air Corps assault, 5 th Air Army, 2-th Ukrainian Front).

During the war years made 186 sorties. For heroism and courage displayed in battle on Oct. 26, 1944 awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. After the war ended in 1948, he graduated from senior officers' course and test pilots. In 1948 - 1964 he worked as a test pilot. Mastered dozens of types of aircraft. Without the separation from work in 1956, he graduated from the Air Force Academy (now the S. A. Gagarin). April 14, 1961 was awarded the Distinguished Test Pilot of the USSR. In 1963 he enlisted in the detachment of Soviet cosmonauts (1963 Air Force Group # 2 (extra set). It has been fully trained to fly aboard Soyuz-type. 26 - 30 October 1968 made a space flight on board the spaceship Soyuz-3. In flight, the spacecraft were tested in a real space flight with astronauts on board. The flight lasted 3 days 22 hours 50 minutes 45 seconds. For the commission of space flight on Nov. 1, 1968 given a second 'Gold Star' Hero of the Soviet Union. In 1972 - 1987 years - Head of Cosmonaut Training Center. In 1987 the rank of lieutenant-general resigned.

Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR 8 - 10 th Legislature (1974 - 1989). Winner of USSR State Prize (1981). Conducted a major public work: he was the commander of the All-Union Komsomol military-sport games 'Eaglet', commander of the All-Union yunarmeyskim movement, the commander of the headquarters of a unified military and patriotic youth movement. Was elected deputy chairman of the Central Board of the Soviet-Hungarian friendship, a member of the Presidential Council of the Society 'of the USSR - France', chairman of the Central Board of the Soviet-Polish friendship. zbiralsya chairman of the board between the republics of the Union of Veterans and soldiers of the reserve of the Armed Forces of the USSR.

He was awarded two Orders of Lenin, two Orders of Red Banner, Order of Alexander Nevsky and Bogdan Khmelnitsky 3rd degree, two Orders of Red Star, two Orders of the Patriotic War of 1 degree, medals. He was awarded a gold medal to. E. Tsiolkovsky Academy of Sciences of the USSR, the gold medal SW. A. Gagarin (FAI). Hero of Socialist Labor of Bulgaria. He was awarded many foreign orders and medals. Honorary citizen of Kaluga (Russia), Lugansk, Enakieve, Vinnitsa (Ukraine), Pleven, Sliven (Bulgaria).

Author of books 'Earth - the stratosphere - the cosmos', 'Space - earthlings', 'Three height', 'Edge of courage', 'The sky begins on Earth', 'the call of the heart'.

Died June 30, 1995. Buried in Moscow.

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ONSHORE George Timofeevich, photo, biography
ONSHORE George Timofeevich, photo, biography ONSHORE George Timofeevich  Astronaut Russia, photo, biography
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