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Boroday Aleksey

( Colonel Aviation Retired)

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Biography Boroday Aleksey
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Boroday Aleksey - Colonel Aviation Retired. Born August 4, 1947, Mr.. village Borodaevka, Rudnianski District, Volgograd Oblast. In 1965, Mr.. lemeshkinskuyu graduated from high school Rudnianski Area. In 1969. passed examinations in Kachin highest military Pilot School of. п?.пє. Myasnikov for a full course of secondary Military Aviation School specialty piloting and maintenance of aircraft. In 1975. enrolled in the Kiev Institute of Civil Aviation and in 1981. finished a full course of the Moscow Aviation Institute. Ordzhonikidze specialty "aircraft". In 1977. entered and in 1981. graduated from Faculty "Evening rise" of the Moscow Aviation Institute. Sergo Ordzhonikidze in September 1976. entered in July 1977. graduated from the course of aircraft separation Training Center Test Pilot.

After leaving school he worked at a factory in Stalingrad, and studied at the flying club. From 1969 to 1972. Group of Soviet Forces in Germany. From 1972 to 1975. fighter aviation regiment of the Far Eastern Military District. From 1975 to 1976. served in the Khabarovsk Krai in the regiment attack fighter-bomber aircraft. From 1976 to 1977. Listener Training Center test pilots. From 1978 to 1987. test pilot at the State Research Institute of the Air Force in Akhtubinsk. From 1987 to 1992. cosmonaut tester, senior test pilot in Chkalauski branch of the State Institute of Air Force. From 1992 to 1993. commander of a group of astronauts on reusable space systems. From 20.01.1994 to 08.10.1996 he. commander of the aircraft AN-124 "Ruslan" in Sheremetyevo JSC "Aeroflot" Russia's international airline. Transferred to the reserve, Mr. 20/01/1994. (USSR MoD order No 01847 dated 29.12.1993 g.). October 8, 1996 at the transport plane AN-124 Ruslan landing in Turin (Italy) got in a crash and was badly injured.

POSITION: A student from 04.1967 to 10.1968 g. Listener Kaczynski VVAU pilots from 10.1968 to 11.1969 g. The pilot from 11.1969 to 04.1971 g. The senior airman from 04.1971 to 09.1972 g. Flight leader 09.1972 to 11.1975 g. deputy commander of the squadron - the navigator from 11.1975 to 03.1976 g. The commander of the aviation squadrons from 03.1976 to 06.1977 g. A test pilot from 06.1977 to 09.1977 g. Senior test pilot from 09.1977 to 08.1987 g. The cosmonaut-tester of a group of astronauts from 08.1987 to 02.1993 g. The commander of a group of astronauts from 02.1993 to 01.1994 g.

In 1976 was formed by a group of test pilots, who were to undergo special training for the flight to the "Buran". It includes п?.п?. Wolf, A.S. Levchenko, AV. Shchukin, RA-A. Stankyavichus, OG. Kononenko. Later joined test pilots MA. Tolboev, U.N. Sultanov, VV. Zabolotsky, S.N. Tresvyatsky, YU.P. Schaeffer, I.I. Bachurin, AI. Boroday. From January 1979 to May 1980. passed cosmonaut training in the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yu.A.. Gagarin. From 1980 to 1993. preparing for a flight to the "Buran" in the group. In 1987. enrolled in a group of astronauts GK NII VVS. From November 1990 to March 1992. with I.I. Bachurin and L.K. Kadenyuk preparing the program to rescue spacecraft "Soyuz TM" with test androgen-peripheral site for docking with Buranov ". Since November 1987 to March 1988. involved in horizontal flight tests (development of automatic landing) analogue "Buran" (implemented 6 flights of 24). December 29, 1993, Mr.. dismissed from the cosmonaut corps


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Boroday Aleksey, photo, biography
Boroday Aleksey, photo, biography Boroday Aleksey  Colonel Aviation Retired, photo, biography
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