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( Cosmonaut of the USSR)

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Biography VOROBJOV Leo V.
Cosmonaut of the USSR (Colonel Aviation stock) A citizen of the USSR. Born February 24, 1931, Mr.. G. Borovichi Novgorod region.

In 1946 he finished the seventh grade of secondary school No 14 g. Borovichi. In the same year he entered the Kiev Special School Air Force, where he graduated in 1949 with the average results. In 1949 entered Bataisk Military Aviation School of. Serov, who graduated in 1952 and first-class. At the end of the school on a school for training of trainers for flight on a jet fighter. Then he was sent for further service in the 412 th Fighter Aviation Regiment, Air Defense Urals Military District, where he served as first pilot, then a senior pilot and flight commander. In 1953 came and finished the evening in 1955, University of Marxism-Leninism in / h 64211. Served in the Urals until 1957, until he was seconded to the Academy. Initially, the faculty did not take. When left alone exam, the L.V. Vorobiev called 1-st deputy. Head Academy Semeshkevich and set a condition: either he goes to the command department, or will be certified, tk. a single pilot to navigator's department did not take. But he was helped by the head of the Training Division Tikhonenko. After looking at his exam book and found it excellent grades, he insisted on a positive decision. (The faculty was very high astronomical, physical, mathematical and geographical training. Graduated from the Academy could go to school and teach these subjects.) Joined in 1957 and in 1961 graduated from the Faculty of the Red Banner navigational AirForce Academy (now they. Yu.A.. Gagarin). After the Academy aims to Sakhalin senior shturmanomletchikom Aviation Regiment, where he served until 1958, then was appointed a senior navigator-pilot divisions.

08/01/1963 credentials committee reviewed the candidates recognized medical evidence fit to serve as astronauts. The measures adopted and the pilot was L.V. Vorobyov. 10/01/1963 Commander signed the order to enroll in CTC newly admitted students astronauts. In 01.1963 in the second set arrived in the CPC. 21.01.1965 ended the second set of state examinations listeners astronauts CTC. In 1966 began training in the group assigned to the space ship "Diamond". In 1968-1969 trained for the flight program docking of spacecraft "Soyuz-4 and Soyuz-5" (jointly with VN. Volkov and PI. Kolodin) as commander of the reserve crew of the Soyuz-5 ". The flight took place on 15-18.01.1969. In 1969, trained for the flight program of the joint flight of Soyuz-6, Soyuz-7 and Soyuz-8 "(together with gm. Grechko and NN Rukavishnikov) as commander of the reserve crew of the Soyuz-7 ". The flight took place on 12-17.10.1969. In 1970-1972 (jointly with VA. Yazdovskiy) as commander of the main crew of passive Soyuz-12 "was prepared by the program working out docking system Contact kang". In connection with the closing of the training program was terminated, canceled flights and crews disbanded. At the beginning of 1973 was brought to its former flight engineer VA. Yazdovskiy for the training program of the Soyuz-13 "to work with the telescope" Orion ", developed by astronomers Yerevan. The spring of 1973 was established by the main crew, commander of which was approved L.V. Vorobiev (flight engineer VA. Yazdovskiy). In early. 12.1973 primary and backup crews flew to Baikonur. The crew already had the callsign "Atlant". However, before the start of the State Commission decided to replace the main crew duplicate (PI. Klimuk and VV. Lebedev), does not explain this change. Substitutes flew into space 18-26.12.1973. It was later discovered that the crew L.V. Vorobyov not fly because of "excessive principled commander and flight engineer straightness". In 1974 began to prepare (with VV. Rumin) as commander of the main crew of the first expedition to the orbital station Salyut-4 ", but was expelled from 28/06/1974 cosmonaut corps.

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VOROBJOV Leo V., photo, biography
VOROBJOV Leo V., photo, biography VOROBJOV Leo V.  Cosmonaut of the USSR, photo, biography
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