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Dedkov Anatoly Ivanovich

( Colonel Aviation stock)

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Biography Dedkov Anatoly Ivanovich
photo Dedkov Anatoly Ivanovich
Dedkov Anatoly Ivanovich - (Colonel Aviation stock). Born on July 24 1944. village Luchin Rogachev district, Gomel region.

In 1951 Luchinskaya enrolled in primary school, from which he graduated in 1958. In the same year he entered Rogachev High School No 2, 11 classes from which he graduated in 1962 with a special "carpenter craftsmanship 3rd level". In 1962 enrolled in 1966 graduated and Kharkov Higher Military Aviation School, specializing in operational use and maintenance of aircraft "with qualifications" pilot-engineer "fighter. In 1972 enrolled in 1976 graduated from the correspondence department of VVA. Yu.A.. Gagarin (Dept. No 1).

After graduation enlisted in the disposal of the commander of 24 Air Force GSVG. Order of the Commander 126 Iyad appointed senior airman 35 IAP. After leaving the cosmonaut corps CPC has been appointed by order of the Civil Code, as head of the Air Force flight - leading engineer of the cosmonaut corps. Since 11.1986 continued to serve on the airborne command posts in the Air Force Commander: senior officer and the chief operator of the operational group. Transferred to the reserve on the item. 48 (reached the age limit for military service) with the right to wear military uniforms. On 01/02/1995 an employee Armed Forces. Works as an engineer by training of astronauts in the Cosmonaut Training Center. Yu.A.. Gagarin.

The post Listener cosmonaut enlisted 27/04/1970. He graduated from a full course of cosmonaut training and after passing state exam appointed cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC. In 1972-1974 trained on the program products "50". From 1974 to 1983 he was appointed to the post: Astronaut Division, the astronaut group orbital spacecraft and the station, the cosmonaut-tester. In 1974-1976 was in the direct preparation of the program "Salute" - "Union" as the commander of the crew (along with flight engineer Yu.A.. Ponomarev). In 1977-1983 trained for the program "DOS-7 - Soyuz T. During the period from 1974 to 1983, repeatedly participated in mission control as the Chief Flight Control Operator. As an astronaut participated in the testing of various systems and units of space technology. Conducted a test space suit "Sokol-KV-2" in the high-altitude pressure chamber. Under the conditions of weightlessness on the Tu-104 and IL-76 working out the way to the open space in a spacesuit, spent weld metal, oprobatsiyu food, etc.. study. In the hydrosphere conducted various mounting and dismantling of output in open space in a spacesuit, working out contingencies in different situations. Participated in training sessions held in various climatic conditions (extreme north, the steppe, sea, mountains). They carried out by means of adaptation to extreme conditions, as well as testing new livelihoods. At the time of the detachment of astronauts to perform scheduled flights on combat training and combat aircraft of various types and modifications (L-29, . L-39, . MiG-21U, . MiG-21cm, . MiG-21SMT, . MiG-21bis, as well as flights on many topics on special planes: the discovery of traces of ships at sea, . for agriculture, . Fisheries etc.,
. 20.04.1983 dismissed from the cosmonaut corps


. During the service has flying hours by type aircraft: Yak-18A (253 flights) - 86 hours L-29 (270 poletv) - 130 hours; UTI-MiG-15 (flight 134) - 44 hours; MiG-17 (89 flights) - 32 hours; Yak-28P, . b (349 flights) - 283 hours; MiG-21 (1081 flight) - 659 hours; L-39 (53 flights) - 31 hours, TU-104 (16 flights) - 34 hours, IL-76LL (5 flights) -- 6 hours; IL-22M (VzPU) (380 flights) - 1220 hours; IL-80 (VzPU) (5 flights) - 22 hours, TU-134 (63 flights) - 129 hours,
. Total, total flight time - (2698 flights) 2676 hours. He performed the 52 parachute jumps.

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Dedkov Anatoly Ivanovich, photo, biography
Dedkov Anatoly Ivanovich, photo, biography Dedkov Anatoly Ivanovich  Colonel Aviation stock, photo, biography
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