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Dezhurov Vladimir

( test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air)

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Biography Dezhurov Vladimir
Test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air Force Lt. Col. Vladimir N. Dezhurov. Born July 30, 1962 in the village Yavas Zubovo-Polyansky district of the Autonomous Republic Mordovia, Russian. After graduating from high school in 1979 he entered the Kharkov Higher Military Aviation School of the Order of the Red Star Pilots im.S.I.Gritsevtsa and in 1983 he graduated with the rank of lieutenant with the diploma "The pilot-engineer". Even in college, he met with future cosmonauts Yuri Malenchenko and Yuri Gidzenko, with whom he was in the same platoon.

After graduating from college, all three were sent to 684 Guards Regiment in Tiraspol, where Dezhurov was qualified as a Military Pilot, 3rd Class. In November 1994, Vladimir Dezhurov was transferred to another regiment, o based in Limanskii, where he met and became friends with another future cosmonauts Vasily Tsibliev.

In the summer practice Vladimir was an extraordinary event, necessitating the adoption of a very important decision in seconds. 6 April 1986 during a training exercise when overclocking on WFP refused engine of his plane. Fly the MiG-23M could not, and length of stay did not allow the band. With full fuel and with a full bomb load the plane could explode at any moment and Vladimir produced ejection at zero altitude.

Maybe this is the case played a role, since a few months, Vladimir Shatalov. Deputy Commander of Air Force Space, invited him to senior airman, to pass a medical examination in a cosmonaut.

March 26, 1987 decision of the Interdepartmental Commission for the selection of candidates for test-cosmonauts Lieutenant Dezhurov recommended for incorporation into the position of candidate for test-cosmonauts. 6 October 1987 order was issued to Air Force Commander Vladimir Dezhurova enrolling in cosmonaut Cosmonaut Training Center Air Force.

From December 1987 to June 1989 he, along with other candidates in the test-cosmonauts 8 th set of the cosmonaut corps CTC underwent basic cosmonaut training.

July 21, 1989 decision of the Interdepartmental Commission for qualifying it was qualified as a test cosmonaut. January 25, 1990 after completing an intensive program of parachute training, Vladimir Dezhurovu was qualified instructor RAP ". Total Vladimir completed 130 parachute jumps. Until April 1994 Dezhurov trained to fly on the Soyuz TM and the Mir space station in the group. Along with the preparation of the CPC Vladimir Dezhurov absentia graduated Air Force Academy. Gagarin.

April 1, 1994 decision of the ERM Dezhurov approved by the commander of the first EO-18 crew. Not often flightless astronaut appointed directly to the main crew, without passing through the scale of duplication, but Vladimir trust and preparing the results speak for themselves. Since May. 1994 to February 1995 Dezhurov took direct training to sing in the Soyuz TM-21 on EC-18 together with Gennady Strekalova, as from 1 November 1994 with a NASA astronaut Norman Thagard (U.S.).

The State Commission on March 12 approved Dezhurova commander of the main crew. His call sign: "Hurricane". Vladimir Dezhurov mastered the 8 types of aircraft and their modifications, has attacked more than 600 hours. Awarded three medals. He is fond of sports games, skiing, swimming. Vladimir Dezhurov married to Elena Vladimirovna, has two daughters, Anna 1983 g.r. and Svetlana 1987 g.p.

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  • Valentine for Dezhurov Vladimir
  • You are my odnafamilets I predpalagayu that we are relatives, my grandfather from Mordovia, his name is Dezhurov Sirafim V., is it possible? Thank you for your reply
  • Natalia for Dezhurov Vladimir
  • I also Dezhurova, and we are looking for my father's brother who is 60 x years left to live in Ukraine. I would like to communicate with Vami.Natalya.
  • Olya for Dezhurov Vladimir
  • Hi! Perhaps we are with you family. My dad Ryzhov, Nikolay Petrovich (lived in Yavas in Saransk), and now live in Novotroitsk Orenburg region. His cousin - Dezhurov Viktor Ivanovich (lived in the Lake Zubovo-Polnskogo area), died in 1989, and his daughter Svetlana Dezhurova lives in Novotroitsk.
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    Dezhurov Vladimir, photo, biography
    Dezhurov Vladimir, photo, biography Dezhurov Vladimir  test cosmonaut cosmonaut corps CTC Air, photo, biography
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