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Sigmund Yen (JAEHN Sigmund)

( The first cosmonaut Germany)

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Biography Sigmund Yen (JAEHN Sigmund)
The first cosmonaut Germany. Born February 13, 1937 in the village Rautenkranz in the family sawmill worker and seamstress, home-based workers. Early years occurred in the Second World War. In 1943 he went to school in his native village Rautenkranz. In 1951 he graduated 8 th grade and went to learn the printing business. At the national enterprise "Printing Falkenshteyn" in Klingenthal graduated printer. In 1955, at the call of the Free German Youth joined the National People's Army of East Germany and was assigned to the cadet officer of the High School of the Air Force and Air Defense behalf of Franz Mehring. In 1958 he graduated from college and served in parts of the Air Force of the National People's Army of the GDR. In 1966 he was sent to study at the Air Force Academy (now - Gagarin) in Moscow.

He graduated from the school in 1970 and continued to serve as a pilot-inspector of Staff of the Air Force of the National People's Army of the GDR. Constantly perfecting their flying skills, participated in the development and practical testing of new elements of preparation and use of fighter aircraft. In 1976 he was awarded the "Distinguished Military Pilot Germanskoy Democratic Republic". Knowing the Russian language, translated into German a number of works by Soviet military and socio-political literature. In 1976, together with other German pilot Eberhard KOELLNER was selected for training to fly into space aboard the Soviet spacecraft program Intercosmos. In December of that year, began training at the Cosmonaut Training Center named after Yury Gagarin. It has been a crash course in preparing to fly on spacecraft "Soyuz" and orbital station "Salyut-6". August 26, 1978, along with Soviet cosmonaut Valery Fedorovich Bykovskii began flying in space as a cosmonaut-researcher spacecraft "Soyuz-31".

Within seven days, the astronauts have worked aboard the orbital station Salyut-6 "with members of the Expedition, Vladimir Vasilyevich Kovalenko Aleksandr Sergeyevich Ivanchenkov. September 3, 1978 returned to Earth together with Valery Fedorovich Bykovskii on board the Soyuz-29 ". Mission duration was 7 days 20 hours 49 minutes 4 seconds. After the flight, returned to his homeland and continued to serve in the National People's Army of the GDR. From 1980 to 1983 he served as deputy chief of the Air Force GDR. From 1983 to 1990 he served in a military research institutions of the GDR. After the reunification was dismissed, and until 1993 was actually out of business. Since 1993, the representative works Germanskogo Space Agency, the European Space Agency. Deals with training astronauts for space flights on American and Russian spacecraft program of the European Space Agency.

Hero of the Soviet Union (Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on 3 September 1978). Hero Germanskoy Democratic Republic (GDR State Council Decree of 3 September 1978). He was awarded the Soviet Order of Lenin, the German Order of Karl Marx and other German orders and medals.

He is married and has two adult children and grandchildren.

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Sigmund Yen (JAEHN Sigmund), photo, biography
Sigmund Yen (JAEHN Sigmund), photo, biography Sigmund Yen (JAEHN Sigmund)  The first cosmonaut Germany, photo, biography
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